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Minute's silence cut short as Man City fans disrupt tribute to Hillsborough victims at FA Cup semi-final vs Liverpool

15:58 BST 16/04/2022
Manchester City vs Liverpool silence FA Cup semi-final 2021-22
An attempt to pay tribute to the victims of the disaster that took place 33 years ago was ended because of a disruption from fans

A minute's silence before kick-off in the FA Cup semi-final tie between Manchester City and Liverpool had to be cut short on Saturday.

The two teams tried to observe a period of silence to pay respect to the 97 victims of the Hillsborough disaster on the 33rd anniversary of the tragic event.

However, referee Michael Oliver decided to bring an end to the tribute because of some disruption from fans.

What happened during the minute's silence?

City fans continued to chant throughout the attempted minute's silence, forcing the referee to call it off.

Liverpool supporters responded by booing at their counterparts as the players prepared to take kick-off.

What was the minute's silence for?

Saturday's semi-final has taken place a day after the 33rd anniversary of the Hillsborough disaster.

On April 15, 1989, 97 fans died as a result of overcrowding in Hillsborough Stadium in Sheffield as Liverpool faced Nottingham Forest in an FA Cup semi-final.

Citizens condemn silence interruption

City subsequenty released a statement in which they condemned the actions of their supporters.

"Manchester City are extremely disappointed with the actions of some City supporters during the minute’s silence before today’s game," they stated.

"The club sincerely apologises to all those connected with Liverpool Football Club."

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