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Newcastle United v Brentford Live Commentary, 08/10/2022

5 - 1
Bruno Guimarães (21)
J. Murphy (28)
Bruno Guimarães (56)
M. Almirón (82)
E. Pinnock (90 og)
I. Toney (54 pen)
St. James' Park


That's all for today, goodbye!
That's back-to-back wins for Newcastle, and it lifts them up to fifth in the table. Next up for them is a trip to Manchester United. Brentford are winless in their last three as they slip down to 12th. They host Brighton and Hove Albion next time out.
For the second game in a row, Newcastle come out on top in a big win, beating Brentford 5-1. Mbuemo had an early goal ruled out by VAR due to Toney being offside before Guimaraes and Murphy sent the Magpies into half-time 2-0 up. Toney pulled one back from the spot after Burns' handball, but two minutes later, Guimaraes scored again to restore Newcastle's cushion. Two late goals rounded it off, with Pinnock's loose backpass setting up Almiron before the defender turned it past his own keeper from close range.
90' + 2' Another corner is wasted for Brentford and Saint-Maximin breaks on the counter again. It's switched out to Anderson on the right, who tries to feed in Joelinton, but Pinnock clears the danger.
E. Pinnock
Own Goal
90' OWN GOAL! It's gone from bad to worse for Pinnock! Saint-Maximin plays a wonderful throughball behind Ajer to get Joelinton away down the right, and he plays a dangerous first-time cross into the six-yard box. Raya had it covered, but Pinnock stuck out a leg ahead of him to turn it into his own net. 5-1 Newcastle!
88' Janelt trips Willock after being beaten to the ball, but it bounces to Toney, who hits a half-volley towards goal. The referee's whistle had already gone, but Pope punching it away still gets a big cheer from the home fans.
86' Brentford win a free-kick down the right and Janelt swings it into the far post. He's looking for Wissa, but Schar does enough to stop him from reaching it.
S. Ghoddos
A. Hickey
84' Final change for Brentford now and it's Hickey that's going off for Ghoddos.
M. Targett
K. Trippier
Newcastle United
84' And Trippier's game is also over, as Targett comes on for him.
E. Anderson
M. Almirón
Newcastle United
84' That goal was Almiron's last involvement as he's replaced by Anderson.
C. Wood
C. Wilson
Newcastle United
84' And Newcastle are making a triple change as well. Wilson is the first to go off, with Wood making his return after a rib injury.
M. Almirón
Newcastle United
82' ALMIRON SCORES! It's another poor mistake at the back by Brentford as Pinnock takes a loose touch before playing a blind backpass to Raya. Almiron surges onto it, takes it around the keeper with his first touch and fires it into the empty net. 4-1 Newcastle!
80' Saint-Maximin makes a weaving run from deep in his own half through the middle and manages to lay it off to Almiron before he's brought down. His cross is straight against Pinnock though.
A. Saint-Maximin
Bruno Guimarães
Newcastle United
78' Guimaraes is taken straight off the pitch and Saint-Maximin comes on to replace him.
77' Guimaraes is down again, and this time, it looks like he's struggling with cramp. He's back to his feet before the physio can reach him, but Newcastle aren't going to risk him.
75' CHANCE! Jensen's long throw-in is touched back out to him by Pinnock, and he swings a cross into the far post for Wissa. He flicks it on but gets his angles wrong and it bounces wide.
73' Toney has scored all seven penalties he has taken in the Premier League, while only Yaya Toure (11/11) and Dimitar Berbatov (9/9) have a better 100 per cent record from the spot in the competition's history.
M. Damsgaard
B. Mee
71' Fourth change for Brentford now, and it's an attacking one that will also see them swap to a back four. Mee is taken off, with Damsgaard on in his place.
70' The corner is taken short to Schar, whose long-range shot hits Jense before falling to Joelinton. Guimaraes helps it onto Longstaff, who tries to slide in Wilson, but JAnelt is tight to him.
68' BLOCK! Longstaff's throughball cuts Brentford's defence open and Joelinton flicks it onto Willock on the edge of the box. He drags it around Ajer to get a better angle but Hickey slides in to block his shot.
J. Murphy
Newcastle United
66' Newcastle are making their first change now and it's Murphy that goes off for Joelinton.
65' Willock bursts into the box, but he's forced to the byline by Ajer, so he flicks it back to Wilson. His first touch takes him away from goal so he tries to square it across, only to see it blocked by Mee.
Y. Wissa
B. Mbeumo
63' And Mbuemo is also making way, with Wissa replacing him.
F. Onyeka
S. Baptiste
63' Brentford are making more changes, with a double swap this time. Baptiste is the first to make way, with Onyeka on in his place.
62' Jensen's long throw-in is nodded straight back out to him, so he chooses to lay it off to Ajer at the near post. He wasn't expecting it though, and can only poke it to Botman.
