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Sweden v Belgium Live Commentary, 22/07/2022

1 - 0
L. Sembrant (90+2)
Leigh Sports Village Stadium


It's Sweden who'll face England in the semi-finals of Euro 2022 then. On this evidence, England are in for another real test. That's all for now. Goodbye!
Sweden attempted 33 shots in this match, the joint-highest total in a single match for any team at this tournament. There's no denying that they were the better side here. Belgium will rightly be disappointed having held out for so long, but they didn't get a single shot on target. It always felt like Sweden would win if they managed to score. So it proved.
Sweden have found this game hard going, but they've made it to the semi-finals of Euro 2022! They have finally seen off plucky Belgium thanks to Sembrant's last-gasp winner. Belgium did all they could to fend off superior opponents, but once the Swedes broke through there was no coming back.
90' + 3' Play restarts and Belgium desperately try to nab an equaliser having worked so hard to keep Sweden out. It's too late now though. That's it!
L. Sembrant
90' + 2' GOAL! SWEDEN 1-0 BELGIUM! Sweden have snatched the win they deserve at the death! Asllani's corner comes in and lands to Bjorn, who drives low at goal. The shot's blocked and rebounds to Sembrant, who hooks the ball high into the net!
90' + 1' Dhont's whipped cross is too close to Lindahl. Up the other end, Sweden get yet another corner.
90' Asllani swipes wide from the edge of the box. There are three more minutes for either team to score. Otherwise we're heading to extra-time.
89' Belgium could well snatch a win here. Dhont plays Wullaert down the right, and Wullaert's reverse pass finds Dhont on the edge of the box. Only a great Swedish tackle prevents Dhont from firing at goal.
K. Missipo
J. Biesmans
88' Belgium substitution. Missipo takes the place of the hardworking Biesmans.
87' Biesmans chases Asllani down, and it'll be corner number 12 for Sweden. Asllani's delivery is headed up and over by Eriksson.
86' Asllani plays a tired pass in the direction of Blackstenius, who can't work with it.
85' Rolfo gets a snap shot away. She knows it's off target as soon as she hits it.
H. Bennison
F. Angeldahl
84' Here's that change for Sweden. Bennison replaces Angeldahl, who's had a few decent attempts at goal.
83' Belgium have yet to have a shot on target, but they're annoying Sweden no end. The Swedes are about to make a change.
81' Dhont gets loose down the right and spots Lindahl off her line. The Belgian substitute lashes at goal with her right foot and hits the side netting.
80' Asllani has another effort blocked. Sweden's newest corner is punched away by Evrard. Bjorn plops the ball back into the penalty area and Sembrant, who's stayed forward, nods wide.
78' Asllani muscles Biesmans off the ball after she has a free-kick given against her. The referee has a quick chat with them both. Sweden are getting a little frustrated.
76' Sweden get their 10th corner of the match. It's flicked on to Bjorn who can't test Evrard.
74' Belgium have another cross cleared, but they're gaining confidence. Sweden, to their credit, are keeping their cool.
72' Evrard keeps Belgium's clean sheet intact! The Belgian keeper makes a point-blank save to deny Blackstenius' header from the centre of the six-yard box. Sembrant gets on the end of the rebound but fires wildly over.
71' Eriksson's header from the corner goes wide. Bjorn keeps the ball alive and sends it back towards the far post. Asllani can't get her aerial effort on target.
70' Rytting Kaneryd jinks towards the byline and Philtjens gets a foot in. It'll be a Swedish corner.
69' Belgium get another opportunity to cause Sweden problems but don't make the most of it. Lindahl comes away with their latest cross.
E. Dhont
L. Deloose
67' Belgium substitution. Dhont slots in on the right wing. She replaces Deloose.
66' It's a Sweden corner. They keep possession from it but the late ball over the top floats out of play.
65' Belgium get in the way of Bjorn's latest effort. The Belgians are dropping deeper and deeper, which is dangerous for them.
63' Angeldahl has a shot blocked. Sweden appeal for handball against Philtjens, who can't get out of the way of Rytting Kaneryd's flick. The referee isn't swayed. VAR takes a look and isn't either. Play continues and Evrard catches Angeldahl's low drive.
61' Angeldahl looks to liven things up, firing a dipper at goal from way out. It drops just over the crossbar and Evrard's outstretched arm.
