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R. Mahrez
İ. Gündoğan
1 - 4
P. Foden
1 - 3
K. De Bruyne
Penalty Goal
1 - 2
45' + 2'
Aymeric Laporte
Own Goal
1 - 1
R. Sterling
Gabriel Jesus
0 - 1

Match Stats

35% 64%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 3 6
Total Passes 311 569
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City's name goes into the hat for the semi-final draw along with Chelsea and Crystal Palace, and they'll find out shortly who they'll be facing at Wembley in just under a month's time. After the international break, they'll travel to Burnley in the Premier League. Southampton have now lost four on the bounce, and their attention turns back to the league. They face Leeds United in two weeks' time.
City are through to the FA Cup semi-final after a 4-1 win over Southampton. Sterling slotted the visitors ahead minutes after Adam Armstrong hit the post for Southampton. Gundogan also hit the woodwork, before Elyounoussi's cross deflected off Laporte into the back of his own net on the stroke of half-time. After the break, Jesus won a penalty, which De Bruyne just fired under Forster. Foden and Mahrez came off the bench to wrap it up; Foden rifled his effort past the keeper before Mahrez rolled in the fourth just minutes later.
90' + 1' Since the start of the 2017-18 campaign, no player has been involved in more FA Cup goals than De Bruyne (14 - six goals, eight assists).
89' GREAT CHANCE! Gundogan clips a dangerous cross into the six-yard box and Stephens misses it at the near post. Sterling is behind him and he's stooping to reach it. The ball bounces off the top of his head and ends up bouncing out to Mahrez on the right wing.
W. Smallbone
Oriol Romeu
88' And Romeu is also taken off, with Smallbone replacing him.
I. Diallo
M. Elyounoussi
88' Southampton are making their final changes now. Elyounoussi is the first to go off, with Diallo on for him.
87' CLOSE! Mahrez is picked out down the right of the box again, and he goes for goal despite the tight angle. Forster rushes off his line, but the low shot rolls past him and is just wide of the far post.
85' City are asking for another penalty as Sterling topples over just inside the box. He's claiming he was tugged down by Livramento, but there was nothing in it and the referee tells him to get back up.
M. Djenepo
S. Armstrong
83' There's a change for Southampton as well as Armstrong making way for Djenepo.
N. Aké
Aymeric Laporte
83' Laporte is the other City player that's taken off, with Ake on in his place.
82' Rodri is also going off, with Fernandinho replacing him.
O. Zinchenko
João Cancelo
82' City are making a triple change, swapping out some of their defensive players. Cancelo is the first to go off, with Zinchenko on for him.
80' Some Southampton fans are starting to filter out after those quickfire City goals, but the hosts have won a corner. Ward-Prowse whips it in, but Steffen punches it out for another.
İ. Gündoğan
78' Gundogan brought Cancelo's cross down on his chest, but with his back to goal, laid it off to Mahrez.
R. Mahrez
78' MAHREZ SCORES! It's a lovely cross from Cancelo with the outside of his boot again to get it into Gundogan, and he squares it to Mahrez on the right of the box. He knocks it around Salisu before slotting the ball low into the bottom corner, giving Forster no chance. 4-1 City!
77' Southampton are still trying to press City high up the field, but the visitors look very comfortable in possession. They're in no hurry to push forward at the moment though.
P. Foden
75' FODEN SCORES! It's played between a triangle of City players down the right as they try to open up Southampton and De Bruyne's chipped pass is blocked by Salisu. Foden is in the right place to nick it off him, and he brings it down before rifling an effort past Forster and into the back of the net. 3-1 City!
73' GOOD SAVE! It's switched from Livramento out to Elyounoussi and he brings it down with a wonderful first touch before fizzing it to Adams on the edge of the D. He hits the shot first time, but it's straight down the middle at Steffen, who smothers it.
72' Sterling gets away from Livramento again before clipping a lovely cross into the box. It's too high for De Bruyne, who peeled away to the far post, but Mahrez is waiting behind him. It's an awful effort from him though as he scuffs it so wide it rolls out near the corner flag.
Z. Steffen
Yellow Card
71' Steffen is dawdling over a free-kick and after getting a warning off the referee, he's booked for time-wasting.
70' Ward-Prowse goes over to take the corner and he plays a wonderful low cross to the edge of the box where Armstrong is unmarked. He hits the shot first time, but it's straight into the crowd of City defenders ahead of him.
68' Broja is chasing down another backpass to Steffen, and the goalkeeper just manages to knock it past him to Cancelo. The substitute isn't giving it up though and City just manage to clear their lines.
66' City are looking to try and give themselves a two-goal advantage as Sterling bursts forward down the left again. He pulls it back to Foden from the byline, but his low shot is blocked by Romeu.
R. Mahrez
Gabriel Jesus
64' City are making a double change of their own as well. Jesus' late involvement was the winning of the spot-kick as Mahrez comes on in his place.
P. Foden
J. Grealish
63' And Foden is the other player coming on, with Grealish making way.
