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90' + 1'
Bernardo Silva
2 - 3
J. Grealish
Gabriel Jesus
1 - 3
S. Mané
Thiago Alcântara
0 - 3
S. Mané
0 - 2
I. Konaté
A. Robertson
0 - 1

Match Stats

49% 50%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 6 7
Total Passes 489 507
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Liverpool's dreams of a quadruple are still alive, and they'll find out tomorrow whether they'll face Chelsea or Crystal Palace in the final in just under a months' time. It's back to the league first though, and they have Manchester United on Tuesday. City are knocked out at the semi-final stage for the third year running. Their attention now turns to the league, and they have Brighton and Hove Albion next time out.
Liverpool hold on to beat Manchester City 3-2 and reach the FA Cup final for the first time since 2012. It was an exceptional first half from the Reds, with Konate heading in just nine minutes into the game. Mane then caught Steffen on the ball and slid in to poke it over the line before volleying in his second on the stroke of half-time. City came out quickly after the break, with Grealish scoring just 71 seconds after the restart. Silva then tapped in from close range in the first minute of stoppage time, but they left it too late in the end.
90' + 5' SAVE! Salah is chasing a long ball forward and Steffen rushes out of his box to head it away. Firmino latches onto the clearance and dribbles past Stones before taking on the shot, but Steffen smothers it.
90' + 4' Liverpool break quickly and Salah isn't taking it to the corner as he tries to put this game out of sight. He curls a shot across goal from the right of the box, but it's wide.
90' + 3' SAVE! Down the left again, it's slotted through to Sterling, and he has time to take a touch before getting the shot away. He keeps it low, but Alisson gets down to hold it, and he's in no hurry to get the game restarted.
90' + 2' CHANCE! Zinchenko puts a long throw-in into the box and it bounces off Jones and out to Fernandinho. He takes the shot on the volley and Van Dijk gets the slightest of touches to help it over the bar. Mahrez then blazes a volley over from the resulting corner. City aren't giving this up!
Bernardo Silva
90' + 1' SILVA SCORES! Just three seconds into stoppage time, Silva pulls one back! It's all about the run from Mahrez, who bursts past Robertson down the right of the box. He takes it to the byline and his cross takes a deflection off Alisson. It bounces through to Silva, who slots it into the bottom corner. 3-2! Could City do this...?
89' Fabinho picks Fernandinho's pocket and quickly slides it through to Firmino, who tees up Salah. Ake is still giving him no space and forces him wide before making another important block to stop him from getting in on goal.
C. Jones
Thiago Alcântara
87' Final change for Liverpool now, and it's Jones that's coming on in place of Thiago.
Roberto Firmino
S. Mané
85' And there'll be no hat-trick for Mane as he's also making way, with Firmino on in his place.
Diogo Jota
L. Díaz
85' Liverpool are making a double change here. Diaz is the first to go off, with Jota on to replace him.
84' Mahrez leaves the free-kick and there's a bit of confusion as Sterling takes a few seconds to step up himself. He lifts his shot high over the wall and there's no dip on it as it sails into the stands.
R. Mahrez
Gabriel Jesus
83' City are making their first change of the game now. Jesus' final involvement was winning a free-kick as he's replaced by Mahrez.
81' Again, Liverpool quickly work it upfield and a pocket of space opens up for Diaz on the edge of the box. He takes on the shot, but it's straight down the middle at Steffen.
79' City look comfortable in possession, but they're still struggling to keep it when they get into the final third. Fernandinho switches it out to Cancelo, but it sails over his head and harmlessly out of play.
77' Steffen's long clearance is flicked on by Cancelo and it looks like Sterling is away down the right. Van Dijk recovers brilliantly to get across and stop him though.
75' Mane is trying to bundle his way through a crowd of players in midfield and it bounces up off the City defenders. He almost wins it back, but Cancelo manages to hook it away.
J. Henderson
N. Keïta
73' Liverpool are making the first change of the game and it's Keita that's going off for Henderson.
72' WIDE! It's a great lifted ball over the top to Diaz from Robertson, and he chips it to the far side of the box. Zinchenko slips as he stoops to head it back to Steffen and Salah is behind him. He tries to lift it over Steffen but hits the side netting.
70' GREAT SAVE! Silva's throughball cuts Liverpool's defence wide open and Jesus is through on goal. Alisson rushes off his line and sticks out a leg to deny his fellow Brazilian.
69' Fernandinho loses out in midfield and Diaz plays a one-two with Robertson to open up some space. Foden is quickly in to nick it off him, but his clearance goes as far as Keita. From range, he ends up blazing over.
67' Liverpool break quickly and Sane bursts forward down the right before cutting open City's defence with his pass through to Salah. Ake is tight to him though and makes a brilliant tackle to stop him from getting in on goal.
65' Robertson slides in, but he can't stop Sterling from getting down the right of the box. He waits for support to join him before curling it into the six-yard box, but it hits Konate.
