Cabinho, Borgetti and the best Liga MX players of all time

Máximos goleadores Liga MX Cardozo Borgetti CabinhoGetty

Liga MX, the exhilarating heartbeat of Mexican football, embodies a captivating fusion of passion, skill, and sheer spectacle. Its rich tapestry weaves together the vibrant colours of iconic clubs, each with a fiercely loyal following, transforming stadiums into fervent cauldrons of devotion.

From the dizzying speed of lightning-quick counterattacks to the rhythmic symphony of nimble footwork, every match unfolds like a symphony of soccer. Rivalries ignite the spirit of competition, generating seismic waves of excitement that reverberate throughout the nation.

The league has produced some of the greatest players to have graced not only the country of Mexico but the whole world, with some such as the great Hugo Sanchez, who went on to become a legend of European football with Real Madrid. However, some such as Cabinho made a name for themselves primarily in Liga MX, forging their name in the competition's legacy for eternity.

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Here, GOAL takes you through the greatest players to have played in Liga MX.