World Cup

World Cup: Over 800,000 tickets sold, Indian fans among top 10 buyers

16:36 SAST 2022/04/02
FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022
India fans seventh among countries with most demand for 2022 Qatar World Cup tickets after phase 1...

The 2022 FIFA World Cup is less than eight months away and the excitement is already building.

And FIFA have already managed to sell 804,186 matchday tickets in the first two phases of ticket sales. After the initial random selection draw sales period, a short first-come, first-served phase saw a surge of interest from fans worldwide.

And surprisingly, India is among the countries from where the demand for tickets has been highest.

India stands seventh among the top ten buyers country wise. The top 10 countries who have bought the most number of tickets are Qatar, USA, England, Mexico, UAE, Germany, India, Brazil, Argentina, and Saudi Arabia.

The ticket applications were opened only on January 19, 2022. A huge chunk of Indian fans had applied for the tickets in phase 1.

Despite India not participating in the World Cup, the enthusiasm among the fans has been exceptional. Football is the second most popular sport in India after cricket and the 2018 World Cup in Russia had also seen India rank inside the top 10 among countries from where most fans purchased tickets.

Individual match tickets and tickets for the opening and final matches in particular – were the most popular tickets on offer, but fans also bought team-Specific tickets and four-stadium tickets in numbers.

Fans who did not succeed in the first sales phase will have another chance to apply for the remaining tickets during the next random selection draw sales period, which will launch on Tuesday (April 5) at 2:30 PM IST.