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A. Elanga
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Penalty Goal
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Penalty Goal
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For United, the wait for silverware almost certainly goes on now, unless they can run the European gamut. Ralf Rangnick must stop his stars from packing their bags now, and prepare them for Burnley next week - while Middlesbrough can return to the Championship with their heads held high, to face Queens Park Rangers. Until then, thank you for joining us - and have a great weekend!
Manchester United's players are straight over to Anthony Elanga. It is a crushing moment for the youngster, but his team-mates console him immediately. Cristiano Ronaldo helps guide him off the pitch, to applause from the Stretford End. The Red Devils let themselves down too many times throughout regular time - but they did themselves no disservice in that shootout.
Joe Lumley might have been the worst player on the pitch for Middlesbrough tonight, but the man will rightfully celebrate like a king. It has been more than two decades since Manchester United were turfed out of the FA Cup at this stage on home soil. The goalkeeper didn't save a penalty, but he goes all the way down the length of the pitch, leading his team-mates to the supporting fans. They shall savour this moment superbly. Chris Wilder looks chuffed to bits.
It is despair for Manchester United and delight for Middlesbrough - the Red Devils have been knocked out of the FA Cup by the Championship outfit in a fourth-round penalty shootout! The hosts were made to go all the way after spurning a slew of chances around the visitors' controversial equaliser - and in the end, they paid the price. Full-time at Old Trafford, it finishes Manchester United 1 (7)-(8) 1 Middlesbrough.
Anthony Elanga steps up - and Anthony Elanga screams it over the bar! Manchester United have been knocked out of the FA Cup by second-tier Middlesbrough!
Lee Peltier has been around the block a few times - and he'll put that one straight into the top-right side, into the roof of the net. United face the heat again. 7-8.
Diogo Dalot is the latest man to step up - and he lofts it low, into the bottom-right corner. 7-7.
Dael Fry looks cool as ice - and he is too, with a whipped finish to the left as Henderson goes the other way. Back to United. 6-7.
Scott McTominay is in no mood to mess around - and he slips his effort under Lumley's arms with a lash of his boot. 6-6.
Duncan Watmore is under the pressure - and he matches Fernandes with an easy roll to the right. It's all on United now. 5-6.
It is Bruno Fernandes to take the final regular penalty for Manchester United - and he rolls it with a touch of cheek into the right side as Lumley goes the wrong way. To sudden death we go. 5-5.
Sol Bamba was one of the final introductions into this match - but he's got his eye in already, slipping it into the left side. United must score now. 4-5.
Cristiano Ronaldo has missed one penalty already - but he will not miss another, beating Lumley to power it in at the left post. 4-4.
Marcus Tavernier arrives - and his is the finest of all so far, straight into the top-right corner! 3-4.
Fred steps up - and Fred scores, but it is a close-run thing, just beating Lumley into the bottom-right corner. 3-3.
Middlesbrough skipper Jonny Howson has haunted this ground before with Leeds - and does so again, putting it to the right as Henderson goes the other way. 2-3.
Harry Maguire is an unsung penalty taker - and he makes no mistake for Manchester United, sticking it into the bottom-left corner. 2-2.
Martin Payero goes to the right - and so does Henderson, but the ball just squeaks under him! 1-2.
Juan Mata is first up for Manchester United - and he makes no mistake too, whipping it mid-height, in at the right. 1-1.
Patrick McNair, former Manchester United man, goes first - and rolls it into the bottom-right corner, as Dean Henderson goes the other way. 0-1
The long night wears on. If Manchester United win, this one will be left in the history books. If they lose - after all the chances they had - it will possibly be a defining chapter in the legacy of Ralf Rangnick. For Middlesbrough? Defeat brings no shame - and victory brings one big story to tell in years to come. The visitors will go first.
Manchester United sit on the cusp of a narrow escape - or a frustrating defeat. They head to penalties against Middlesbrough in the FA Cup fourth round. Extra-time full-time at Old Trafford, it finishes Manchester United 1-1 Middlesbrough.
120' + 1' Fernandes rockets a delivery in which nobody has a chance of turning towards goal. Phil Jones is lucky that he doesn't get absolutely floored by that when it hits him.
120' There will be two added minutes in this match. Two minutes for any last act of heroism.
119' United hurl bodies forward for a corner, but Mata's looping ball floods over the box. The Red Devils have lost six of their last seven shootouts - and they're heading to another one right now. When it rains, it pours.
S. Bamba
I. Jones
118' Sol Bamba replaces Isaiah Jones for the latest Middlesbrough change in this game.
115' The heavens have absolutely opened at Old Trafford now, to compound problems for both sides. They're getting soaked in this finale here - and McNair almost unlocks Henderson in the downpour, with the goalkeeper just holding on to the shot.
