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Arsenal midfielder Elneny reveals dad's prediction that Egypt international will become a footballer

12:36 SAST 2022/08/17
Mohamed Elneny of Arsenal and Egypt.
The 30-year-old Pharaoh discusses how his parents inspired him to become a footballer from the time he was born

Egypt international Mohamed Elneny has explained how is father Nasser Elneny told everyone he would become a footballer the moment he was born.

Born in El Mahalla El Kubra, northern Egypt in 1992, Elneny went ahead to make his father's prediction a reality and is currently among the key players for Arsenal in the Premier League.

“From the moment I was born, literally on that day, my dad told everyone I would become a footballer,” Mohamed told the club's official website.

“That’s how it happened, my mum and dad decided that day what I would be. It’s funny, how did they know? Maybe they had a strong feeling, like it was a destiny for me.

"They wanted me to become a footballer from the first day, and as I grew up, I loved it. But how did they know? Because sometimes your parents might want you to become a doctor, but if you don’t feel it, you cannot do it.

"The same with football, if you don’t love it growing up, then you cannot become a footballer. They cannot make you do it. But I always loved it, I always felt it in me, and always wanted to do it."

Elneny further revealed how his family would play football in the streets so as to emulate their father, who was a footballer at the time

“My dad was a footballer, and because of my dad my whole family would play football in the street,” added Elneny. “All of my family love football so much.

“When I was growing up – the one thing I saw every day was football. I saw my dad playing for his club, and I would go sometimes to watch, and when I wasn’t watching, he would take me to the fields to play. When I was growing up, everything in my life was football.”

Elneny started his European career with Swiss Super League side Basel in 2013. He won the league title in each of his four seasons at the club, before he signed for Arsenal in 2016.

So far this season, he is yet to start a game, despite Arsenal playing two matches - winning against Crystal Palace 2-0 and Leicester City 4-2.