63' City are enjoying a good spell of possession at the moment, but it's all in front of Liverpool. Silva can't pick out a pass and he's forced to go back to Ake, much to the fans' frustration.
S. Mané
Yellow Card
61' The yellow card is out again, this time for Mane, who clipped the back of Fernandinho's heels to stop his run.
59' Only against Everton (nine) does Jesus have more goal involvements for City against a side in all competitions than Liverpool (eight - five goals, three assists).
Yellow Card
57' It's a poor challenge from Fernandinho, who absolutely flies into a sliding tackle on Mane. He gets nowhere near the ball and he's shown a yellow card.
55' SAVE! Sterling slides it through to Jesus, and he times his run perfectly to stay onside. He gets a nudge in the back of Van Dijk which forces him wide, but he gets a shot away and Alisson smothers it at the near post.
53' Liverpool win a free-kick through the middle and Alexander-Arnold lifts it over the crowd to the far post. Van Dijk is running onto it, but Ake slides in just in time to put it out for a corner.
52' Diaz cuts inside, leaving Cancelo in a tangle, and he fizzes a low cross into the middle of the box. Mane hits his shot first time, but it's scooped up by Steffen.
50' City are pressing Liverpool much higher up the pitch than they were in the first half. Sterling wriggles his way past Alexander-Arnold down the right, but he can't pick out Foden with a cross.
N. Keïta
Yellow Card
48' Keita is trying to stop the pass from reaching Fernandinho but ends up catching the Brazilian with a high boot instead, so he's booked.
Gabriel Jesus
47' Jesus dummied a shot that wrong-footed Fabinho and allowed him to cut inside to find Grealish.
J. Grealish
47' GREALISH SCORES! What a start to the second half by City! Robertson's pass is intercepted and Fernandinho slides it down the right. Van Dijk misses it and Jesus latches onto it, cutting inside away from Fabinho to square it to Grealish. He's running onto it and fires it past Alisson. 3-1!
46' City get us back underway for the second half!
Klopp couldn't have asked for a better 45 minutes from his players, and they blew City away. He'll want more of the same to make sure they can see this out. City struggled to get any sort of foothold in the game and didn't even test Alisson. He could be thinking about making some changes because his team looked completely out of ideas.
A brilliant first half from Liverpool sees them take a 3-0 lead over Manchester City into half-time. Klopp's men have been on it from the first whistle and took the lead just nine minutes in when Konate headed in a corner. Eight minutes later, Steffen was too casual near his goal line and Mane slid in to poke it home from close range. City just couldn't get going and Mane netted his second with a lovely volley just before the break.
Thiago Alcântara
45' It's a wonderful piece of play from Thiago to keep the move alive before he chips it over Ake to pick out Mane on the far side of the box.
S. Mané
45' MANE SCORES AGAIN! City just couldn't clear their lines, and Mane makes them pay again! Robertson saw a shot blocked before Thiago picks it up, and he plays a one-two with Salah before lifting it up for Mane. He's unmarked on the right of the box, and he fizzes it into the near bottom corner on the volley. 3-0 Liverpool!
43' Diaz curls a good cross in from a free-kick on the left and Stones rises highest to clear it. Fabinho tries to keep it alive on the edge of the box, but his throughball is straight at Ake.
41' Cancelo swings a deep free-kick in from the left and it's nodded down at the far post by Grealish. Jesus collects it on the edge of the box, but can't turn away from Thiago, who comes away with it.
39' Another loose pass from City and Keita pounces onto it, playing a one-two with Thiago to get away from Fernandinho. He pokes it through to Mane, who knocks it around Ake, but Steffen rushes off his line to prevent the shot.
Yellow Card
37' Jesus jinked his way past Diaz and Robertson, and he's away down the right before Fabinho trips him from behind. He's shown a yellow card.
35' Yet again, it's played back to Steffen while Mane is closing him down, and there's an ironic cheer from the Liverpool fans when he clears it straight out of play. He still looks nervy after that earlier mistake.
33' Liverpool scored twice in the opening 17 minutes of this match, the earliest into an FA Cup game at Wembley that a side has gone 2-0 ahead since the 2014 final when Hull City went 2-0 up against Arsenal within eight minutes - Hull went on to lose that game.
31' City just haven't got going yet as Foden drives forward down the left. He has Grealish to his right in support, but he plays the pass behind him and Liverpool come away with it again.
29' A nervy moment for the Liverpool this time as Alisson's clearance takes a nick off Grealish to roll through to Jesus. He tries to slide it straight back into the box, but Van Dijk cuts it out.
Gabriel Jesus
Yellow Card
27' Jesus clipped the back of Diaz's heels to stop his run through the middle, and he's shown the first yellow card of the game.
25' City just can't seem to keep possession when they get into the final third. It's a lovely switch out to Cancelo and he slides it through to Sterling, whose heavy touch knocks it straight out of play.
