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M. Halstenberg
Yellow Card
D. Zappacosta
Own Goal
1 - 1
André Silva
Penalty Miss
J. Musso
Penalty Save
L. Muriel
D. Zappacosta
0 - 1

Match Stats

55% 44%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 6 4
Total Passes 591 459
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It's nicely poised going into the second leg, which will take place in a weeks' time at the Gewiss Stadium. Before that, both teams turn their attention back to their domestic leagues - Leipzig host Hoffenheim in the Bundeslga, while Atalanta travel to Sassuolo in Serie A.
The first leg finishes level after a 1-1 draw between Leipzig and Atalanta. The visitors took the lead in the first half through Muriel's lovely curling finish, before Silva and Pasalic both struck the woodwork. After the break, Musso pulled off a brilliant double save, first to deny Silva from the spot before keeping out Orban's follow-up header. Just seconds after that, Orban poked in an equaliser from close range. Szoboszlai sent a diving header off the bar late on before Mukiele had a shot cleared off the line in stoppage time.
90' + 1' SAVED AND OFF THE LINE! It's chaos in the Atalanta box when the corner comes in and Orban nods it down to Klostermann, but his volley is smothered by Musso. Mukiele latches onto the follow-up, but his attempt is cleared off the line by Demiral.
90' GOOD SAVE! Angelino breaks quickly on the counter and he switches it out to Szoboszlai on the left with the outside of his boot. He drags it away from Hateboer before taking aim, and Musso gets down to push it wide.
G. Pezzella
D. Zappacosta
89' Final roll of the dice for Atalanta now and it's Zappacosta that's going off for Pezzella.
Hugo Novoa
C. Nkunku
87' And Nkunku is the other player taken off, with Novoa on for him.
N. Mukiele
B. Henrichs
87' Leipzig are making their last two changes here. Henrichs is the first to go off, with Mukiele replacing him.
M. Halstenberg
Yellow Card
85' Halstenberg is late getting across to Miranchuk, and he cuts off his run, effectively bringing him down. He's shown a yellow card.
84' There are some half-hearted shouts for a penalty from the visitors after Zapata topples over in the box. Klostermann was tight to him, but he won the ball cleanly and the referee waves the claim away.
82' OFF THE BAR! It's a great counter-attack from Leipzig and it's switched out to Angelino on the left. He loops another brilliant cross into the box and Szoboszlai is unmarked at the far post. He dives onto it, and his header sails over Musso before smacking off the crossbar.
81' It's a poor corner from Koopmeiners and Laimer has a chance to break for Leipzig. He gets it past the halfway line before Palomino cuts him off and Atalanta have it back again.
79' Leipzig just can't get out of their half at the moment as Klostermann's clearance is cut out by Miranchuk. He slides it through for Zapata, but the defender recovers well to intercept it.
77' It's Kampl that loses the ball in midfield this time, and he gifts it straight to Zapata. He has a clear run at goal, but it bounces up off his hand and Leipzig win a free-kick.
75' Boga does brilliantly to keep the ball in play at the byline after dispossessing Henrichs and he pulls it back to Zapata on the left of the box. He takes the shot first time, but Orban is in the right place to make the block.
D. Szoboszlai
Dani Olmo
73' And Olmo is also making way, with Szoboszlai replacing him.
M. Halstenberg
J. Gvardiol
73' Leipzig are making a double change here. Gvardiol is the first to be taken off, with Halstenberg on in his place.
71' Leipzig have scored in each of their last nine matches in European competitions - their longest scoring run in these competitions in the club's history (excluding qualifiers).
69' Forsberg gifts the ball to Zapata deep in his own half, and he turns to see the space open up to goal. He takes the shot early, but it's straight down the middle at Gulacsi.
A. Miranchuk
R. Freuler
67' Freuler went down with a problem, and he won't be able to carry on after treatment. He makes his way straight down the tunnel, and Miranchuk is on to replace him.
66' The game has really opened up now and Leipzig are racing down the other end on the counter-attack. Angelino whips a brilliant cross into the far post, but Forsberg is caught on his heels and can't bring it down on the stretch.
65' GOOD SAVE! Atalanta are on the attack again and Koopmeiners manages to open up a pocket of space for himself down the right of the box. He keeps his shot low, and Gulacsi bundles it wide off the post.
64' MISS! Leipzig just can't clear their lines and Freuler weaves his way through the crowd to get into the box. He squares it into Boga in the middle, but he has his back to goal, so he picks out Scalvini, but he blazes his shot over the bar.
E. Forsberg
André Silva
62' The Leipzig changes sees Silva going off, with Forsberg on for him.
J. Boga
M. Pašalić
61' And Boga is also being brought on in place of Pasalic.
D. Zapata
L. Muriel
61' The goalscorer, Muriel, is also making way, with Zapata replacing him.
G. Scalvini
M. Pessina
61' Both sides are making changes here, starting with a triple swap for Atalanta. Pessina is the first to go off, with Scalvini on in his place.
