Ryan Reynolds insists ‘Welcome to Wrexham’ isn't about 'two schmucky showbiz morons' as Rob McElhenney makes 'Rocky II' comparison ahead of second season

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WHAT HAPPENED? The Hollywood duo completed a stunning takeover at the Racecourse Ground in February 2021 and quickly set about trying to guide the Dragons towards the pinnacle of British football. That quest forms part of a popular docuseries, which offers an insight into life on and off the pitch, with Reynolds eager to point out that the show is about much more than two actors from North America making up sports co-ownership as they go along.

WHAT THEY SAID: Deadpool star Reynolds has told Variety ahead of ‘Welcome to Wrexham’ season two: “If you’re just reading the headlines, you probably think, ‘Oh, this show is going to be funny. It’s gonna be a fish-out-of-water story about two schmucky showbiz morons going in, falling on their asses, learning as they go’. But the show literally does not centre us. It centres the town.”

THE BIGGER PICTURE: Wrexham are now heading back to the Football League, having enjoyed a record-breaking promotion-winning campaign in 2022-23, but the road to success has not been easy - with the club enduring FA Trophy final and National League play-off heartache before delivering on the ambition of their owners. Rob McElhenney added on that emotional rollercoaster, which was caught on camera: “It was devastating. We had two or three episodes already done and edited. We had all of these high hopes that there was going to be a happy ending, and we had to sit down and make the rest of the series knowing that it was going to have this tragic end — and figure out how to approach it. Maybe it was just me justifying the loss so that I could feel better, but I remember having many conversations with Ryan saying, ‘We knew that we had a second season already picked up, and we knew that we were gonna start filming again in a few months … as a chairman, this is terrible. But as a storyteller, it’s really not that bad?’

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“I mean, Rocky didn’t win at the end of the first ‘Rocky’. Because the point wasn’t that he beat Apollo Creed, it was that he proved to himself that he mattered, and he could keep getting up. So, we knew there was an ending to the story there that could be profound. But it definitely sets up an expectation for Season 2. Because there really is no ‘Rocky II’ where Rocky loses to Apollo Creed again.”


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WHAT NEXT? Wrexham are now readying themselves for a busy summer that will see them take in glamour friendly dates with the likes of Manchester United and Chelsea when visiting the United States, while also bolstering their ranks during another intriguing transfer window.