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Crystal Palace v Leeds United Live Commentary, 09/10/2022

2 - 1
O. Édouard (24)
E. Eze (76)
P. Struijk (10)
Selhurst Park


That's all for today, goodbye!
That win ends Palace's four-match winless run in the competition, and it lifts them up to 15th in the table, level on points with Leeds. Next up for them is a trip to struggling Leicester City. Leeds' winless streak extends to five games as they stay 14th. They host Arsenal next weekend.
Crystal Palace come from behind to beat Leeds United 2-1. The visitors opened the scoring early on with Struijk coolly slotting the rebound in after Aaronson's shot bounced off the post. Palace equalised through their only shot on target in the first half when Edouard headed in Olise's free-kick. The Eagles were much better after the break, taking the game to Leeds and the pressure paid off when Eze rifled in the winner in the 76th minute.
R. Koch
Yellow Card
Leeds United
90' + 6' Koch drags Eze back to stop him from breaking down the left, and he's shown a late yellow card.
90' + 5' Leeds are scrambling to try and get a late equaliser, and it's pinballing around in the box. Struijk eventually helps it onto Gelhardt, but he scuffs the half-volley, sending it bouncing wide of the far post.
90' + 3' Palace are taking their time whenever the ball goes out of play, but instead of taking the corner short, Eze whips it into the near post. It's too high for Andersen, and Koch clears his lines.
90' + 1' Hughes gets the better of Ayling down the left and whips a brilliant cross into the middle. Mateta misses it with an overhead kick, but Zaha brings it down on the far side. Cooper stays tight to him though, and he can't get a shot away.
89' CHANCE! Gelhardt has two attempts at bringing down Zaha and Palace have a free-kick on the right this time. Eze whips it onto the edge of the six-yard box, but Andersen flicks his header over.
88' Palace win a free-kick through the middle and Eze steps up. He whips his shot straight into the wall, with Rodrigo making the block with his face, but it bounces out for a corner, which comes to nothing.
J. Mateta
O. Édouard
Crystal Palace
86' And Edouard also makes way, with Mateta replacing him.
W. Hughes
M. Olise
Crystal Palace
85' Palace are making a double change of their own. Olise is the first to go off, with Hughes on for him.
J. Gelhardt
Marc Roca
Leeds United
84' And Gelhardt also comes on in place of Roca.
L. Ayling
R. Kristensen
Leeds United
84' Leeds are making their final changes. It's like-for-like as Ayling comes on to replace Kristensen.
M. Olise
Yellow Card
Crystal Palace
82' Olise stops Leeds from taking the free-kick and picks up a needless booking.
81' Meslier plucks Eze's free-kick out of the air and sets Roca on the counter. He switches it out to Rodrigo on the right, but he gets the ball caught under his feet and can only win a corner.
R. Kristensen
Yellow Card
Leeds United
79' Kristensen is tracking back to stop Zaha's run, but clips him in the process, earning a yellow card.
78' Leeds are pushing forward quickly, but their final ball into the box is still letting them down. They look to Harrison to make something happen down the left, but he sees another cross blocked.
W. Zaha
Crystal Palace
76' Again, Zaha wasn't picked up by any of the Leeds players out on the left and he had time to get his head up and spot Eze.
E. Eze
Crystal Palace
76' EZE SCORES! Palace's pressure finally pays off! There's a big crowd of Leeds players on the edge of the box, but Zaha picks out Eze. He takes it past Kristensen, leaving him on the floor, before rifling his shot past Meslier and into the back of the net. 2-1 Palace!
M. Klich
B. Aaronson
Leeds United
76' Leeds are making their second change of the game, with Klich coming on in place of Aaronson.
75' Struijk's cross is just too short for Rodrigo on the edge of the box, but Guehi's half-clearance falls to Kristensen. He spins past Milivojevic before taking on the shot, but it's straight at Guehi.
73' CHANCE! Leeds are giving Zaha too much space down the left and he touches it into Edouard on the penalty spot. He has his back to goal, so he feeds in Zaha, but his low shot curls wide of the near post.
71' Meslier is looking for Summerville with his clearance, but it sails over the substitute's head. In his desperation to stop Palace from winning it back again, he drags Olise back by his shirt.
69' Harrison's deft touch catches Ward out and the space opens up for him down the left. He's looking for Summerville with his cross, but Andersen sticks out a leg to help it through to Guaita.
67' Leeds are trying to get a foothold in this second half, with Aaronson playing a clever one-two with Harrison down the left. He tries to catch Palace out with an early cross, but Andersen clears it.
T. Mitchell
J. Ayew
Crystal Palace
65' And Ayew does make his way straight off the pitch. Mitchell comes on for him, with Schlupp moving into a more advanced role.
L. Milivojević
C. Doucouré
Crystal Palace
64' Palace are making a double change here. Doucoure is the first to go off, with Milivojevic on in his place.
