WATCH: KSI hits Cristiano Ronaldo 'Siu' celebration after saving IShowSpeed's awful penalty in 2023 Sidemen Charity Match - but then scores ridiculous own goal straight after!

KSI IShowSpeed Sidemen Charity MatchYouTube Sidemen
  • KSI saved spot-kick
  • Celebrated in front of Speed
  • Scored an own goal later

WHAT HAPPENED? KSI and Speed faced off from 12 yards, as ChrisMD won a penalty for the YouTube All-Stars, which Speed stepped up to take. His penalty was dreadful however, with the ball simply trickling towards KSI, who put it out for a corner, and KSI ran to hit the Siu celebration in front of his rival, with Ronaldo being Speed's favourite player. The All-Stars did score from the corner, though, as Max Fosh finished from the edge of the box.

THE BIGGER PICTURE: Just a few minutes later, KSI managed to score a simply remarkable own goal, holding the ball in his hands and inadvertently rolling over his line, making the score 6-4.

WHAT NEXT? KSI will hope to avoid any further embarrassing moments.