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The 24 best gift ideas for football fans

18:59 SAST 2022/04/14
best football gifts
Looking for the perfect gift for a football fan? From best selling books to nostalgic accessories, these are the top options available.

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If you need a special gift for someone in your life, it can seem impossible to know where to start. However, If one of the people on your list is a football fan, that makes matters easier as there are tonnes of gifts related to the sport that will go down a treat. Although there is so much out there, trawling the internet for the perfect gift can start to feel like a sport in itself. 

Luckily, we've rounded up the best quirky and unique available gifts. There are nostalgic treats for older fans, football stories that will inspire young minds, and games guaranteed to bring out a competitive streak.

So whether you're looking for a birthday gift for your son or daughter, a holiday present for a parent, or perhaps even a treat for yourself, here are the 24 best gifts currently available for football fans.

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Best gifts for children

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1. World At Your Feet by Rob Parker

Graphic artist Lawerta has charmingly illustrated this football picture book. It educates kids aged 3-10 years about 16 of football history's most important and iconic goals. The fun rhymes are enjoyable for adults, making for perfect bedtime reading.

Get it from Amazon for £6.99

2. TAC-TICS card game

This card game says it's made for kids aged 6-99, so there's plenty of fun to be had for all the family. Race to complete your team's formation before your opponents in a game that's perfect for encouraging the family to spend face-to-face time with each other.

Get it from Amazon for £7.00

3. World Football Stars Top Trumps

This version of Top Trumps features some of the biggest and most well-known faces in men's football right now - including Neymar, Kylian Mbappe, Raheem Sterling and many more. Custom bios with quality player images tell you everything you need to know about the stars before battling it out with an opponent for the Top Trump title.

Get it from Amazon for £7.04

4. Mitre Scriball Personalisable Football

The great thing about the Mitre Scriball is that it's two activities wrapped in one. First, children can colour the design on the ball with the provided pens. Once their custom design is complete, they can take the masterpiece out for a kick-about. Mitre also provides you with a pump, so you don't have to worry about sifting through your shed for one.

Get it from Amazon for £10.00

This nifty little football is made up of 10 panels that fit together to create many different balls or frisbees that are safe to play with indoors. Perfect for footie mad kids with curious minds.

Get it from Amazon for £11.99

6. The Big Book of Football by Mundial

From the creators of quarterly football magazine Mundial comes this whopper of a book that is cool, charming and full of quirky information. Serving as a guide to all things football, kids and adults alike will have hours of fun poring over all the fun details and colourful illustrations.

Get it from Amazon for £12.55

7. Football Billionaire board game

This board game is suitable for ages 6+ and will see players race to become the wealthiest football club owner. There's a lot at stake as players seek to buy clubs, dominate the transfer market, and hire and fire managers - great fun for all the family.

Get it from Amazon for £29.99

8. 4ft foldable Foosball table

This sturdy table folds up for easy storage, but you'll want to have it out at all times for endless fun. With a 4ft cabinet size, it's comfortable for grown-ups to play as well.

Best gifts for teenagers

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9. The Ultimate Premier League Quiz Book by Kieran Brown

The Ultimate Premier League Quiz Book is for all ages and great for teenagers to brush up and learn more about the beautiful game. There are over 750 questions to test your knowledge of the top football league in England, and you could even compete with your family and friends.

10. Football trainer belt

If you know a teenager who is starting to take football seriously and wants to refine their skills, this is the perfect piece of kit to do just that. It's an adjustable training football belt worn around the waist to practise control of the ball. It's made from a durable wetsuit material and can be used with any size 3-5 football.

Get it at Amazon for £8.99

11. Thornton's Chocolate Football Boot

If you're a chocolate lover, there's nothing like being gifted it on a special occasion. This customisable football boot from Thornton's is a brilliant present for football fans with a sweet tooth. You can add custom text in icing on this milk chocolate boot, adorned with white and dark chocolate details.

Written by a mix of 20 established and emerging writers, Football, She Wrote is an anthology featuring women's insights on the sport they love. The book features a wide range of stories, memoirs, and interviews covering themes of sexuality, diversity and inclusion. A must-read for anyone who wants a more profound understanding of the importance of making football more inclusive.

For anything more than a pair of boots, you're going to need a bigger bag. The PUMA Challenger duffel bag offers plenty of space for any teenager's gear.

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14. The Boot Buddy: shoe & boot cleaner brush

The Boot Buddy is a super useful gadget for getting mud off of shoes and boots before getting in the car or house, meaning you don’t have to leave your boots outside the front door all week anymore. It's great for football boots but can be used equally as well on any footwear.

Get it from Amazon for £18.99

15. Kidodo pop up football goalposts 

Any aspiring football player is guaranteed to love these pop up portable goalposts. Not just for children, it comes with six targets for improving a player's accuracy and precision with the ball.

Get it from Amazon for £20.99

16. Stadium Construction Toy

There's nothing like the feeling of going to watch your favourite team in person, especially at their home stadium. Why not bring home some of that magic with this stadium construction toy, allowing anyone to recreate a mini version of their own. There is an option for everyone, with stadium models available from Chelsea, Arsenal, Celtic, Wembley, etc.

Get it from Amazon for £59.99

Best gifts for adults

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17. Inverting the Pyramid by Jonathan Wilson

Jonathan Wilson's instant classic Inverting the Pyramid came at a perfect time for self-reflection, as a nation questioned how an England side boasting Wayne Rooney, Gary Neville, and John Terry had failed to qualify for the Euro 2008 tournament. The answer is concisely and expertly explained as Wilson takes us through a history of formations beyond 4-4-2.

18. Original Chocolate Footballs retro sweets

These chocolate football sweets will be a real throwback to many people's childhoods. Now you can buy a whole jar of them made by a traditional sweet factory in Lancashire. It's the perfect treat for someone who has a sweet tooth and is a football fan.

Most of us love a cup of tea or coffee, so why not combine it with a passion for football with this fun little mug. It comes with a built-in goal and a mini football to practice your shooting and penalty kicks - albeit with your fingers as your feet.

This recently published book is ideal for football fans of a certain age with fond memories of the 1970s. A fast-paced account of a very exciting football season for dads who wish they were back on the terraces.

Get it from Amazon for £12.79

21. Typography Boot and Ball club beer mats (9 pack)

These custom beer mats are the brainchild of twin brothers at Boot and Ball. With graphically sophisticated retro designs, fans have their favourite players and football moments commemorated in a traditional beer mat form.

Get them from Amazon for £14.95:  Arsenal  -  Aston Villa  -  Brighton  -  Chelsea  -  Crystal Palace  -  England  -  Everton  -  Leeds  -  Leicester  -  Liverpool  -  Manchester City  -  Manchester United -  Newcastle  -  Nottingham Forest  -  Southampton  -  Tottenham West Ham  -  Wolves

22. Clive Tyldesley's Framed Commentary Chart

There's something special about football commentary in bringing football matches alive. Clive Tyldesley will be a familiar name for those who know their commentators. Now you can get a copy of his commentary notes, with a wide selection of games, including multiple domestic cup and Champions League finals.

Before there was FIFA and Football Manager, there was Subbuteo. Challenge your dad to a round of the classic football flicking game.

Get it from Amazon for £34.18

24. Newspaper headlines football book

This A3 sized book is filled with full-colour newspaper pages heralding Manchester United's most iconic moments dating over 100 years. It makes for a thoughtful gift that can be personalised with a nice label on the inside page at a later date.