'Brilliant' Michael Owen revealed as doughnut in Masked Singer with viewers reacting positively to ex-striker's voice

23:05 SAST 2022/01/29
Michael Owen
The former striker proved he can carry a tune too while performing on the television show

Ex-Liverpool, Real Madrid, Manchester United and England star Michael Owen sprung a surprise on Saturday when he was unveiled as one of the contestants on the television program The Masked Singer.

Owen emerged from inside a giant doughnut suit after being eliminated from the show in the latest episode.

His sweet performance caused quite a stir, as he had been one of the most popular mystery characters on the ITV production.

What was said?

"Finally I can apologise for burning your ears these last few weeks," Owen stated on Twitter after being de-masked.

"My kids badgered me into doing the Masked Singer but I have to say it was a great experience and a whole lot of fun.

"Still can’t believe I got past round one!"

What songs did Owen sing?

The former striker was put through his paces with a series of hits to which he added his own unique interpretation.

Survivor's Eye of the Tiger, Spice Girls hit Spice Up Your Life and Sweet Caroline all received the Owen treatment during his time on the show.

His voice seemed to attract more laughs than admiration, though people largely appreciated his efforts.

"I was certainly on fire when I came out of the oven. Fresh out of the box, I was making a name for myself and putting doughnuts on the map," the ex-pro hinted during last week's program, before his true identity was revealed.

"And my career has seen me reach some dizzying heights.

"You’re not gonna believe some of the opportunities that I’ve had - or the people I’ve got to meet."

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