'I feel that I have been judged unfairly by the media and politicians' - Luis Rubiales issues statement following TAD verdict in Spain

Luis Rubiales
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Luis Rubiales has issued a statement after the Sports Administrative Court ruled that his kiss on Jenni Hermoso was not a 'very serious offence'.

The ruling means that he could return to his role as president of the Spanish Football Federation after his 90-day suspension by FIFA is over, with the world governing body investigating his behavior at the Women's World Cup final.

During the celebrations of Spain winning the trophy, the he forcibly grabbed and kissed Spain footballer Jenni Hermoso, and was caught on camera doing so, although he has repeatedly claimed he is innocent.

TAD ruled that the act was a 'serious' offence, but not a 'very serious offence', in confusing verbiage on Friday afternoon. Had they ruled it to be the latter, the Spanish government would have been granted powers to suspend Rubiales further as they conduct their own investigation. As a result of the decision, though, Rubiales has the ability to return fllowing his suspension from FIFA.

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There is, however, a scenario where TAD suspends him, though the penalty serves a maximum sentence of two years.

Rubiales subsequently sent out a long, rambling statement in which he doubled down on his own innocence, claimed he had been "lynched" by the media, and said that he has a growing list of supporters.

Speaking about the TAD ruling, he said: "Today, the TAD has decided to open a file on me. As there is no reason, according to the resolution supported by said body, to classify any action as VERY SERIOUS, a provisional suspension may not be applied by the CSD Board of Directors."

"I will continue to defend myself to prove the truth. I want to send a message to all good people in our country and beyond our borders, including those women who have really been attacked and who have my full support and understanding: this isn't about gender, it's real."

"In the name of Feminism we should not try to bring down a man - or a woman - without a fair trial. Equality is about identical rights for everyone."

"Justice is applied to people without gender having to previously determine the result. I feel that I have been judged unfairly by the media and politicians. This should never happen to anyone again."

You can read the full statement, in Spanish, here.