'I want my fans back!' - Incensed Guardiola criticises players and fans after Man City's win over Tottenham

Pep Guardiola Manchester City 2022-23
Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola was critical of both his players and the home support after his side came from behind to beat Tottenham 4-2.
  • City fought back from 2-0 down
  • But Guardiola unhappy with performance
  • Booed off at HT by home crowd

WHAT HAPPENED? Three points evidently wasn't enough to send Guardiola home happy as City fought back from behind to beat Tottenham 4-2. The City boss delivered a cutting interview after the game that questioned the desire of his players and asked for more of the home crowd.

WHAT HE SAID: "[Lacking in] guts, passion, fire, desire to win from minute one," Guardiola told Sky Sports of his side's performance: "The same with the City fans, they are silent for 45 minutes. I want my fans back!"

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Later, he added: "I want my fans back, I want my fans that are here - not my away fans, they are the best - but my fans here to support every corner and every action."

THE BIGGER PICTURE: Guardiola hasn't been afraid to ask for more of his side in previous interviews, and had to watch his side get booed off by the home crowd at the Etihad Stadium at half-time as they went into the break 2-0 down, despite dominating the ball in the first half. He went on to add that he doesn't "recognise" his team due to their lack of "passion and desire to run" and compared them unfavourably to Premier League leaders Arsenal, who "have the fire."


Tottenham celebrate Manchester City 2022-23

Riyad Mahrez Manchester City 2022-23

Pep Guardiola Manchester City Tottenham 2022-23

WHAT NEXT FOR MANCHESTER CITY? Despite Guardiola's concerns, City remain second in the table and will now be much more confident heading into their weekend clash with Wolves.