23' Diaz makes a weaving run down the left and there's so much space ahead of him. Fernandinho trips him with a poor challenge to give away a free-kick, but he escapes a yellow card.
21' Alisson gifts possession back to Jesus with a sloppy clearance, but Keita spots the danger. He quickly gets across to the forward and stops City's quick break.
19' Again, City are straight on the attack from the restart and Foden manages to find some space down the left. He clips a cross into the middle, but it's Van Dijk that meets it.
S. Mané
17' MANE SCORES! And it's a moment to forget for Steffen! It's knocked back to the goalkeeper by Stones and Mane chases it down. Steffen takes a touch and is too casual about it. Mane slides in and he pokes it over the goal line from very close range. 2-0 Liverpool!
15' It's a poor challenge by Keita on Fernandinho, and the Brazilian takes the free-kick quickly. He switches it out to Foden on the left, but he'd drifted offside and the flag goes straight up.
13' City are struggling to find their rhythm here and there's a bit of sloppiness creeping in. Cancelo takes a heavy touch and tries to make up for it, but ends up fouling Diaz in the process.
11' City are pushing to get themselves straight back into this game. Grealish and Cancelo link up well down the right, but the right-back can only win a corner, which comes to nothing.
I. Konaté
9' KONATE SCORES! Just like in midweek, Konate scores from a corner for Liverpool! It's a great delivery from Robertson on the corner, and Konate just drifts through City's penalty spot. He rises high and thumps his header straight over Steffen. 1-0 Liverpool!
A. Robertson
9' It's a high, looping corner from Robertson, and he picks out Konate to set up the goal.
8' Liverpool move it quickly out from the back again, but City are staying compact. Robertson slides it down the left for Mane, and his cross is deflected out off Stones for a corner.
6' It's a loose pass out from the back by Stones and Keita quickly latches onto it. He chips it over the top to Salah, who tries to flick it back towards Diaz, but Silva makes an important interception.
4' It's a great diagonal ball from Fernandinho out to Cancelo on the left, and he cushions it down or Grealish on the right of the box. He gets it out from under his feet before taking a shot, but it's blocked by Van Dijk.
2' It's well worked out from the back by Liverpool as Thiago switches it out to Alexander-Arnold and he pokes it forward for Salah. He beats Zinchenko to it, but the attack is brought to an end by the offside flag.
1' Keita gets the game underway for Liverpool!
The teams are out on the pitch now, with kick-off just moments away!
City and Liverpool have met twice before at Wembley stadium, with both games ending in a 1-1 draw before going to penalties. The Citizens eventually emerged victorious on both occasions: in 2016 (League Cup final) and 2019 (Community Shield).
Klopp also makes seven changes after resting a lot of his regular starters against Benfica on Wednesday. Alexander-Arnold, Van Dijk, Robertson, Fabinho, Thiago, Salah and Mane are all brought in. Gomez, Matip, Henderson, Milner, Firmino and Jota all drop to the bench.
Pep Guardiola makes seven changes to the side that drew with Atletico Madrid last time out. Steffen starts in goal, with Ake, Zinchenko, Fernandinho, Grealish, Jesus and Sterling also coming in. Kyle Walker is out with an ankle injury from that game, but De Bruyne is deemed fit enough for the bench. Gundogan, Rodri, Laporte and Mahrez are also among the substitutes.
LIVERPOOL SUBS: Caoimhin Kelleher, Diogo Jota, James Milner, Joe Gomez, Curtis Jones, Jordan Henderson, Kostas Tsimikas, Roberto Firmino, Joel Matip.
LIVERPOOL STARTING XI (4-3-3): Alisson; Trent Alexander-Arnold, Ibrahima Konate, Virgil van Dijk, Andy Robertson; Naby Keita, Fabinho, Thiago Alcantara; Mohamed Salah, Luis Diaz, Sadio Mane.
MANCHESTER CITY SUBS: Riyad Mahrez, Liam Delap, Kevin De Bruyne, Rodrigo, Ederson, Ilkay Gundogan, Aymeric Laporte, Ruben Dias, Romeo Lavia.
MANCHESTER CITY STARTING XI (4-3-3): Zack Steffen; Joao Cancelo, John Stones, Nathan Ake, Oleksandr Zinchenko; Bernardo Silva, Fernandinho, Jack Grealish; Phil Foden, Gabriel Jesus, Raheem Sterling.
Just six days on from their 2-2 draw in the Premier League, these sides face off again, following both clubs securing their place in the Champions League semi-finals in midweek. City come into this game unbeaten in their last 10 outings across all competitions (W6 D4) and are looking to reach the final for the first time since they lifted the trophy in 2019. As for Liverpool, they've never made it to the final during Jurgen Klopp's time in charge. They're also in good form coming into this, having gone unbeaten in their last seven matches (W5 D2).
Hello and welcome to live coverage of the FA Cup semi-final between Manchester City and Liverpool at Wembley Stadium!