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The Best FIFA football awards 2022 voting: How winners are decided, categories & everything you need to know

20:05 SAST 2023/01/12
Messi Argentina 2022
With FIFA releasing the nominees for their Best football awards for 2022, GOAL runs you through all you need to know about voting.

Once again, football's governing body takes a look back at the previous calendar year with nominees up for awards in eight different categories.

FIFA give prizes for the Best Men's Player, Best Women's Player, Best Men's Coach, Best Women's Coach, Best Men's Goalkeeper, Best Women's Goalkeeper, Puskas Award and Best Fan Award.

Fans can now select their favourite candidates from each category after voting opened on Wednesday, with the opportunity to choose their top three selections for each.

To help you through all you need to know, GOAL has all the information on how winners are decided, how to vote and more.

What is the weight of the fan vote for the Best FIFA football awards 2022?

The list of candidates for each category is first selected by FIFA, before voting is open to the general public.

Before October 2016, the winner of each category was decided solely by media representatives, national team coaches and national team captains.

Since that date, though, fans have been able to vote, with the weight evenly distributed between the four groups. That means that the fan vote has a weight of 25% in the final selection for each category.

How to vote for the Best FIFA football awards 2022?

In order to vote in any of the eight categories above, fans need to register online at, proving basic personal information in order to do so.

Once registered, users can find numbers 1-3 under the player in each category, which denotes the preference of choice. That means No.1 will be considered number one pick, descending in priority order from there.

After selecting each of the three numbers for a certain category, users should then scroll to the 'Submit your vote' button at the bottom of the page in order for their vote to be counted.

What role do expert panels play in the Best FIFA football awards 2022?

Expert panels play a crucial role before the voting process even begins, as they are responsible for the names submitted in each category on FIFA's website.

This year, two separate panels selected the candidates for players', goalkeepers' and coaches' categories, from which votes for the best name are eventually taken.