Yellow Card
114' Fred picks up a yellow card now for a tough, upright grapple foul.
113' The ball comes in - and United to enough to get it out of the area, with Shaw the man who ferries it back to the wing.
111' Jones concedes the foul out on the United right flank, just in line with the penalty area. United don't deal with it too cleanly - and that will be a corner to Boro.
109' United are pulling their opponents wide, attempting to pry the Boro defence apart so that they can slip their crosses in. They're not quite paying it off in the end.
107' Fernandes forces a tiptoe save from Lumley, but the Portuguese was offside in this instance. That will be of little consolation to him for another miss.
106' Here we go again then, for the last time in this game. We are back underway at Old Trafford.
There's still nothing to split Manchester United and Middlesbrough at half-time of extra-time in this FA Cup fourth round game - and worse for the Red Devils, their hold on this game when it comes to clear-cut chances is slipping. This game is there for the taking - it is Manchester United 1-1 Middlesbrough.
105' There's going to be one added minute to this first period of extra-time.
103' Lumley has not looked a calm presence throughout, but he is alert to Ronaldo's flick cross now, palming it away from his goal.
101' It is a time for lesser-spotted Manchester United players, isn't it? Mata has form in the FA Cup - he's a winner with the Red Devils in 2016 - but can he unlock this one? Advantage is played following a foul appeal and the hosts slap their finish into the side netting again.
J. Sancho
100' Juan Mata replaces Jadon Sancho in Manchester United's fourth change of the game.
97' A speculative ball tipped on towards Connolly flies beyond him and United ride their luck at the back there. Boro look rather disgruntled by that scuffed chance.
95' Sancho looked like he might have been needed to leave, but he remains on for the moment. A further change may yet come.
94' Sancho - who appeared to be hobbling at points late in the second half - comes to a halt and sinks to the ground. Medics approach him to deal with what looks like a hamstring problem.
92' The lesser-spotted Phil Jones is back out again for the Red Devils, of course. Last month, he was a standout on his return - and perhaps his inclusion here suggests a wary concession that United won't be on the front foot as much as they might be expected to be.
91' Here we go again. Another half-hour awaits at Old Trafford between Manchester United and Middlesbrough. All bets are off.
P. Jones
R. Varane
91' Lastly, Phil Jones replaces Raphael Varane in Manchester United's third change of the game.
L. Peltier
N. Taylor
91' Lee Peltier meanwhile takes the spot of Neil Taylor in Middlesbrough's fourth change.
A. Connolly
A. Šporar
91' We're about to get back underway. Aaron Connolly replaces Andraz Sporar in Middlesbrough's third change of the game.
Manchester United are taken to extra-time by Middlesbrough in the FA Cup fourth round, as Matt Crooks' controversial second-half effort makes the Red Devils pay for their wastefulness in front of goal. A giant-killing could be on the cards at Old Trafford - don't go anywhere. At the end of regular time, it is Manchester United 1-1 Middlesbrough.
90' + 2' Elanga has a header on a plate and puts it straight to Lumley as he rises for the cross. Time is running out for a winner in regular time.
90' Sporar shouts for a corner following an apparently miscued shot following a Boro counter, but he gets no luck. There will be four added minutes.
89' Elanga lunges for a ball thrashed into the box and plants his header in entirely the wrong direction. Still no coconut for United.
87' For their guile and tenacity, do Boro deserve to take this one on? It would be better to say that United perhaps have not earned themselves a spot with their wasted chances.
84' Ronaldo has ridden to the rescue for United on more than one occasion this year. He's got a handful of minutes or so to do it in this one, to stave off a coda at Old Trafford.
P. Pogba
82' Fred replaces Paul Pogba in Manchester United's second change of the game.
A. Elanga
M. Rashford
82' Anthony Elanga replaces Marcus Rashford in Manchester United's first change of the game.
81' McNair is down in the Boro penalty area and picking up treatment. There's going to be some Manchester United changes soon.
M. Payero
M. Crooks
78' Martín Payero replaces Matt Crooks in Middlesbrough's second change of the game.
76' This game could be six or seven in favour of Manchester United. Quite how it isn't is a miracle, as Fernandes slashes another effort wide, this time from distance amid a crowded area.
74' Scott McTominay has scored three of Manchester United’s last seven FA Cup goals, all of which have come in 1-0 victories at Old Trafford – v Watford (Jan 2021), West Ham (Feb 2021) and Aston Villa in round three this season.
72' Bruno Fernandes! The Portuguese becomes the latest man to blow a golden chance, handed an immediate poor pass from Lumley in front of an almost empty net - and unable to do anything but strike the woodwork!
M. Tavernier
Yellow Card
71' Tavernier picks up a booking for a less-than-clean bit of play on Pogba's heels. That comes as a slight relief for United.
