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Leicester City v Sevilla Live Commentary, 14/03/2017

2 - 0
W. Morgan (27)
M. Albrighton (54)
King Power Stadium


What an achievement by Leicester! Not content with one fairytale, they're embarking on another one this season. Sevilla weren't at their best on what was a disappointing night for them, but, to a man, the home side were excellent all over the pitch. They defended brilliantly to frustrate their opponents before always looking dangerous on the break, and they have deservedly managed to earn themselves a spot in the quarter-finals of the Champions League.
Correa twists and turns over on the left wing before firing a low cross off a blue shirt and out for a corner. Every available Sevilla player charges into the box as they try to get a head on the ball, but they're unable to do so and Leicester are just about able to hold on. They're now just seconds away from reaching the last-eight!
Golden opportunity for Correa! A long throw-in is launched into the middle of the Leicester penalty area and bounces down to Correa on the edge of the box, but he rushes his first-time half-volley and sends it flying over the top of the crossbar. Sevilla's time is running out...
A lofted pass is thumped down the right flank and dangerously close to Vitolo, who charges towards the edge of the Leicester penalty area. He's unable to meet the ball, however, as it's thumped away by Schmeichel, who did wonderfully well to rush out to deal with the danger.
The fourth official has indicated that there will be four minutes of added time.
D. Amartey
R. Mahrez
Leicester City
Daniel Amartey comes on to replace Mahrez in a late change for the home side.
R. Mahrez
Yellow Card
Leicester City
Mahrez slowly limps his way off the pitch after seeing his number come up, and he's shown a yellow card for time-wasting. I'm sure he won't mind too much...
What a miss by Vardy! Another Sevilla attacking move comes to an end, allowing Mahrez to drive forward on a brilliant counter-attack. He flies towards the penalty area before setting up Vardy, but the striker completely scuffs his shot and sends it flying over the top of the crossbar. He really should have buried that!
And now Slimani goes close! Leicester break away quickly and set up Slimani to fly into the penalty area and towards Rico, but his last touch is slightly too heavy and allows the goalkeeper to cut out the danger at the near post.
Vardy almost makes it 3-0! Albright sends a lovely cross into the heart of the Sevilla penalty area and right on to the head of Vardy, but the striker's effort on goal fails to find the back of the net despite being fumbled by a poor attempted save from Rico.
W. Ndidi
Yellow Card
Leicester City
Ndidi rises high and battles in the air with Iborra, but he ends up clattering the Sevilla midfielder in the face with a flailing arm and ends up picking up a late yellow card.
Sampaoli has been sent to the stands! The Sevilla manager reacts angrily to the referee's decision to award Leicester a free-kick, and he's ordered away by the man in charge, who doesn't look at all amused.
Sevilla win themselves a free-kick over on the right wing and immediately curl it into the heart of the penalty area, where it pinballs around dangerously. Leicester are just about able to get the ball away from danger before it falls to Ndidi, who then forces Escudero into bringing him down with a clumsy challenge.
K. Schmeichel
Penalty Save
Leicester City
N'Zonzi's shot from the spot really was woeful, but Schmeichel nonetheless did well to dive the right way before holding on to the ball. That could be the save that sends Leicester through to the quarter-finals!
S. Nzonzi
Penalty Miss
MISS! N'Zonzi doesn't look at all confident as he steps up to take the penalty, and his poor strike to the right is easily pushed away by Schmeichel.
K. Schmeichel
Yellow Card
Leicester City
Schmeichel is booked for his foul as Sevilla try to figure out who is going to take the penalty. Their record hasn't been good recently...
PENALTY! Vitolo flies into the right-hand side of the Leicester penalty area before chipping a deft shot over Schmeichel and towards goal. It looks set to find the back of the net before being thumped away by Huth, but Schmeichel clatters into Vitolo in the aftermath and leaves the referee with no choice but to point to the spot.
The play gets underway once again as Mariano cuts inside from the right flank and tries to dart towards the penalty area, but Drinkwater, who has been absolutely excellent tonight, is there to dispossess the Brazilian with a great tackle from behind at the vital moment.
J. Vardy
Yellow Card
Leicester City
Vardy is also booked for his part in the fracas. Nasri is refusing to leave the pitch and looks absolutely livid at the referee's decision!
RED CARD! Nasri and Vardy argue the ball on the edge of the Leicester box, resulting in a clash of heads between the two. Vardy throws himself to the ground as the Leicester players scream for a second yellow card for the Sevilla midfielder, and that's exactly what he receives from the referee.
Great save by Schmeichel! It's all Sevilla at the moment as they patiently pass the ball around just outside of the Leicester penalty area. Correa is eventually able to carve out some space for himself in front of goal but his thumping strike is brilliantly stopped by a diving save from Schmeichel.
