VIDEO: Long-range stunner beats 'keeper from 40-yards

Al-Bahri's Alaa Athab
The ball was struck so hard from distance that the man between the sticks had virtually no chance of preventing a goal

Take a bow, son.

This effort from Al-Bahri's Alaa Athab in the Iraqi Premier League is quite possibly the finest strike you will see today.

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With the ball being bounced around towards the centre circle, the midfielder brings the ball down on his chest and unleashes an absolute firecracker towards the opposition goal.

The ball looks to be sailing over, only to dip over the goalkeeper and into the top corner, such is the force it is struck with.

The goal opened the scoring in what turned out to be an incredible match.

Despite going in 2-1 leaders at the break, Al-Bahri eventually lost the tie 7-3 and are now without a victory in 12 attempts, losing nine of them.

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