Who will be the best five strikers of the next generation - and does Victor Osimhen make the cut?

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Victor Osimhen is on fire - adding two more goals in Wednesday's Champions League win over Frankfurt - but is he a future top-five striker?

There are so many talented young strikers breaking through in Europe right now under the age of 25. In terms of pure centre-forwards, Erling Haaland might be the most lethal of the bunch, though Kylian Mbappe is right there with him when he's playing through the middle rather than on the wing.

But if we're talking top-five strikers who will rule the 2020s, Napoli star Victor Osimhen might need to be in the conversation as well, right below Haaland and Mbappe. He's led his club further into the Champions League than they have ever been before while scoring 23 goals in 28 games across all competitions this campaign. And that mask? Iconic.

Does Osimhen make your list? Give us your ranking of top-five strikers, in order, who will rule the world through the next decade 👇