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E. Lamela
Yellow Card
N. Gudelj
Yellow Card
N. Gudelj
L. Ocampos
3 - 0
L. Ocampos
Óliver Torres
2 - 0
45' + 2'
Y. En-Nesyri
Jesús Navas
1 - 0

Match Stats

54% 45%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 4 4
Total Passes 528 450
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Sevilla have one foot in the round of 16, then, barring a big PSV comeback next week. They'll have to go all out in the second leg. That's all for now. Goodbye!
Sevilla won this game comfortably in the end, but, in truth, it was a match of moments. The Andalusians only had one more shot than PSV, 15 to their visitors' 14. Sampaoli's men just had the quality to make theirs count. Van Nistelrooy will be disappointed by how quickly his team allowed this game to slip away from them.
Sevilla will head to Eindhoven the favourites to make it into the Europa League last 16! The six-time winners swatted PSV aside here, edging ahead before the break before scoring twice more after Ocampos' half-time introduction. Once they were well in front, they had more than enough nous to see the result out.
90' + 5' PSV embark on one last attack, but Sevilla hold their shape. The referee eventually decides to blow the final whistle!
90' + 3' Lamela cuts onto his favoured left foot and goes for goal. It deflects out for another Sevilla corner. The Spaniards have had the win under wraps for some time.
A. Obispo
André Ramalho
90' + 1' Ramalho also heads off early. Obispo is his replacement.
P. Mwene
I. Saibari
90' + 1' PSV bring on some fresh legs to see the game out. Off goes Saibari, who had their best chance in the first half. On comes Mwene.
90' There'll be five more minutes of this. Sevilla don't look like conceding at this stage.
E. Lamela
Yellow Card
89' Lamela picks up a late yellow card for a poor challenge on Branthwaite that leaves the Englishman needing treatment. Sampaoli isn't pleased with the decision.
87' Sevilla switch the play from side to side, toying with PSV. They've enjoyed more possession in this second half, close to 60 per cent of it. The first half was fairly even.
85' The Sevilla fans are making plenty of noise at the moment. What looked like a tricky assignment initially has turned into a cakewalk. Silva gets a shot off from the centre of the box, but he's closed down quickly. Suso cannons an effort against a defender from slightly further out.
83' Play gets back underway. Hazard's penalised for clumsily handling the ball.
81' PSV keep the pressure on. Silva reaches Saibari's cross to drag the ball wide, and Simons fires over from outside the box. Play stops briefly as Rakitic receives treatment. He overstretched slightly while closing Saibari down.
79' Veerman finds space to unleash a right-footed curler from just outside the box. It beats Bono but dinks against the right-hand post and back into play. This isn't PSV's game.
77' Silva races onto Hazard's throughball and tries to find a team-mate on the edge of the box. The Portuguese striker is offside.
75' Sevilla work the corner to Rakitic whose backwards header loops well wide of the left-hand post.
Mauro Júnior
P. van Aanholt
75' PSV make a change first. Mauro Junior replaces van Aanholt.
74' Suso looks to find the bottom right corner with his free-kick but Benitez has it covered. Sevilla corner.
73' Sevilla go up the other end and get a free-kick deep in PSV's half. They've managed the visitors' threat very well since the opening stages.
71' PSV now send the corner into the mixer. Sangare's header from very close range gets blocked, and Ramalho fires just left of goal. There's a quick VAR check for a penalty, but nothing more than that.
G. Montiel
M. Acuña
70' Acuna's race is also run. Montiel is his replacement on the pitch for Sevilla.
E. Lamela
Óliver Torres
70' Sevilla will make changes before the corner's taken. Torres heads off. On comes Lamela in his stead.
69' PSV have still got some fight in them. Veerman takes advantage of a team-mate's dummy to send a dipping shot at Bono from range. Sevilla's keeper does his job to hand the visitors a corner.
67' PSV once more play themselves into trouble, and Torres spanks the ball into a defender to earn Sevilla a corner. The ball comes out to Rakitic, whose attempt sails harmlessly over.
65' That raft of substitutions has settled the game down somewhat. That'll suit Sevilla just fine.
Y. En-Nesyri
63' Sevilla make their third change of the match. Suso replaces one of their goalscorers, En-Nesyri.
Fábio Silva
L. de Jong
62' PSV make another change. The Wolves loanee Silva takes De Jong's place up front.
T. Hazard
G. Til
62' PSV make some necessary substitutions. Hazard replaces the anonymous Til.
61' Van Aanholt goes for goal with the free-kick, sending it towards the bottom left corner with his left foot. Bono gets down low to tip the shot aside, and Til and De Jong have follow-up efforts closed down. PSV aren't down and out just yet if they can score quickly.
