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Namwamba to Fifa: Kenya will not interfere with running football

17:43 GMT 09/01/2023
Ababu Namwamba
Kenyan Sports CS Ababu Namwamba has promised Fifa and Caf that the government will not interfere with football governance in the country.
  • Namwamba meets Fifa, Caf to negotiate a truce
  • Kenya reinstated by Fifa in November
  • Namwamba explains government support

WHAT HAPPENED: Namwamba had a brief with the Fifa delegation on Monday, a few weeks after Kenya's suspension was lifted.

The world football governing body suspended Kenya in early 2022 owing to what they termed as government interference.

Former Sports CS Ambassador Amina Mohammed had disbanded the Football Kenya Federation led by former head Nick Mwendwa for alleged graft. Fifa suspended the country insisting right procedures set within their mandate had to be followed.

Kenya was reinstated in late November and Fifa promised to send its delegation to negotiate a truce with the new government.

Namwamba went on to assure full support insisting the Federation will have a conducive environment to administer the game.

WHAT THEY SAID: "We have assured Fifa and Caf that the government of the Republic of Kenya is not interested in being directly involved in the management of Kenyan football. It is not the business of the government to run football. Football has got its own infrastructure to manage the game in the country," Namwamba said.
"Creating a conducive environment for football to run effectively. And that environment means we have proper laws, and proper policies to make sure those who run football do it effectively. We want to attract sponsorship into football; we are talking to those who can broadcast our live football to ensure our game id out there as part of marketing the talent we have out there."We want those who run football to run football, what the government will do is create an enabling environment. You are not going to see this government interfere with the affairs of running football.

THE BIGGER PICTURE: Currently, the FKF in the country is under Dorris Petra and General Secretary Barry Otieno.

Former President Nick Mwendwa has not yet been cleared by the court after being charged with alleged graft.

WHAT NEXT: Kenya fans hope the Kenya national teams - for both men and women, as well as their clubs, can soon be drafted into the international calendar.