60' Rytting Kaneryd's low cross isn't great, and Belgium intercept it. Wullaert looks for Cayman. That pass is too heavy too.
59' Blackstenius darts into space down the left and finds Rolfo on the edge of the area. Sweden keep the ball moving.
57' Rytting Kaneryd has a snap shot from out wide blocked. Compared to the first half, Sweden aren't creating that much.
55' Belgium pass the ball tidily around in their half, waiting for the right opening. Philtjens chases after a throughball to no avail.
53' Rytting Kaneryd twists and turns to the right of the box but can't shake off her marker. Asllani steams in to clip Vanhaevermaet and allow Belgium to escape their defensive third.
51' Vanhaevermaet pings a pass out wide for a team-mate, and Lindahl claims the resulting cross in. Belgium look slightly bolder now.
49' Sweden hit the woodwork but the offside flag is up. They aren't disappointed though. They soon force another corner which Belgium clear.
48' Belgium get a half-chance, which is progress for them. Philjtens arrives in the box to reach a right-wing cross and nod it tamely wide of goal.
47' Sweden resume their peppering of the Belgian goal. Rolfo hits a left-footed volley at Evrard from a tight angle. The Belgian keeper is up to the test.
46' Belgium get the second half started. No changes at half-time.
Sweden had 15 shots to Belgium's one in that first half. If this pattern continues in the second half, it's hard not to see the favourites breaking through eventually. Belgium will do all they can to stop that though. If they can do more in attack, they could give the pre-match favourites cause for concern.
Sweden have knocked on the door a lot so far, but Belgium aren't in the mood to open it. The Belgians haven't created much going forward, but they've defended well and have held the Swedes at bay. Blackstenius had a goal ruled out for offside after a VAR check.
45' + 1' There'll be just one minute added onto the end of this first half. Wullaert briefly threatens to run at Sweden's backline until they manage to clear.
45' Bjorn attempts to pick out Asllani's run from deep. It's a good idea, but Bjorn's pass is overhit and goes out for a Belgium goal-kick.
44' Asllani's swept ball over the top is too powerful for her team-mates to do anything with. Sweden look slightly stumped at the moment.
42' Lindahl claims Belgium's latest cross in. Again, Sweden look to break quickly, but this time Lindahl's throw isn't accurate enough.
41' Wullaert waits in the box for a delivery from the right but Sweden's defenders get there first. The crowd are in good spirits despite the heavy rain in Leigh.
39' Belgium have a corner down their right. It's taken quickly and floated into the box at the second opportunity. Lindahl does enough to prevent the Belgians making much hay from it.
38' Wullaert has been Belgium's biggest attacking threat so far. The winger almost gets on the end of a cross, forcing Lindahl to knock it away.
37' Sweden cause some more havoc from their latest free-kick. Evrard punches it away and it's hooked first-time back across goal. Blackstenius' attempt is blocked.
D. Philtjens
Yellow Card
36' Philtjens's poor challenge lands her in the book. She'll miss the semi-final against England if Belgium get there.
35' Sweden's latest shot through Bjorn is off-target. The Blue and Yellow have been well on top but Belgium are defending doggedly.
34' This corner's met by Angeldahl, whose swish towards the bottom left corner is blocked. Sweden's third corner in quick succession causes a brief goalmouth scramble which sees Evrard coming away with the ball.
32' Sweden get a corner. Asllani's ball in is headed straight out. Bjorn gets back to prevent Philtjens from breaking away. The Swedes go back on the attack and force another corner.
30' Wullaert controls a long ball forward and passes inside. Vanhaevermaet spots a shooting opportunity and sweeps an effort just wide of the left-hand post.
28' Belgium can breathe a sigh of relief for now, then, but that shows how quickly Sweden can punish them if they're not careful. To illustrate the point, Bjorn wins the ball high up the pitch and looks for Rolfo. The pass is just a touch too heavy.
26' NO GOAL! SWEDEN 0-0 BELGIUM! The officials watch the goal back and chalk it off for offside. Blackstenius tried her best to curve her run to stay on the right side of Belgium's defence but got her timing fractionally wrong.
25' GOAL! SWEDEN 1-0 BELGIUM! Sweden have the advantage! Asllani retrieves the second ball from Lindahl's punt and immediately picks out Blackstenius, who calmly slots the ball into the bottom right corner. Hang on, the goal's being checked for offside...