A. Broja
S. Long
63' And Long is also taken off, with Broja replacing him.
C. Adams
A. Armstrong
63' Southampton were readying a double change before the penalty was taken, and it's happening now they're behind. Adam Armstrong goes off with Adams on for him.
K. De Bruyne
Penalty Goal
62' DE BRUYNE SCORES! He takes a short run-up to the spot and he fires it low into the bottom left corner. Forster dives the right way and is so close to getting a hand to it, but the ball rolls under him and into the back of the net. 2-1 City!
61' PENALTY TO CITY! Jesus is chasing the ball into the box and Salisu gets tight to the back of him. He gives the Brazilian a small nudge in the back and after a moment's though, the referee points to the spot.
60' SAVE! Southampton's high press is causing all sorts of problems and Laporte can't get any distance on his clearance. Ward-Prowse runs onto the loose ball, but his drilled effort is straight down the middle at Steffen.
58' Sterling runs at Livramento again, but the defender stands his ground to stop him from getting a sight of goal. It's pulled back to De Bruyne instead, but he curls his effort over the bar.
56' Gundogan has space to run into through the middle and knocks it out to Sterling just before Stephens closes him down. He curls a good cross into the middle, but it's Salisu that gets there first.
54' The resulting City corner is cleared and Walker-Peters plays an early pass upfield to Adam Armstrong. The support isn't getting up quickly, so he cuts inside and hits a low shot towards the near post, but it's blocked by Stones.
52' SCRAMBLE! Cancelo plays a dangerous cross with the outside of his boot into the six-yard box and Jesus can't turn it towards goal. Grealish knocks it to De Bruyne, who goes for a half-volley, but Stephens throws himself in front of it to make a block before the hosts bundle it away.
50' Grealish can't find a way past Walker-Peters, but the left-back almost plays his side into trouble with a pass back to Salisu. He hooks it clear, but Long fouls Rodri in his attempt to break upfield.
48' CLOSE! Southampton's high press finally catches City out and Steffen fires a clearance straight at Walker-Peters. He tees up Adam Armstrong on the edge of the box, but he drags his low shot just wide.
46' City get us back underway for the second half!
Guardiola won't be pleased with how that half ended for his side, and he'll be looking for a big response in the second half. Southampton took a while to get going again after they conceded, but their late pressure paid off and Hasenhuttl will be hoping they can keep it up when they come back out after the break.
It's all square at the break with Southampton and City drawing 1-1. Adam Armstrong hit the post just minutes before Sterling coolly slotted City ahead at the other end. Gundogan had a great chance to double their lead but smacked a close-range shot off the woodwork. On the stroke of half-time, Southampton found themselves level though when Elyounoussi's cross hit Laporte to take it across the line.
Aymeric Laporte
Own Goal
45' + 2' SOUTHAMPTON EQUALISE! It's a great throughball from Stuart Armstrong to play in Elyounoussi, who times his run absolutely perfectly. Steffen comes off his line to force him wide, so he tries to pull it back across goal instead. It hits Laporte which takes it bouncing over the line. City look for an offside flag that doesn't come, and it's 1-1!
45' Stuart Armstrong drives through the middle before knocking it out to Livramento on the right. He clips another good cross into the box and Long flicks it on, but it bounces wide.
43' It's a wonderful cross into the six-yard box from Livramento down the right and Long just seems to duck under it. He's asking for a penalty, claiming he was pushed, but the hosts only win another corner when Walker-Peters' ball is blocked.
41' City break quickly on the counter after clearing a Southampton free-kick and Grealish bursts down the left before squaring it to De Bruyne. He tries to play it across goal first time, but Stuart Armstrong slides in with an important block.
39' Cancelo goes for a more direct approach this time and he picks out Jesus' run off the back of Stephens. He pulls it back to Gundogan just before a belated offside flag goes up against him.
37' Still, Southampton are being penned back in their own half and there's no way out at the moment. Elyounoussi gifts it back to City and the hosts are on the back foot again.
35' CLOSE! Stuart Armstrong plays a blind flick into midfield and it's straight to Rodri, who is in acres of space through the middle. He decides to have a go from range, and his low shot takes a slight deflection which helps it just wide of the far post.
33' Salisu is down and receiving treatment now. He took a heavy landing after an aerial collision, but he slowly gets back to his feet and will be able to carry on.
31' City are in no hurry to push forward at the minute as they comfortably knock it around in their own half and stop Southampton from gaining possession.
29' Southampton are struggling to find a way in behind City again at the moment here. Ward-Prowse knocks it through to Romeu, but he can't pick out a team-mate before he's sandwiched between Rodri and Grealish.
27' OFF THE POST! Cancelo knocks it past Livramento to take it to the byline before lifting it to Gundogan at the near post. He smacks a shot against the woodwork from close range and Jesus' follow-up shot is blocked.
26' Sterling has scored his 10th FA Cup goal. These goals have come at nine different stadia, with Wembley the only ground he's scored more than once at in the competition (twice in the 2019 final).