60' Atalanta can't get out of their own half at the moment, and that goal has really boosted Leipzig's confidence. They're moving upfield much quicker and causing the visitors some real problems.
J. Musso
Penalty Save
58' It's a good save from the goalkeeper as he got a strong hand to the penalty. Orban rose high to reach the rebound and Musso does even better to scramble back across his goal and tip the header wide.
D. Zappacosta
Own Goal
58' ORBAN EQUALISES! Leipzig aren't letting up the pressure, and it's a brilliant cross from Angelino on the left. Orban is tight to Zappacosta on the edge of the six-yard box, and he manages to stretch in front of the Atalanta player to poke it past Musso from close range. 1-1!
André Silva
Penalty Miss
58' IT'S SAVED! Silva steps up to take, and he sends his shot down the right, but it's at a comfortable height for the goalkeeper. He dives the right way and sticks up an arm to keep him out. Orban follows in, but the keeper recovers to deny him too. Still 1-0!
56' PENALTY TO LEIPZIG! Nkunku moves inside from the left and he's trying to shake Demiral, who is staying tight to him. As he switches direction, the defender leaves a leg trailing and trips him. The referee has a great view of it and he points straight to the spot.
55' It's better from Leipzig now and Angelino fizzes a low cross to Olmo on the edge of the D. Palomino slides in, but the Spaniard knocks it past him before taking aim, and Demiral is in the right place to block it.
53' GOOD SAVE! Atalanta were asking for a penalty, claiming that Koopmeiners' shot struck a hand in the box, but play carries on, and it bounces back to Muriel. He lets it bounce before hitting the shot and Gulacsi gets down quickly to push it away.
J. Gvardiol
Yellow Card
51' Gvardiol's boot was high as he tried to make the clearance, and he ended up catching the stooping Pessina in the side of the head. He's shown a yellow card.
50' Zappacosta is allowed to carry the ball a long way as he pushes his way to the edge of the box from the halfway line. He steps away from Orban before hitting a shot at goal, but it's straight at Gulacsi.
48' Muriel takes a free-kick short, spreading it out to the right. Pessina curls a deep cross in, and Hateboer peels away at the far post, but it bounces off his chest and straight out of play.
46' Atalanta get us back underway for the second half!
Atalanta are on course for their fifth consecutive win in Europe, and Gasperini will be pleased with his side so far. They've created some great chances after a slow start, and look a threat on the break. Leipzig got a bit sloppier after going behind, so Tedesco will be hoping they can cut that out after the break as they aim to get back into this game.
Atalanta take a 1-0 lead over Leipzig into half-time. The hosts made the brighter start to the game, but it was Atalanta that broke the deadlock with a wonderful goal from Muriel. He skipped past three Leipzig defenders before curling a lovely shot out of Gulacsi's reach. At the other end, Silva struck the woodwork, while Pasalic also hit the post on the stroke of half-time from a tight angle.
45' OFF THE POST! Freuler just touches it onto Pasalic and he brushes Orban aside as he cuts inside from the left. The angle is tight from near the byline, but he goes for goal regardless, and it rebounds back off the post.
44' Muriel has scored four goals in European competitions this season (three in the Europa League, one in the Champions League). It's his best tally in a single campaign.
42' Angelino gives the ball away and Atalanta quickly break on the counter again. Pessina makes a great run through the middle, but his layoff to Muriel is cut out by Gvardiol.
40' Muriel's run is cut out by Orban, but Leipzig can't clear their lines. Koopmeiners beats Angelino to the loose ball and drills a low shot towards goal, but a deflection off Gvardiol takes it wide.
38' Leipzig are enjoying a good spell of possession here, but it's all in their own half. They're trying to push upfield but can't find a way through Atalanta.
36' Atalanta are keeping the pressure on Leipzig at the moment, and Pasalic spots Muriel's run off the back of Klostermann. He tries to chip the ball over the top to the forward, but sends it harmlessly out of play instead.
34' Koopmeiners takes a free-kick short down the left and he links up well with Zappacosta. They take too long to put it into the box though and Klostermann gets out to block the midfielder's cross.
32' Atalanta patiently work it out from the back and Palomino finds himself high upfield. He tries to loop a cross into the box, where he has three to aim for, but it's straight into Gulacsi's gloves.
30' Laimer has switched out to the right and he makes a driving run down the wing, breezing past Zappacosta. Palomino gets across to cover and his low cross is put out for a corner.
28' Leipzig are still pushing to find an equaliser, but they're starting to get a bit sloppy. Kampl hits a throughball against De Roon, and Leipzig are on the back foot.
26' Muriel is trying to turn creator this time, and he curls a wonderful throughball onto the edge of the box, trying to set up Pessina. He goes down under pressure from Orban, but doesn't get the free-kick he's asking for.
24' OFF THE POST! Olmo nicks it off Pessina to start the Leipzig counter and Nkunku's pullback pinballs around the box. Silva eventually gets it and his shot smacks back off the post. Olmo latches onto the loose ball, but can't do anything with it.