24' Cayman's hopeful cross from the right doesn't trouble Lindahl. The Swedish goalkeeper sends the ball straight forward...
23' The corner lands to Bjorn at the far post who can't keep her toepoke down.
21' Belgium are holding their own at the moment. Biesmans chases down Rytting Kaneryd and allows Sweden a corner.
19' Belgium are enjoying more possession but Sweden are far more threatening. They've had five shots to Belgium's zero so far.
18' Angeldahl looks to curl the ball into the top left corner from range. She doesn't get her angles right.
17' Asllani swings the free-kick in. Rolfo punts the ball away. Nilden tries to put it back into the danger area. It's straight into the arms of Evrard.
J. Biesmans
Yellow Card
16' Biesmans picks up the game's first yellow card for a cynical tug on Asllani after she'd been turned.
14' Ilestedt ghosts into the box from right-back to get on the end of a sumptuous left-wing cross at the back post. Evrard claws it away and smothers the ball before Blackstenius can get her feet together to bundle it over the line.
12' Biesmans nips in to win possession for Belgium in midfield, but Cayman can't do anything with it.
10' Rytting Kaneryd's attempted throughball for Blackstenius is intercepted. Sweden keep the pressure on, and Angeldahl fires well over from the edge of the box.
8' Belgium earn their first corner of the game down their right. De Neve's left-footed delivery is missed by Lindahl. Rytting Kaneryd ushers the ball safely out of play for a goal-kick.
6' Angeldahl unleashes a swerving shot from outside the box that's heading for the bottom right corner. Evrard dives the right way to keep it out. Sweden's corner comes in and the ball comes back to Angeldahl, whose follow-up effort is off-target.
4' Rytting Kaneryd looks to burst down the right and approach the box. It doesn't work out this time, but she's an explosive player for Sweden.
2' Minnaert does well to skip down the left for Belgium, although she doesn't have much support. The winger flings a cross into the box. It's headed by Eriksson.
1' We're under way here in Leigh! Who'll face England in the semi-finals? Let's find out!
Sweden scored more goals from set-pieces in the group stage than any other team at Euro 2022: five. Two of the three goals Belgium have conceded so far have come from that route. Corners and free-kicks could be crucial here.
There are three changes to Belgium from their win over Italy. Deloose, De Neve, and Minnaert start this game.
Sweden make two changes to their starting line-up from the victory over Portugal. Sembrant and Nilden come into defence. The Swedes have the oldest average starting XI of any team at Euro 2022 so far, so they'll be looking to make their experience count.
SUBS: Diede Lemey, Lisa Lichtfus, Ella Van Kerkhoven, Amber Tysiak, Sarah Wijnants, Hannah Eurlings, Feli Delacauw, Elena Dhont, Davinia Vanmechelen, Jody Vangheluwe, Charlotte Tison, Kassandra Missipo.
BELGIUM (4-3-3): Nicky Evrard; Laura Deloose, Sari Kees, Laura De Neve, Davina Philtjens; Julie Biesmans, Justine Vanhaevermaet, Marie Minnaert; Janice Cayman, Tine De Caigny, Tessa Wullaert.
SUBS: Jennifer Falk, Zecira Musovic, Lina Hurtig, Sofia Jakobsson, Rebecka Blomqvist, Caroline Seger, Hanna Bennison, Olivia Schough, Elin Rubensson.
SWEDEN (4-3-3): Hedvig Lindahl; Amanda Ilestedt, Linda Sembrant, Magdalena Eriksson, Amanda Nilden; Filippa Angeldahl, Kosovare Asllani, Nathalie Bjorn; Johanna Rytting Kaneryd, Stina Blackstenius, Fridolina Rolfo.
Belgium edged out Italy in their last group game to make it to the knockout stage of a major tournament for the first time. The Belgians are perhaps the weakest team left in the competition, having scored the joint-fewest goals in the group stage of the eight quarter-finalists. Whatever happens here, they can hold their heads high.
Sweden have glided quite comfortably into the quarter-finals of Euro 2022, topping their group thanks to a 5-0 thrashing of Portugal. The Blue and Yellow have fallen at this stage in two of the last three editions of this tournament, though. Now's the time for them to show how tough they really are.
Hello and welcome to our live text commentary of this UEFA Women's Euro 2022 quarter-final match between Sweden and Belgium at Leigh Sports Village.