70' Maguire rides to the rescue for United's defence, defusing another Boro break inside his own area. The Red Devils are shaking at the rear.
68' The shoe is absolutely on the other foot. For every United move into opposition territory, Boro have a lively counter to carve them up too. This could be a madcap closing act.
66' Well then. This has put a spanner in Manchester United's plans. The Red Devils have blown their share of chances today, and now they could well pay for it. This is all square as it heads into the final quarter.
D. Watmore
64' Speak about an instant impact from Watmore. He's barely been on the pitch a few minutes and he's already in the eye of the storm. VAR suggests that it was an accidental handball, but either way, goals have been chalked off for far less.
M. Crooks
64' GOAL! MATT CROOKS LEVELS FOR MIDDLESBROUGH! 1-1! There is huge controversy about this one, but Boro have seized upon the most unlikely of lifelines! A break from the visitors sees Duncan Watmore bring the ball to earth on the left edge of the box, where he appears to handle his collection, before his half-shot looped over Henderson is bundled home at the far post. Referee Anthony Taylor ignores the protests and the lure of VAR - this one will stand!
D. Watmore
F. Balogun
62' Duncan Watmore replaces Folarin Balogun in Middlesbrough's first change of the game.
60' There's movement on the Boro bench. Chris Wilder looks set to make his first change of the game, as his side look a little bit bolder on the flanks.
57' Crooks with the chance! Almost out of nothing, Boro spin a turn of pressure down the opposite end, and Henderson has to be alert. That almost came from nowhere for the visitors.
55' Boro counter and almost unlock United, only to be picked off in the box, and then Rashford attempts to redeem his miss with a set-up for Ronaldo - and he too can only stick it wide from inside the penalty area!
53' How has Marcus Rashford missed that?! Even he can't quite figure it out, spraying a golden chance wide and over from a handful of yards out.
52' It's mostly been one-way traffic again in favour of United in this half, but there's been no serious sniff at goal. Without a second, the Red Devils sit at ill-ease.
50' Ronaldo gets a rap on the knuckles for playing chicken with Lumley, effectively, after a sloppy back-pass forces the keeper to be alert.
48' The Red Devils look like they have started as they mean to go on, though they are chasing down the right flank this time instead. Can they find joy there?
46' We're back underway at Old Trafford. Can Middlesbrough mount a comeback or will it be plain sailing for Manchester United from here on out?
Middlesbrough have progressed from only one of their last 10 FA Cup ties against Premier League opposition, though that one instance did come in Manchester in 2014-15, beating Man City 2-0 at the Etihad.
Jadon Sancho's neatly-taken finish is the difference in the FA Cup, as Manchester United force their way past a slew of near-misses to take command against Middlesbrough. The Red Devils have been vastly on top of their lower-league opposition - but they are not out of the woods yet at Old Trafford. At half-time, it is Manchester United 1-0 Middlesbrough.
45' There will be one added minute in this first half.
44' Oddly, as the interval approaches, a touch of nerves appear to have nipped at United's heels. Now is the time where they could be vulnerable.
P. Pogba
Yellow Card
42' It's a booking for Pogba on his return to the side, as the Frenchman is deemed to have fouled while slipping to the ground.
41' Rashford fires a first-time effort through a crowded box and it goes straight into the arms of Lumley.
39' Back-to-back set-pieces for United arise now and Boro see them off repeatedly in less-than-convincing fashion. The Red Devils want that second goal - almost desperately - before the break.
37' The visitors are continuing to weather and deny them further opportunity however. It could be an intriguing tussle, this one, as the game progresses.
35' With a goal under their belt, United look a little freer than they did in the build-up. They knew how important it was against Boro to strike first, to nip the chance of an immediate upset in the bud.
33' Ronaldo really wants that goal, and another breathtaking counter down the left carves Boro straight open. Lumley manages to deflect - and then Balogun skies a counter-move in return.
31' Lumley lets in a howler - but to his fortune, the flag is up for offside. The Boro goalkeeper let Rashford's low shot slip right through him. That is a let-off for the visitors.
29' Ronaldo! Fernandes drives another beautiful run through the left flank and Ronaldo carries it on, flicking a square ball-turned-shot into the six-yard area. Rashford cannot get there in time to tuck home, much to Boro's relief.
27' Manchester United have won 28 of their last 31 home FA Cup matches against sides from a lower division (D2 L1), including each of their last eight without conceding a goal.
Bruno Fernandes
25' Bruno Fernandes does well to get that delivery out to Sancho, and it is superb work for the playmaker. Can United push on from here for a rout or will Boro fight back?
J. Sancho
25' GOAL! JADON SANCHO DOESN'T MISS THIS TIME FOR MANCHESTER UNITED! 1-0! The pressure tells for Middlesbrough, and it they are exposed after the winger makes the perfect run for the crossfield ball. He turns around the defender, tucks it across the keeper from the left and watches it nestle at the far post. Lovely stuff!
