13 fun facts about Paulo Dybala

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Everything you need to know about AS Roma's talisman Paulo Dybala.

Paulo Dybala is an Argentine professional footballer who plays as an attacking midfielder or forward for Serie A club AS Roma and the Argentina national team. Dybala was born on November 15, 1993, in Laguna Larga, a small town in Argentina. He began his football career with Instituto de Cordoba, a club in his hometown, making his professional debut for the club in 2012 and quickly made an impact, scoring four goals in his first five matches.

His impressive performances earned him a move to Serie B side Palermo in the same year and he never looked back. In 2015, Dybala signed for Italian club Juventus, where he established himself as one of the best players in the world. He has won multiple Serie A titles with the club and has been named in the Serie A Team of the Year multiple times with the Turin club. He left Juventus to join AS Roma during the summer of 2022 and received a massive welcome from the club's fans.

Dybala is known for his technical ability, creativity, and goalscoring prowess. He is a versatile player who can play in multiple positions, including as a central attacking midfielder, a second striker, or a winger.

He is adept at creating space and opportunities for himself and his teammates while being a clinical finisher, capable of scoring goals from a variety of angles and distances. He has a powerful and accurate shot and is particularly adept at scoring from free-kicks.

Dybala is one of the most talented attacking players in the world, with exceptional dribbling ability, quick feet, and an eye for goal. He has won numerous individual awards throughout his career and established himself as a key member of the Juventus team in his time there.

Here are 13 interesting facts about Dybala that you absolutely need to know.

  1. Polish and Italian blood in his veins
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    Polish and Italian blood in his veins

    Dybala was born in a small town in Argentina called Laguna Largai in the Cordoba region. Despite being born in Argentina, he has Italian and Polish blood running through his veins.

    His grandfather was born in Poland, whereas on his maternal grandmother’s side, he has Italian genes as she was from Naples.

  2. Father, Football and Footballing career

    Dybala is a beloved figure among the fans, but the mercurial talent was close to quitting football.

    His father, Adolfo Dybala, died of intestinal cancer when Dybala was just 14 which left him heartbroken and distraught, and he almost quit football because his father was the sole inspiration behind him pursuing the sport.

  3. An Italian, a Brazilian and an Argentine as footballing idols

    Dybala revealed in his documentary, ‘La Joya,’ that Italian legend Andre Pirlo was his favorite footballer growing up, and a role model for him.

    However, he is not the only footballer Dybala looked up to while growing up.

    He idolized legendary Argentine midfielder Juan Roman Riquelme, as well as Barcelona and Brazil legend, Ronaldinho for their exceptional talent on the field.

  4. Nicknames and the story behind them
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    Nicknames and the story behind them

    When Dybala moved to Italy with Palermo, one of the club's drivers, Franco Marchione, went on to pick him at the airport and ended up being the person to give him the nickname ' U picciriddu' (broadly, in Sicilian dialect, 'the little boy').

    "When Dybala arrived in Palermo I went to pick him up from the airport," Marchione later explained. "There were two agents there and I asked them, "Where is the player?"

    "Here he is," they told me. And I exclaimed, 'Hell, he's a picciriddu! It all started from there."

    The other nickname that would quickly be attached to Dybala was 'La Joya' ('The Jewel') - the nickname that is perhaps the most widely recognized.

    "It was an Argentinian journalist who came up with it, because when I was very young they said that a lot of Italian clubs wanted to sign me and so my value was very high - a bit like a diamond."

  5. Iconic trademark celebration

    Iconic trademark celebration

    Besides being extremely skilled, the Argentine has trademarked an iconic celebration.

    When Dybala scores a goal, he puts his hands over his face below the nose, covering his mouth and chin. This is known as the ‘Dybalamask’. But why? Well, very simply, he says he is mimicking the mask of a Gladiator.

  6. Music, Concert and Girlfriend
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    Music, Concert and Girlfriend

    The 27-year-old is currently in a relationship with a 22-year-old woman named Oriana Sabatini, who in the music industry, is simply known as Oriana.

    Oriana is a model, pop singer, and actress in Argentina. She herself has sporting blood in her veins, as Gabriella Sabatini, 1990 US Open winner, is her aunty. The couple met in 2017, at a music concert Dybala was attending, where she was supporting Ariana Grande.

  7. Shared the dressing room with two of the greatest ever
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    Shared the dressing room with two of the greatest ever

    Few people are able to share the dressing room with one of the greatest of all times, let alone two of the greatest players in the history of football. Dybala has shared the field and the dressing room with both Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi.

    Messi and Dybala have both shared the pitch for Argentina often even drawing comparisons, while Dybala and Ronaldo graced the stage together for Juventus during the Portuguese superstar's time in Italy.

  8. Man of many tattoos

    Man of many tattoos

    Dybala loves the ink, and has multiple tattoos on his body, each with a story behind them.

    The Argentine has got a tattoo of a football with a crown on his left calf, which shows his love, affection and dedication towards the game. He has got both his parents name inscribed in an Arabic script on his body.

    His mother's name graces the left rib cage near to his heart and is the most important tattoo according to him, while his father's name is inked on his right calf.

    The Argentine also has recognizable black strips on his left forearm.

    In an interview with the same Argentinian magazine, he was asked about the meaning behind this tattoo. Dybala said, “I did it because I liked it. A teammate has the same tattoo, and I liked its aesthetics. it is similar to the bracelets used by the ancient Romans for war, but I did it for the aesthetic, rather than for whatever meaning it may have.”

  9. Fifth highest scoring Argentine in Serie A

    Fifth highest scoring Argentine in Serie A

    Dybala is the fifth highest scoring Argentine player in Serie A history, with 105 goals to his name to date.

    Paulo currently sits behind Gabriel Batistuta, Hernan Crespo, Gonzalo Higuain and Mauro Icardi on the list. He is just a goal behind Mauro Icardi.

  10. Record-breaker with Juventus

    Record-breaker with Juventus

    Dybala spent seven seasons at the Old Lady and established himself as a legend and fan favorite scoring 115 goals for Juventus, putting him level with Roberto Baggio among the club's all-time leading goalscorers (currently joint ninth).

    With 82 of those goals coming in Serie A, he sits ahead of Cristiano Ronaldo and in the top 10 of that category as well.

  11. Four-time Serie A Team of the Year

    The 29-year-old has been impressive during his time in Italy, and especially with Juventus.

    The Argentine forward has been voted four times into the Serie A Team of the Year with the Bianconeri thanks to his impact on the pitch.

  12. Argentina over Poland and Italy

    Argentina over Poland and Italy

    Despite having ancestral roots in Italy and Poland and having the option to choose between three countries to represent on the international stage Dybala's heart was committed to Argentina.

    The forward chose to represent Argentina, as he feels Argentine and always dreamt of representing La Albiceleste.

  13. Pet lover

    Dybala loves dogs and has three dogs. A Shiba Inu named Kaia, another dog named Bowen and he adopted a small dog in May 2020 whose name is unknown for the moment.