23' Silva is forced wide on the right and he gets fortunate as his pass bounces off Hateboer and back to him. He puts a cross in this time, but can only win a corner, which comes to nothing.
21' CLOSE! Muriel spins and makes a driving run to the edge of the box, but Klostermann just sits off him. It looks like he's in again, and Gulacso rushes off his line, but he drills this one just wide of the far post.
19' Leipzig are trying to regain their rhythm from before the goal went in, but they can't seem to keep hold of the ball. Laimer loses it cheaply, and he's lucky Orban is covering behind him to cut out De Roon's run.
D. Zappacosta
17' Zappacosta was under no pressure and he spotted Muriel drifting into space ahead of him.
L. Muriel
17' MURIEL SCORES! It's a brilliant goal! He's drifted out to the left, and he skips away from two Leipzig defenders with a clever bit of footwork. He knocks it past Kampl as well before curling his shot out of Gulacsi's reach and into the far corner. 1-0 Atalanta!
15' Laimer makes a brilliant run through midfield which cuts Atalanta open, but he trips as he puts the ball into the box. Kampl picks it up on the far side, but his follow-up cross is cleared by Demiral.
13' Atalanta win their first corner, but the cross is cleared by Orban at the near post. He only gets it as far as Zappacosta, who drills a low shot back towards goal, but he sends it wide.
11' Henrichs starts the move when he picks Zappacosta's pocket and Leipzig work it well, squeezing it through the space. Olmo's cross is cut out, but it falls for Henrichs again. He slices his shot, and Nkunku can't help it towards the target at the far post.
9' It's a sloppy pass from Koopmeiners and Gvardiol darts forward to cut it out. He tries to catch Atalanta out by playing a quick long ball forward, but there's too much on it for Silva.
7' SAVE! Nkunku knocks it past Freuler and suddenly the space opens up for him. Runs from Laimer and Silva draw the defenders away so he has a go from just outside the D, but it's a comfortable save for Musso.
5' Palomino is a bit too hasty to get tight to Olmo and he takes the Spaniard's legs out from under him. The Leipzig fans are asking for another yellow, but he's only told to calm down by the referee.
J. Palomino
Yellow Card
3' Palomino is tight to Nkunku and when the forward spins away from him, he pulls him down. The referee goes straight to his pocket, and he's picked up an early yellow card.
2' Leipzig are seeing more of the ball in the opening minutes, but they're struggling to get out of their own half. Atalanta are pressing high and making things difficult early on.
1' Silva gets the game underway for Leipzig!
The teams are out on the pitch now, with kick-off just moments away!
Atalanta have won each of their last four matches in Europe - should they win this match, it will be their longest-ever winning run in European competition.
Gian Piero Gasperini makes three changes from the defeat to Napoli last time out, with Demiral, Pessina and Pasalic all being brought in. Scalvini and Malinovskyi start on the bench. They're also boosted by the returns of Zapata and Boga, who are amongst the substitutes.
Domenico Tedesco makes just two changes to the side that got a big win over Borussia Dortmund at the weekend. Henrichs has recovered from illness to start, with Klostermann also coming in. Simakan and Mukiele both drop to the bench.
ATALANTA SUBS: Francesco Rossi, Giorgio Cittadini, Giorgio Scalvini, Marco Sportiello, Jeremie Boga, Ruslan Malinovskyi, Aleksey Miranchuk, Valentin Mihaila, Duvan Zapata, Giuseppe Pezzella.
ATALANTA STARTING XI (3-4-2-1): Juan Musso; Marten de Roon, Merih Demiral, Jose Luis Palomino; Hans Hateboer, Teun Koopmeiners, Remo Freuler, Davide Zappacosta; Matteo Pessina, Mario Pasalic; Luis Muriel.
RB LEIPZIG SUBS: Sidney Raebiger, Mohamed Simakan, Emil Forsberg, Dominik Szoboszlai, Josep Martinez, Hugo Novoa, Nordi Mukiele, Marcel Halstenberg, Philipp Tschauner.
RB LEIPZIG STARTING XI (3-4-1-2): Peter Gulacsi; Lukas Klostermann, Willi Orban, Josko Gvardiol; Benjamin Henrichs, Konrad Laimer, Kevin Kampl, Angelino; Dani Olmo; Christopher Nkunku, Andre Silva.
Leipzig were awarded a bye through the round of 16 after Russian side Spartak Moscow were disqualified. They haven't played in Europe since their 5-3 aggregate win over Real Sociedad in the play-off. They're in good form coming into this game, having gone unbeaten in their last 10 in all competitions (W7 D3), though they haven't won a game at home since mid-February. Atalanta beat Bayer Leverkusen 4-2 on aggregate to progress from the last round. They've lost just one of their last five matches (W3 D1), though that was last time out in a 3-1 defeat to Napoli.
Hello and welcome to live coverage of the Europa League quarter-final first-leg meeting between RB Leipzig and Atalanta at the Red Bull Arena!