24' CHANCE! It's another good throughball from Romeu, and this time he picks up Long. He bursts into the box before unselfishly pulling it back for Adam Armstrong. He takes a touch to get it out from under his feet but then slices his shot over the bar.
22' Romeu does well to spin away from Rodri before knocking it out to Livramento, and he plays a one-two with Long to get away from Cancelo. He whips a low cross into the box, but it's cleared by Jesus in the middle.
20' Livramento spots Adam Armstrong's run off the back of Laporte and plays a great throughball down the right for him to chase. Laporte reads it well though and tracks back to stop the forward from getting in on goal.
18' De Bruyne picks Romeu's pocket on the edge of the box and he quickly lays it off to Jesus. Salisu rushes out to him, forcing the Brazilian to take the shot quickly, and he fires it high over the bar.
16' Southampton are struggling to get out of their own half at the moment. Elyounoussi initially does well to get away from De Bruyne, but then hits a pass meant for Long straight against Walker.
14' City are on the attack here and there are some shouts for a penalty from the away fans after Jesus goes to ground. He was tussling with Salisu, but there wasn't much in it, and the referee waves it away.
Gabriel Jesus
12' It was good play from Jesus, who didn't sit back after he'd put the cross in, but followed it in and ended up setting up the goal.
R. Sterling
12' STERLING SCORES! It's switched from left to right by City and Stephens makes a mess of clearing Jesus' cross. The Brazilian reacts quickly and touches the loose ball to Sterling in the middle of the box. Forster rushes out, but Sterling coolly slots it in. 1-0 City!
10' OFF THE POST! Romeu plays a good throughball into Adam Armstrong on the right of the box. His low shot beats Steffen and seems to roll across goal in slow motion before bouncing off the bottom of the far post.
9' CHANCE! It's worked well down City's left between Grealish and De Bruyne, with the Belgian squaring it to Gundogan through the middle. He drives forward before feeding in Sterling, but he slices his shot wide of the near post from close range.
8' City are starting to find their rhythm now and are knocking it through Southampton's compact defence. Jesus touches it back to Gundogan, but he's quickly crowded off the ball before he can look for Grealish.
6' Cancelo threads it through to Gundogan ahead of him on the left, and he pulls it back to Sterling on the edge of the area. Nobody closes him down so he curls an effort on goal, but it's straight at Forster.
4' Laporte hits a clearance straight against Stuart Armstrong, and he drives forward before laying it off to Long on the edge of the D. It gets caught under his feet, but he manages to bundle past Rodri before being stopped by Stones.
2' Southampton have started on the front foot here and they've won a free-kick on the left. Ward-Prowse curls a deep one into the box, but it's a comfortable collection for Steffen at the far post.
1' Stuart Armstrong gets the game underway for Southampton!
The teams are out on the pitch now, with kick-off just moments away!
Since Guardiola joined City ahead of the 2016-17 campaign, Southampton have managed to win just one of the 13 clashes between the sides (D3 L9), a 1-0 win in July 2020 on home soil.
Pep Guardiola also makes four changes from the draw with Crystal Palace on Monday. Steffen starts in goal, with Gundogan, Sterling and Jesus also being brought in. Foden, Mahrez and Silva are all on the bench if they're needed.
Ralph Hasenhuttl makes four changes to the side that lost to Watford last time out, with Stephens, Livramento, Adam Armstrong and Long all coming into the team. Adams, Perraud and Smallbone drop to the bench.
MANCHESTER CITY SUBS: Nathan Ake, Scott Carson, Bernardo Silva, Phil Foden, Oleksandr Zinchenko, Fernandinho.
MANCHESTER CITY STARTING XI (4-3-3): Zack Steffen; Kyle Walker, John Stones, Aymeric Laporte, Joao Cancelo; Kevin De Bruyne, Rodrigo, Ilkay Gundogan; Raheem Sterling, Gabriel Jesus, Jack Grealish.
SOUTHAMPTON SUBS: Ibrahima Diallo, Armando Broja, William Smallbone, Yan Valery, Nathan Redmond, Willy Caballero, Che Adams, Moussa Djenepo, Romain Perraud.
SOUTHAMPTON STARTING XI (4-4-2): Fraser Forster; Kyle Walker-Peters, Jack Stephens, Mohammed Salisu, Valentino Livramento; Stuart Armstrong, Oriol Romeu, James Ward-Prowse, Mohamed Elyounoussi; Shane Long, Adam Armstrong.
The winner of this tie is just one step away from the semi-final, but there wasn't much to separate these sides in their league meetings this season, with both games finishing level. City beat Peterborough United 2-0 to reach this stage, as they look to advance to the semi-final for the third consecutive year. They're unbeaten in their last five outings in all competitions but have drawn their last two 0-0. As for Southampton, they're looking to reach Wembley for the second season in a row. They've lost all three of their games since the 3-1 victory over West Ham in the last round.
Hello and welcome to live coverage of the FA Cup quarter-final meeting between Southampton and Manchester City at St Mary's Stadium!