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"It's brave to come and fight me again" - Bologna coach Mihajlovic reveals he has cancer for second time

14:43 SAST 2022/03/26
Sinisa Mihajlovic
The Serbian manager says the illness has returned but is not as severe as the first time around

Bologna manager Sinisa Mihajlovic has announced his cancer has returned, forcing him into taking some time off to focus on recovering.

The Serie A side currently sit in 12th place with 33 points, with relegation and Europe both far from reach.

Mihajlovic has been at Bologna since January 2019, and it was only around six months later that he announced his first battle with cancer.

What was said?

Mihajlovic announced at an unexpected press conference: "As you know, I cyclically carry out very in-depth analyses after I was struck by high-risk myeloid leukemia two and a half years ago.

"You all know the path that led me to a bone marrow transplant. In these years my recovery is was excellent, but these diseases are subtle and b*stards.

"From the latest analyses some alarm bells have emerged and there could be a risk of a reappearance of the disease. To prevent this from happening, I was advised to undertake a therapeutic path.

"This time I will not enter the fight like two and a half years ago. You can see that this disease is very courageous to still want to go back to facing someone like me: if the first lesson wasn't enough, we'll give him another one. 

"I know I'm in good hands. Unlike two and a half years ago when I barely managed to hold back the tears, this time you see me more peaceful. 

"I know what I have to do and above all my situation is very different from what it was then."

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