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Sports CS Mohamed reveals when Kenya will engage Fifa over suspension

17:50 BST 07/04/2022
Sports CS Amina Mohamed.
On March 31 in Doha, the world governing body ratified its decision to disengage the country from international competitions

Cabinet Secretary for Sports, Amina Mohamed, has stated that they will only engage Fifa after finishing the Football Kenya Federation clean-up exercise.

Fifa suspended Kenya over claims of third-party interference after the CS disbanded the FA’s national executive committee following allegations of rampant financial accusations.

Mohamed went on to appoint a caretaker committee whose mandate ends in May, and the minister is adamant that they will only engage Fifa after putting FKF’s house in order.

Mohamed added that FKF must comply with the Sports Act and the Kenyan constitution and observe high standards before she goes back to the Zurich-based body to convince them to lift the suspension.

"The same way we have completed this process before the International Cricket Council (ICC) is the same way we want to do it with football," Mohamed told Nation Sports.

"We want to finish internally and complete this process before engaging with Fifa. If you have been following, FKF has serious accountability issues which have to be solved first."

The cricket fraternity had been bedevilled by wrangles that were resolved after the elections, which were held in February.

Recently, former FKF president Sam Nyamweya called on the government to immediately engage Fifa in order to solve the issues around the federation by setting up a normalization committee.

"It is now time for the government and football stakeholders to engage Fifa directly so that we have a normalization committee that will ultimately set the path for fresh elections formed," Nyamweya said then.

"It is sad to admit that the domestic governance of the game of football has irredeemably broken down, and the blame squarely goes to the disbanded NEC and the caretaker committee, who have done nothing to clean up the mess."