Fan View: Angry fans hit out at Max Tshabalala after player announcement audio leaked

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Bloemfontein Celtic owner Max Tshabalala
Some supporters feel the manner in which the news was broken to the players was 'rude', 'vile' and 'unprofessional'

Angry fans have hit out at  Max Tshabalala for how he announced the sale of Premier League side Bloemfontein Celtic to the players on Tuesday.

The PSL approved the deal that saw the businessman sell the club for R50 million to Shauwn Mkhize and sees the club renamed Royal AM and moved to Durban. But the way Tshabalala broke the news to the squad members has generated much criticism on social media.
In the leaked audio, first published by well known sports broadcaster Robert Marawa on his Twitter account, Tshabalala said his move to sell the outfit was down to financial struggles they have undergone. He was also categorical that he would not promise the problems would not be there in the new season.

"Gentlemen, I'm not going to belong. I have to be straightforward and I have to be frank," Tshabalala said in the audio. "You've seen what the media has been saying, and it's true, the club is sold.

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"You know that we had [financial] problems, and I could also foresee that this would continue this season. So the team is sold. Guys, we can't do otherwise as it's been four years that I've run the team out of my own pocket.

"You know the challenges, and it hasn't been made easier for me. But as far as our Premier Soccer League status is concerned, we've sold the team over to Royal AM.

"We couldn't announce anything until the PSL had approved it. Each player here who has a contract with the club and receives a salary, their contract is going over to Royal AM as per the PSL rules.

"Because when you sign with a PSL team, your contract must be protected. But as according to your contracts and salaries, everything is there with them.

"So we'll request you today, as there is a [DStv Premiership] game on Sunday and the players must leave [Bloemfontein].

"All the contracts are with them and is as you signed them. No trialists or players without a contract must leave. It's only people who have contracts with the team requested to travel. That's what we presented to the PSL and what Royal AM has accepted.

"I can't take it no more [the financial strain]. It's going to affect my personal life, my family and my children's life. I can't. It's too much, so the club is sold and now let's arrange for you to leave."

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