60' WIDE! Newcastle win a free-kick through the middle and it's a cute chip over the Brentford wall to pick out Wilson's run. He was onside as he brushed aside Mee, but volleyed his shot wide of the near post.
58' Hickey's cross is cleared by Schar and Newcastle break on the counter again. Trippier picks out Almiron down the right and he swings an early cross into the box, but it's straight into Raya's gloves.
Bruno Guimarães
Newcastle United
56' GUIMARAES SCORES AGAIN! And just like that, Newcastle have their two-goal cushion back! Hickey is bundled off the ball between Guimaraes and Murphy, and the Brazilian bursts through the middle. He takes it to the edge of the D, where he fires his shot towards the near post, and Raya can't reach it. 3-1 Newcastle!
I. Toney
Penalty Goal
54' TONEY SCORES! He had to wait a long time to take the penalty as VAR checked the incident, but it didn't faze him. He takes one step to the ball, waits for Pope to start diving towards his left and then fires a confident spot-kick down the opposite side of the net. 2-1!
52' PENALTY TO BRENTFORD! Newcastle just couldn't clear their lines and Henry clips it back towards the far post. Hickey nods it back into the middle, and it strikes Burn's arm which is raised above his head mid jump.
52' GOOD SAVE! Brentford are keeping the pressure on here and Toney slides it through to Mbuemo on the right of the box. He hits his low shot across goal and Pope gets down well to push it away.
50' Hickey gets a yard on Willock down the right and curls a cross into the middle where three of his team-mates are waiting. Burn gets to the front though and nods it clear for Newcastle.
48' It's a wonderful throughball for Henry to chase down the left and he pulls it back from the byline. It's behind Toney, but Mbuemo is following in and Guimaraes slides in with an important interception.
46' Newcastle get us back underway for the second half!
V. Janelt
J. Dasilva
46' Brentford are making a change at the break as they look to get back into this game. Dasilva goes off for Janelt.
Howe will be pleased with his side's performance so far; they showed a good threat going forward and have barely let Brentford have a sniff at goal. Thomas Frank will be expecting much more from his side though. They looked shaky after their goal was disallowed and they need to cut out some of the sloppiness if they want to cause some problems.
Newcastle are in control at the break, with a 2-0 lead over Brentford. The visitors thought they'd taken the lead just 10 minutes in when Mbuemo's shot deflected in off Pope, but VAR intervened as Toney disrupted play from an offside position. Guimaraes did break the deadlock with a stooping header, and they got their second after Raya gifted the ball to Wilson, and he picked out Murphy for a tap-in.
I. Toney
Yellow Card
45' + 1' Toney takes a heavy touch off his chest and in his haste to beat Longstaff to it, he stands on his foot. He's shown the first yellow card of the game.
44' Brentford are trying to force their way past a compact Newcastle defence. Jensen lifts it over the top to Mbuemo, and he drags it away from Burn before a bad touch gifts it straight back to the hosts.
42' Guimaraes' sloppy pass goes straight to Baptiste, who picks out Dasilva's darting run down the left. He fizzes a good cross into the box, but there's too much on it for Mbuemo at the far post.
40' Pope goes long with his goal-kick and Longstaff flicks it on to set Almiron away down the right. He's almost at the byline when he loses control of it and he's claiming there was a tug from Pinnock, but nothing's given.
38' Guimaraes has stayed down holding his calf and the physio comes on to give him some treatment. He's quickly back to his feet and he'll be able to carry on.
36' Since making his Premier League debut in February, Guimaraes has scored more goals in the competition than any other Newcastle player (six).
34' Brentford are dropping back deeper into their own half, and they just can't keep hold of the ball at the moment. Jensen's loose touch goes straight to Almiron, but his first-time shot hits Henry.
32' It's another good counter-attack from Newcastle, with Almiron starting off the charge again. It's worked through Guimaraes and Willock, who touches it onto Murphy, but his low cross is blocked.
30' Trippier is down receiving treatment, and he's moving gingerly when he gets back to his feet, but he'll be able to carry on.
C. Wilson
Newcastle United
28' Wilson is more alert than Ajer as he gets in front of the defender to intercept the pass before choosing the right option by looking for Murphy.
J. Murphy
Newcastle United
28' MURPHY SCORES! It's a moment to forget for Raya who rushes his pass as he's closed down by Murphy. He gifts it straight to Wilson, who brushes past Ajer before unselfishly squaring it across the box to Murphy, who is unmarked, and he coolly slots it into the net. 2-0 Newcastle!
27' Newcastle are enjoying a good spell of possession here as they look to add to their lead. It's worked through Trippier down the right again, but his cross to Wilson is blocked.
25' SAVE! The game is starting to open up now, and Dasilva just trips as he's slid in on the edge of the box. It rolls kindly to Baptiste, who does take the shot, drilling it towards the far post, and Pope gets down to push it away.
23' GREAT CHANCE! Newcastle break quickly again, with Wilson bursting through the middle. He has Willock and Murphy to his left in support, and they're both in space, but he goes for goal himself, hitting his shot straight against Mee.