Slimani catches Vitolo as the two battle for the ball in the air, and Sevilla are awarded a free-kick midway inside the Leicester half of the pitch. It's curled into the hosts' penalty area and pinballs around dangerously, but, once again, Leicester do wonderfully well to deal with the danger.
J. Correa
W. Ben Yedder
With over 20 minutes left to play, Sevilla have made their third and final alteration. Joaquin Correa has come on to replace Ben Yedder.
Big chance for Vardy! Mahrez sends another dangerous cross into the heart of the Sevilla penalty area, where Rico can only parry it out to Vardy before the ball can find Slimani. The striker immediately shoots, but his effort is poorly hit and bounces well wide of the near post.
I. Slimani
S. Okazaki
Leicester City
Okazaki receives a rousing round of applause from the Leicester fans as he makes way for Islam Slimani.
Sevilla come back once again as they try to find some joy down the left wing. They're able to do so before a deep cross is fired towards Iborra at the far post, but the midfielder is unable to keep the ball from flying out of play for a goal-kick, despite his best efforts.
The pace of the game slows down somewhat as Sevilla try to carve out a chance on goal. They're unable to do so though, as, once again, they're frustrated by diligent and well-organised defending from the home side.
Yellow Card
Vitolo reacts angrily to being barged off the ball by Fuchs and immediately screams at the referee for failing to give him a free-kick. Instead, the winger is shown a yellow card for dissent.
Sevilla are starting to get incredibly frustrated as they try, and fail, to get the better of this Leicester midfield. This time it's Drinkwater who brings an end to another attempted attack from the visitors before being clumsily fouled by Nasri, who was booked in the first half and has to be careful.
Sevilla immediately push forward from the restart, but Leicester defend brilliantly and break forward on a quick counter-attack. Simpson darts down the right wing before picking out Vardy with a chipped pass up to the penalty area, but the striker is out-muscled just as he's about to meet the ball with his chest.
M. Albrighton
Leicester City
GOAL! It's 2-0 to Leicester! A cross from Mahrez should be easily dealt with by Rami, but the defender nods the ball straight down to Albrighton. The midfielder is in a great position on the edge of the penalty area and quickly shoots, and Rico is unable to get anywhere near a strike that perfectly finds the bottom right-hand corner of the net.
Two great chances for Sevilla! Escudero unleashes a beautiful, swerving shot from long-range that flies past the fingertips of Schmeichel only to smash off the woodwork. The ball bounces down to Ben Yedder, who is in a great position in front of goal, but the striker is unable to make decent contact with the ball and sends his follow-up effort bouncing over the crossbar.
An attempted Leicester attacking move comes to an end and allows Sevilla to break forward on a quick counter-attack. It's swiftly worked up to Nasri, who then cuts inside from the right flank and shoots from 30 yards out. It's poorly hit by the midfielder, however, and Schmeichel is able to watch the effort bounce well wide of the goal.
It's been a good start to the second half from Sevilla, who are putting plenty of pressure on the Leicester back line. Nasri picks up the ball in a pocket of space deep inside the hosts' half of the pitch and chips a dangerous ball into the path of Jovetic at the near post, but the striker is unable to pick out a team-mate with his back-heeled pass.
Vitolo twists and turns over on the right-hand side of the Leicester penalty area before firing a dangerous cross into the six-yard box. It looks as if it's going to cause real problems for Schmeichel, but Huth does well to help out his goalkeeper with a thumping clearance out for a corner.
G. Mercado
And the second is Mariano, who takes the place of Mercado.
S. Jovetić
Pablo Sarabia
Sevilla have made a double substitution as they try to find a way back into the game. The first player to come on is Stevan Jovetic, who replaces Sarabia.
We're underway once again!
The two teams are making their way back out on to the pitch ahead of the start of the second half.
What a first half that was for Leicester! The home side have been excellent so far, denying Sevilla any clear-cut chances on goal and really frustrating their opponents in the middle of the pitch. The Spanish side haven't looked entirely comfortable at the back, and that was evident when Mercado failed to deal with Mahrez's corner and allowed it to fly through to Morgan, who then scored what could prove to be a vital goal for the reigning Premier League champions.
Okazaki makes a real nuisance of himself just outside of the Sevilla penalty area, and once again Leicester are awarded a free-kick in a very dangerous position. Mahrez plays it short to Fuchs, who then unleashes a rocket of a shot first time, but it's quickly closed down and fails to find its way through on goal.
Great play by Vardy! The Leicester striker out-muscles Pareja far too easily before charging down the right wing and towards the penalty area. His chipped cross fails to find Okazaki before bouncing back out to number nine, who then unleashes a half-volleyed strike that bounces a few yards wide of the near post.