23' Fernandes screams a volley over the crossbar following a looping pass through, but the Manchester United man would have been offside even if he had found the target.
22' It was like Christmas had come early for those Middlesbrough fans who have made the journey down today. The noise at that miss was breathtaking. Will it mean a shake-up in United's spot-kick pecking order?
Cristiano Ronaldo
Penalty Miss
20' Penalty Miss Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro
Penalty Miss
20' Ronaldo steps up - and misses! The Portuguese talisman goes for the bottom-left corner and pulls it just beyond the post! A great opportunity for an opener goes begging for Manchester United.
19' Penalty to Manchester United! Pogba is fouled by Dijksteel, the latter slipping and bringing the former down with him as the Frenchman goes for the short ball. Only one man will take this, of course...
17' The weather appears to be holding mostly at Old Trafford right now. There had been questions whether the February heavens might open - but so far, they have seemingly resisted.
15' After that busy start, United have settled into something a little slower now. Boro might sense the shape of an opportunity if they can keep the pace down.
13' McTominay gets elbowed in the chin, but United are allowed to play through the advantage. It's a poor last ball that subsequently comes to nothing, to their frustration in the end.
11' Ronaldo finishes off a counter for United with another vaguely ambitious chip effort that Lumley does not make a meal off. The keeper looks set to be tested throughout.
10' Another free-kick for Boro helps to slow play down. The visitors really are trying to find all the breathers they can get.
8' Middlesbrough look to have steadied the ship for a moment, with a free-kick of their own to ease some pressure on their rear third. They may have to weather much more throughout this one.
6' United are refusing to let Boro lay low, and Ronaldo now tries a scissor kick to beat Lumley following a well-threaded move. The Red Devils look like they want to put this result to bed early on.
4' This is the first appearance for Paul Pogba under Ralf Rangnick - and with the Frenchman's future still very much up in the air, it is hard to say just where he goes from here. Can he deliver for Ralf Rangnick?
2' What a golden chance for Sancho! A botched collection from Lumley falls back into open play, Ronaldo shepherds it to his winger and the England man's lob chip comes off the crossbar. A lively start for United.
1' We are underway in this FA Cup clash between Manchester United and Middlesbrough!
The teams have emerged at Old Trafford and we are moments away from kick-off.
Middlesbrough have been drawn with Manchester United for the 11th time in the FA Cup, more often than any other opponent. They’ve progressed from three of the other 10 ties, most recently in 2001-02 during their run to the semi-finals.
Since a 4-1 defeat at the Riverside Stadium in October 2005, Manchester United have remained unbeaten in their last 13 matches with Middlesbrough across all competitions (W8 D5), with their last meeting coming in March 2017.
Subs: Caolan Boyd-Munce, Josh Coburn, Nathan Wood, Sol Bamba, Lee Peltier, Duncan Watmore, Aaron Connolly, Martín Payero, Grant Hall.
MIDDLESBROUGH (3-5-2): Joe Lumley; Anfernee Dijksteel, Dael Fry, Patrick McNair; Isaiah Jones, Matt Crooks, Jonny Howson, Marcus Tavernier, Neil Taylor; Andraz Sporar, Folarin Balogun.
Subs: Tom Heaton, Phil Jones, Aaron Wan-Bissaka, Nemanja Matic. Fred, Anthony Elanga, Juan Mata, Hannibal Mejbri, Lee Grant.
MANCHESTER UNITED (4-2-3-1): Dean Henderson, Diogo Dalot, Raphael Varane, Harry Maguire, Luke Shaw; Scott McTominay, Paul Pogba; Marcus Rashford, Bruno Fernandes, Jadon Sancho; Cristiano Ronaldo.
You'd be hard-pressed to accuse United of taking liberties - save Dean Henderson in for David De Gea, it's almost as strong a side as they can field. Cristiano Ronaldo fronts up, and Paul Pogba makes a welcome return too from injury. Arsenal loanee Folarin Balogun makes his first start for Boro.
Former Sheffield United supremo Chris Wilder certainly knows which way the top is - and his transformation of Boro into a play-off challenging force in the second tier is not to be underestimated. How he will dream of a top-level scalp tonight at the Theatre of Dreams.
On the back of a difficult January transfer window, Ralf Rangnick's Red Devils must now turn their attention to arguably the only piece of silverware they have a sniff at. But the hosts must be wary of giant-killing legend - they will know this stage is made for the mighty to fall.
Hello and welcome to live coverage of the 2021-22 FA Cup, as Premier League heavyweights Manchester United look to avoid a shock upset against Championship visitors Middlesbrough in a fourth-round tie at Old Trafford.