K. Trippier
Newcastle United
21' Newcastle tried something different this time, with Trippier not taking the corner, but his delivery hit the mark.
Bruno Guimarães
Newcastle United
21' GUIMARAES SCORES! The corner is taken short to Trippier, and he whips another brilliant cross into the far post. Guimaraes is unmarked as he stoops to thump his header towards goal just as Toney tries to close him down and Raya can't stop it from hitting the back of the net. 1-0 Newcastle!
20' Murphy rounds Hickey down the left and whips a good cross into the box, but Wilson can't do anything with it. It runs to Trippier on the far side, who sees his cross blocked by Pinnock. There are shouts for handball, but his arm was tight to his side, and it's only a corner.
18' Trippier curls a deep corner into the far post and Longstaff's header is looping wide. Pinnock keeps it in, gifting the ball to Willock, who lays it off to Burn and he sees his shot blocked by Dasilva.
16' Another Brentford attack is cut out and Almiron drives down the left on the counter. He drifts past Hickey before drilling a dangerous low cross into the six-yard box, but Ajer sticks out a leg to block it just ahead of Wilson.
14' Brentford win a free-kick down the right and Jensen swings a good cross into the near post. Baptiste is just beaten to it by Burn, who flicks it on for Schar to clear behind him.
12' NO GOAL! It originally looked like Toney had flicked the ball through to Mbuemo, but the replays showed he moved his foot out of the way just in time. He was standing in an offside position so the defender couldn't get past him, and it won't count. Still 0-0!
10' MBUEMO SCORES! Longstaff is caught on the ball in midfield, and Mbuemo dropped deep to start the move. Baptiste threads it through to Mbuemo, and he fires his shot straight at Pope, and it bounces in off the goalkeeper's shin. VAR is having a look though...
8' Newcastle are moving it upfield quickly when they win it back, but their final ball into the box is letting them down. Guimaraes ignores the fans' shouts to shoot, and tries to slide in Wilson, but hits it straight out of play.
6' GOOD SAVE! It's a great ball from Willock out to Almiron on the right and he rounds Pinnock as he cuts inside to get to the edge of the box. He whips his cross towards the far top corner, but Raya stretches to tip it wide.
4' Baptiste intercepts Botman's throughball and Mee tries to go for the big switch out to Henry down the left. He sells him short though, and it's a comfortable clearance for Schar.
2' Baptiste misjudges the flight of the ball and he sticks out an arm to stop it from dropping at Murphy's feet. Trippier takes the resulting free-kick short to Guimaraes who loops it to the far post, but Schar is offside.
1' Jensen gets the game underway for Brentford!
The teams are out on the pitch now, with kick-off just moments away!
Newcastle are unbeaten in their last six league matches against Brentford (W5 D1), with their only failure to win in this run coming at home last season in the Premier League, a 3-3 draw.
Thomas Frank makes three changes to the team that drew with Bournemouth last time out and there's a change in formation as they go to a back three. Pinnock, Hickey and Dasilva are all brought into the side. Damsgaard and Janelt drop to the bench, while Pontus Jansson misses out with a hamstring injury that forced him off in that game.
Eddie Howe was clearly impressed with his side's performance as he names an unchanged line-up from the win over Fulham a week ago. They're also boosted by the return of Saint-Maximin, who is on the bench after recovering from a thigh problem.
BRENTFORD SUBS: Mads Roerslev, Sergi Canos, Zanka, Yoane Wissa, Vitaly Janelt, Frank Onyeka, Saman Ghoddos, Matthew Cox, Mikkel Damsgaard.
BRENTFORD STARTING XI (3-5-2): David Raya; Kristoffer Ajer, Ethan Pinnock, Ben Mee; Aaron Hickey, Josh Dasilva, Shandon Baptiste, Mathias Jensen, Rico Henry; Bryan Mbuemo, Ivan Toney.
NEWCASTLE UNITED SUBS: Matt Targett, Allan Saint-Maximin, Joelinton, Jamal Lewis, Chris Wood, Elliot Anderson, Ryan Fraser, Jamaal Lascelles, Loris Karius.
NEWCASTLE UNITED STARTING XI (4-3-3): Nick Pope; Kieran Trippier, Fabian Schar, Sven Botman, Dan Burn; Sean Longstaff, Bruno Guimaraes, Joe Willock; Miguel Almiron, Callum Wilson, Jacob Murphy.
Newcastle ended their six-match winless run in the Premier League last time out when they comfortably brushed aside 10-man Fulham 4-1. They're in good form at home though, having lost just one of their last 14 home games in the league (W8 D5), though the last three have ended level. Brentford have won just one of their last six matches in the league (D3 L2), and they've failed to score in their last two matches after putting five past Leeds United at the start of September.
Hello and welcome to live coverage of the Premier League meeting between Newcastle United and Brentford at St James' Park!