Sevilla desperately push forward as they try to find an equaliser before half-time. Mercado is eventually able to swing a dangerous low cross towards the near post that looks set to find Ben Yedder, but before it's able to do so, Huth sticks out a foot to deny the striker a shot on goal.
Fuchs muscles his way into the Sevilla penalty area and does well to charge through a sea of white shirts. Despite being slightly off balance, he does well to get a shot away that's well saved by Rico, and there are a few half-hearted appeals for a penalty after it looked as if the full-back may have had his shirt pulled. The referee isn't at all interested, however, and waves play on.
Mahrez charges into Vitolo and pushes the winger to the ground, resulting in a free-kick for Sevilla over on the left wing. It's taken quickly and sent short before being worked back to Vitolo, but he's unable to beat Okazaki just outside of the penalty area and loses out to a good tackle from the Japan international.
Sergio Escudero cuts inside from the left wing and tries to weave his way through a group of defenders, but he's unable to do so and has to poke the ball back to Nasri. The Frenchman then attempts to find a way past Simpson, but after being put under good pressure by the full-back, he's forced into firing a cross into the hands of Schmeichel.
Slightly sloppy play by Leicester allows Ben Yedder to break into the right-hand side of the hosts' penalty area. He takes on Fuchs and initially looks as if he's got the better of the Austrian, but the full-back just about manages to out-muscle the striker and poke the ball over to Morgan, who then blasts it into the Sevilal half of the pitch.
Sevilla patiently pass the ball around inside the Leicester half of the pitch as they desperately try to find a way through the sea of blue shirts camped in front of them. Sarabia eventually tries to side-foot a cross into the penalty area after Mercado is unable to do so, but it's poorly hit by the wing-back and sails harmlessly out for a goal-kick.
A bullet cross-cum-shot from Mercado is tipped over to the top of the crossbar by Schmeichel, resulting in another corner for Sevilla. They're unable to make it count, however, as once again Leicester have plenty of bodies back to deal with and clear the danger.
Ben Yedder goes close! Leicester are unable to fully clear the danger and allow Sevilla to push forward in numbers once again. Ben Yedder breaks into the right-hand side of the penalty area and carves out a bit of space for himself, but he can only fire a thumping strike into the side-netting.
Sevilla desperately push forward from the restart and win themselves a corner from a deflected long-range shot. It initially fails to trouble the Leicester back line before a dangerous cross almost finds Ben Yedder, but the striker is beaten to the ball at the vital moment by Huth.
W. Morgan
Leicester City
GOAL! Leicester have taken the lead! After spending an age eyeing up his target, Mahrez steps up and curls a great cross towards the far post, where Morgan is able to beat Gabriel Mercado before kneeing the ball into the back of the net from close range.
R. Mahrez
Leicester City
That was a great cross from Mahrez to find Morgan, but Mercado really should have done better to deal with the ball as it flew towards him. He was too flat-footed and allowed it to bounce through to the Leicester captain, who didn't seem to know much about it.
Vardy twists and turns as he weaves his way towards the Sevilla box on a great run, but he has it ended by a poor challenge from Vicente Iborra that results in a Leicester free-kick. Can they make it count?
Fuchs gets himself into a pocket of space over on the left flank and quickly whips a cross into the penalty area, but it's well dealt with the Sevilla defenders. Nasri then tries to break forward on a quick counter-attack, but Drinkwater darts back and dispossesses the Frenchman from behind with an excellent tackle.
Nasri clips a clever pass over the Leicester midfield and towards Wissam Ben Yedder, who has seen little of the ball so far. The striker does well to out-muscle Fuchs before cutting the ball back to Sarabia, who then shoots. The wing-back fails to make decent contact, however, and can only send his effort a few yards wide of the near post.
Sergio Rico flaps at a dangerous Danny Simpson cross, allowing Leicester to keep the danger alive over on the left flank. Albrighton then tries to test the Spanish goalkeeper with a ball of his own that sails into the heart of the penalty area, but this one is overhit and fails to trouble the Sevilla back line.
S. Nasri
Yellow Card
Ouch! Nasri looks frustrated at having lost out to Ndidi and takes a swipe at the Nigerian, leaving the referee with no choice but to show him the first yellow card of the game.
It's been a tough opening 17 minutes for Sevilla, who, bar Vitolo's run a few moments ago, have found little joy in advanced positions. Leicester are doing really well to press high up the pitch, and that's disrupting the flow of the visitors' attempted attacks.
Vitolo embarks on an impressive run as he charges his way towards the Leicester penalty area, but he's clumsily brought down from behind by Ndidi and wins his side a free-kick in a dangerous position 30 yards away from goal. Rami steps up and shoots, but the defender's effort is a poor one and sails comfortably over the top of the crossbar.