63' Ayew is down again, and it's because his cut from that head injury in the first half has opened up. The medical team are on to patch him up, but they're not going to risk him this time.
C. Summerville
P. Bamford
Leeds United
62' Leeds are making the first change of the game, and it's Bamford that's going off for Summerville.
61' Another Leeds attack breaks down and Palace burst forward on the counter. Schlupp slides it through to Zaha, who has acres of space down the left again. He runs at Kristensen but then fires his shot straight against the defender.
60' The referee plays the advantage as Palace break through the middle again. Eze picks out a great ball to Edouard on the edge of the box, but Koch steps in to nick it off him before he can set himself for a shot.
58' Palace win it back in their own half and Doucoure spreads it out to Olise on the right. He fizzes a low cross into the box, but Meslier gets down to hold it.
56' BLOCK! It's lovely play from Palace as they knock it through midfield, and Olise lifts it into Eze. He slides it through for Ayew, who drills his low shot towards goal, but Cooper slides in with an important block.
54' Adams takes a free-kick short to Cooper, and he goes for the long ball over the top looking for Bamford. He gets too much on it though, and Guaita comfortably collects.
52' Leeds are struggling to get close to Palace as they quickly work it upfield. Olise breaks down the right this time, looping a great cross onto the penalty spot, but Edouard's header loops straight into Meslier's gloves.
P. Struijk
Yellow Card
Leeds United
50' It's a clumsy one by Struijk, who topples Ayew to the floor and picks up a booking.
48' CHANCE! None of the Leeds players spot Zaha in acres of space down the left, but Doucoure picks him out with a great switch. He drags it into the box before hitting a low shot towards the near post, but Meslier gets down to hold it.
46' Leeds get us back underway for the second half!
Vieira was a frustrated figure on the touchline for most of the first half. They levelled with a good set piece, but otherwise, they were sloppy when they got the ball anywhere near Leeds' box. It was a good performance from the visitors, especially given how they started the game, and Marsch will be looking for more of the same.
It's all square at the break, with Palace and Leeds drawing 1-1. The visitors made a bright start to the game, with Aaronson drilling an early shot wide before hitting the post after a lovely weaving run. Struijk was on hand to slot the rebound off the post into the net. Bamford also saw a shot smothered by Guaita before Palace scored with their only effort in the first half when Edouard nodded in Olise's free-kick.
45' + 3' Aaronson swings another deep free-kick in from the left, but it's cleared by Andersen this time. Roca hooks it hopefully back into the box, but it's too close to Guaita.
45' + 1' Into the first of five added minutes here, and Palace are still trying to drag themselves upfield. Eze tries to play a one-two with Zaha to get through the crowd on the left, but Leeds crowd them off it again.
44' Ayew is patched up and he's back on his feet now. He'll be able to carry on in this game.
42' Koch is back on his feet after his treatment, but Ayew is still down in the box. He's got a cut on his head and they're wrapping a bandage around him now they're managed to stop the bleeding.
40' Aaronson swung in the resulting free-kick and there was a clash of heads between Koch and Ayew as the defender raced onto it. The medical teams are on to give them treatment.
M. Guéhi
Yellow Card
Crystal Palace
38' Bamford is away down the right and Guehi is struggling to catch up. He grabs hold of his shirt and gives him a big tug back. He can have no complaints with that yellow card.
36' Palace are dominating possession here at the moment, and they're knocking it around Leeds' high press much easier. Olise and Ward link up well down the right before Ayew comes in, but his cross is blocked at the byline.
34' Palace can't work it down their left, so they switch to the other side. Olise and Ayew don't have much more luck though, and Palace are forced to start again.
32' It's Aaronson that loses the ball this time, and Eze surges forward, with support on either side of him. He sweeps it out to Olise on the right, but his cross with the outside of his boot is straight at Meslier.
30' There's a bit of sloppiness creeping into the game as both teams try to force their way forward. Andersen's throughball is cut out by Adams, but he can't pick out Aaronson to set Leeds on the counter.
28' Aaronson eventually swings the free-kick in for Leeds and it's flicked away ahead of Cooper in the middle. It almost falls for Kristensen on the far side of the box, but he wasn't expecting it and Schlupp is able to clear his lines.
26' Leeds are looking to quickly restore their lead, with Struijk driving forward down the left. He knocks it past Ward before trying to fizz a low cross into Rodrigo, but he can only pick out Guehi.
M. Olise
Crystal Palace
24' It's a great delivery from Olise on the right as his outswinger curls to the far post and Edouard makes contact with it.
O. Édouard
Crystal Palace
24' EDOUARD EQUALISES! It's Olise that steps up to take the free-kick, and he whips a brilliant cross into the far post. Edouard gets in front of Kristensen and thumps his header past Meslier's outstretched hand and into the top corner. VAR has a look for offside, but after a long check, the goal stands! 1-1!
23' It's a clumsy challenge from Cooper as he sends Ayew sprawling across the floor. Palace have a free-kick in a dangerous position down the right.
