‘A climax of incredible emotion’ - Former USMNT defender Alexi Lalas describes ‘orgasmic’ goal against England that changed his career

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  • USA's infamous win over England in 1993
  • Alexi Lalas' iconic header
  • Impact on the home World Cup

WHAT HAPPENED? Alexi Lalas, a former USMNT defender and a rockstar, spoke to the media and recollected his famous header against England in 1993, a year before USA hosted the World Cup, as North America gears up to host the next global showpiece.

WHAT THEY SAID: "It's very orgasmic. The celebration was just an explosion, and I often say a climax of incredible emotion. There’s that moment when you have no control, and you do black out," said Lalas, describing his reaction to scoring the goal that humbled England and changed his life 30 years ago.

THE BIGGER PICTURE: Ahead of a home World Cup for the US men's national side in 2026, the BJ Callaghan-led side would be hoping to gain momentum and go into the tournament on a positive trajectory, much akin to the 1994 World Cup.

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"The success we had a year later in the World Cup absolutely stemmed from that result against England. We had something tangible. It wasn’t a fairy tale. It wasn’t a Ted Lasso speech. It wasn’t some illusion or dream. It was real. It was a pretty powerful piece to put in your pocket," said Lalas recollecting the impact of the 2-0 win over England 30 years ago.


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WHAT NEXT FOR USA? The USA are set to participate in the CONCACAF Gold Cup, facing the likes of Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago in the next two weeks.