Vardy quickly closes down Pareja and forces the Sevilla defender into nervously firing the ball out for another Leicester throw-in. Once again it's Fuchs who launches a long throw into the visitors' penalty area, but this time it's sent too far and misses Albrighton in a promising position.
Chance for Danny Drinkwater! Leicester win themselves a corner over on the left wing, and it's swung into a dangerous position by Marc Albrighton. Sevilla are just about to clear the danger but only as far as Drinkwater, who then unleashes a thumping half-volley that's deflected out for a throw-in.
Vitolo tries to poke a pass back to Steven N'Zonzi, but it's underhit and forces the Frenchman into fouling Jamie Vardy from behind as he stretches for the ball. Leicester are awarded a free-kick in a promising position and Riyad Mahrez's low cross from it is able to pick out Okazaki, but the Japan international is quickly closed down and has his shot blocked.
A thumping pass forward from Schmeichel finds Shinji Okazaki, who is in a good position deep down the right flank. He twists and turns and eventually is able to find his way past Vitolo, but, off balance, he can only send his low cross behind the Sevilla goal for a goal-kick.
A poor attempted clearance from Rami flies out of play deep inside the Sevilla half of the pitch and results in a throw-in for the home side, but they're unable to make it count and the visitors are able to quickly regain possession once again.
Early opportunity for Samir Nasri! Pablo Sarabia dinks a lovely pass into the Leicester penalty area and towards Nasri. The Frenchman quickly rounds Wes Morgan before unleashing a thumping low strike towards the near post, but Kasper Schmeichel is there to tip the effort out for a corner with an excellent one-handed save.
After an even start to the game from both sides, Leicester are presented with the first chance to launch the ball into the box. A long throw-in from Christian Fuchs almost finds the head of Wilfred Ndidi, but Nicolas Pareja does well to reach the ball first before Robert Huth is penalised for a flailing arm that strikes Adil Rami.
We're off! Leicester get us underway, attacking from left to right.
The two sides are making their way out onto the pitch, with just a few minutes to go until kick-off. The atmosphere inside the stadium is electric, with both sets of fans in fine voice.
Craig Shakespeare has decided to name an unchanged Leicester side to the one that started the victory against Hull City, whilst Sevilla boss Jorge Sampaoli has made eight changes to the team that featured in their last outing, with only Sergio Rico, Adil Rami and Pablo Sarabia retaining their places in a heavily altered and strong line-up.
Sevilla substitutes: Soria, Lenglet, Mariano, Kranevitter, Correa, Vazquez, Jovetic.
Sevilla XI (3-4-3): Rico; Mercado, Pareja, Rami; Sarabia, Iborra, N’Zonzi, Escudero; Nasri, Ben Yedder, Vitolo.
Leicester City substitutes: Zieler, Chilwell, King, Amartey, Gray, Ulloa, Slimani.
Leicester City XI (4-4-2): Schmeichel; Simpson, Morgan, Huth, Fuchs; Mahrez, Ndidi, Drinkwater; Albrighton; Okazaki, Vardy.
There’s just over 15 minutes left to go until kick-off, so let’s have a look at how the two teams will be lining up this evening…
Sevilla went on to win their first two league games after the first leg but have struggled in their previous two outings, with both Deportivo Alaves and Leganes managing to hold them to 1-1 draws. On the latter occasion it only took their opponents three minutes to open the scoring, and that's something they can’t afford to let happen here this evening.
Despite winning 2-1, Sevilla will have felt disappointed at not being able to finish the first leg with more goals in their possession. They dominated for most of the opening hour before falling away after that, allowing their opponents to leave Spain with an impressive and positive result. As a result, Jorge Sampaoli’s men will need to be at their best if they’re to avoid having their Champions League journey brought to a disappointing end.
Craig Shakespeare has made an excellent impact since taking over from Ranieri, with the caretaker boss managing to guide his team to back-to-back 3-1 victories in his first two games in charge. The win against Liverpool saw Leicester play at a level resembling last season’s best, and it means that they have won each of their previous three fixtures at the King Power Stadium heading into this evening’s big clash.
In what would prove to be Claudio Ranieri’s final game in charge of the reigning Premier League champions, a 73rd-minute Jamie Vardy goal - his first since the middle of December - gave Leicester a great chance of reaching the quarter-finals of the Champions League. With a vital away goal under their belts, a 1-0 win tonight would be enough to see them through to the next round, a previously unthinkable achievement for a side struggling at the wrong end of the domestic table.
Good evening and welcome to our live text commentary of today’s Champions League last-16 second-leg tie between Leicester City and Sevilla at the King Power Stadium.