21' GOOD SAVE! It's well worked through the middle by Leeds, with Adams sliding it between the two defenders to pick out Bamford's run. He nudges Guehi out of the way before poking it towards goal, but Guaita smothers the shot.
20' Leeds are unbeaten in their last nine Premier League games when opening the scoring (W6 D3), although their last such defeat did come away from home in London - 3-2 v Chelsea in December 2021.
18' It's better from Palace here, though Zaha's run is cut off by Cooper. Schlupp is up in support, and he brushes Kristensen aside to take it to the byline, but his deflected cross bounces straight into Meslier's gloves.
16' Guehi nicks it off Aaronson and slides it through the middle for Doucoure. His touch into Olise sets Palace on the counter, but he can't pick out Edouard on the edge of the box.
C. Doucouré
Yellow Card
Crystal Palace
14' Doucoure steps onto Adams' trailing leg, his studs digging into his ankle. It was accidental, but it's a poor challenge, and he's shown the first booking.
13' Andersen knocks it back to Guaita after winning the ball and the keeper takes way too long to pick out a pass. Harrison bursts forward to take it off the keeper, but luckily for Palace, can't pick out a team-mate.
12' Aaronson hooks Kristensen's throw-in into the box and Harrison brings it down between two defenders. He can't sort his feet out quickly enough though and Andersen picks his pocket.
P. Struijk
Leeds United
10' STRUIJK SCORES! It all comes from Aaronson's work as he cuts inside from the right, dribbling past three Palace defenders to open up the space for his shot as he curls it towards the far post. It would've been a wonderful goal, but it bounced off the post to the unmarked Struijk, who coolly slots it through Ward's legs into the net. 1-0 Leeds!
8' CHANCE! Doucoure takes a heavy touch to gift the ball to Roca, and he spins away before sliding it into Aaronson to the right of the D. He drills a low shot towards the near post, but it rolls wide.
6' Palace are struggling to get out of their own half due to Leeds' high press and it's Koch that wins it back this time. He goes for the big switch out to Harrison, but Ayew gets in the way of this one.
4' There's a nervy moment at the back for Palace as Guehi blasts a backpass at Guaita and he has to scramble it away before Aaronson reaches him. He gifts it to Harrison, who tries to tee up Bamford, but Andersen steps in with a vital interception.
2' It's a loose header from Eze which gifts the ball to Adams and he lifts it over the top for Bamford. He cushions it down for Harrison, but it's just behind him and he can't bring it under control.
1' Olise gets the game underway for Palace!
The teams are out on the pitch now, with kick-off just moments away!
Leeds have won none of their last six visits to Palace (D3 L3) since a three-match winning run between 1994 and 2006.
Jesse Marsch makes just one change from the draw with Villa last time out, and it's an enforced one. Luis Sinisterra is suspended after being sent off in that match, so Bamford comes in to replace him, making his first start since August.
Patrick Vieira makes two changes to the side that lost to Chelsea last Saturday, with both coming in defence. Andersen has shaken off a calf problem to start, while Schlupp is also brought in at left-back. Mitchell drops to the bench, while Nathaniel Clyne misses out with an ankle injury he picked up in that game.
LEEDS UNITED SUBS: Sam Greenwood, Crysencio Summerville, Luke Ayling, Joe Gelhardt, Mateusz Klich, Darko Gyabi, Wilfried Gnonto, Diego Llorente, Kristoffer Klaesson.
LEEDS UNITED STARTING XI (4-2-3-1): Illan Meslier; Rasmus Kristensen, Robin Koch, Liam Cooper, Pascal Struijk; Tyler Adams, Marc Roca; Brenden Aaronson, Rodrigo Moreno, Jack Harrison; Patrick Bamford.
CRYSTAL PALACE SUBS: Luka Milivojevic, Jairo Riedewald, Will Hughes, Jean-Philippe Mateta, Tyrick Mitchell, John-Kymani Gordon, Sam Johnstone, James Tomkins, Malcolm Ebiowei.
CRYSTAL PALACE STARTING XI (4-3-3): Vicente Guaita; Joel Ward, Joachim Andersen, Marc Guehi, Jeffrey Schlupp; Michael Olise, Cheick Doucoure, Eberechi Eze; Jordan Ayew, Odsonne Edouard, Wilfried Zaha.
Both sides come into this game looking to end their four-match winless runs in the Premier League. Palace sit just above the relegation zone, and their only win in the competition so far came in mid-August versus Aston Villa, and they narrowly missed out on collecting a point against Chelsea due to their late winner last time out. As for Leeds, their win against Chelsea on the same weekend marked their last victory in the league. They kept a much-needed clean sheet last time out though in a goalless draw against Aston Villa following a 5-2 defeat to Brentford.
Hello and welcome to live coverage of the Premier League meeting between Crystal Palace and Leeds United at Selhurst Park!