N. Gudelj
Yellow Card
59' Gudelj picks up a yellow card for bringing down De Jong just next to the D.
57' Sevilla have had two shots so far in this half and scored with both. They aren't playing like a side who should be midtable in LaLiga.
L. Ocampos
55' Sevilla have gone up a gear since Ocampos' introduction. The Argentine's got himself a goal and an assist already. Van Nistelrooy scratches his head in the technical area.
N. Gudelj
55' GOAL! SEVILLA 3-0 PSV! Gudelj might have killed this tie already. Rakitic pops a pass down the inside-right channel for Ocampos. He backheels it into the direction of the Serbian, who smashes it into the roof of the net.
54' Sevilla force a corner down their right. PSV just about see it away, but they're in trouble...
52' PSV have it all to do now, and Sevilla are only growing in strength. The side from Eindhoven need to be careful not to let this tie slip away from them before the return leg.
Óliver Torres
50' That all came from a quick Sevilla throw-in. PSV switched off, and Torres wasted no time in finding Ocampos. That goal was all his though. He's understandably overjoyed at scoring that!
L. Ocampos
50' GOAL! SEVILLA 2-0 PSV! What a goal by Ocampos! The substitute takes Torres' high cross into the box down with his right foot, swivels, and spanks it towards goal with his left. It ricochets satisfyingly into the net off the right-hand post. He's only been on the pitch for five minutes!
49' Sevilla launch the ball forward as PSV close them down in their own box. The direct approach may well pay off for them.
47' Ocampos gets welcomed to the game with an unfair barge by Teze. Sevilla free-kick.
46' PSV get the second half started anyway. Let's see if Van Nistelrooy's words of wisdom during the break help them out.
L. Ocampos
Bryan Gil
46' Sevilla make a half-time change as Ocampos replaces Gil. That's unexpected, as Gil didn't appear to be injured at the end of the first half.
PSV didn't have a shot in the first half after Saibari's effort in the 17th minute. The Dutchmen caused Sevilla problems at first, but the hosts quickly managed to figure them out. They'll have to up their game in the second half if they don't want to chase the tie in the second leg.
Sevilla head in with the lead, having scored on the brink of half-time. Sampaoli's men started this match slowly but soon started to make their experience count, making a breakthrough via En-Nesyri. Bono's save from Saibari early in the half is the closest PSV have come to scoring. More to come!
Jesús Navas
45' + 2' Navas has led by example for Sevilla in these opening 45 minutes. The veteran showed his nous with that cross for En-Nesyri. PSV have struggled to handle him.
Y. En-Nesyri
45' + 2' GOAL! SEVILLA 1-0 PSV! PSV give the ball away in their own half and get punished! Navas sends a first-time cross into the centre for En-Nesyri, who easily slots past Benitez!
45' + 1' En-Nesyri can't get a firm touch on Acuna's cross. The wing-back gets a shot off shortly after that's blocked. Sevilla think they have a claim for handball, but the officials aren't convinced. It doesn't matter though...
45' Gil can't prevent the ball from going out for a PSV goal-kick. Sevilla are ending this first half on top. There'll be three more minutes of it.
43' It's another Sevilla corner, this time down their right. Rakitic sends his delivery into the centre. Nianzou powers a free header into the turf and wide of the left-hand post!
42' Nianzou and De Jong tussle for the ball in Sevilla's box. The defender wins out, allowing Bono to take a goal-kick.
41' Navas plays a one-two with Torres to cause PSV problems. Gudelj gets hold of the ball and lashes high and wide from distance.
40' Sevilla get a corner down their left which Acuna takes. The hosts once again take it short, and PSV clear the eventual cross.
38' PSV win the ball in their own half and attempt to counter quickly. Sevilla rush back to defend. The visitors elect to keep possession instead.
36' Simons is in some pain after taking a crunching tackle from Gudelj. Thankfully he looks able to carry on.
34' Sevilla have successfully seen out PSV's spell of pressure and have regained control for now. This first half's been a fairly even tussle.
32' Sevilla get a free-kick down their left which Rakitic swings into the penalty area. En-Nesyri is inches away from meeting it with his head, and it nearly creeps inside the right-hand post anyway. PSV goal-kick.
30' Sevilla work the corner short and get another corner out of Ramalho. PSV manage to deal with the threat at the second time of asking.
28' Navas dashes forward on the overlap and has his run intercepted by van Aanholt. Sevilla get a corner. Sampaoli shouts words of encouragement to his players.
26' Navas receives the ball inside PSV's box. Sevilla's captain takes a touch and fizzes a cross-cum-shot towards the bottom left corner with his right foot. It rolls just wide of the post.
25' Benitez punts upfield for De Jong, who can't control the ball. Sevilla attack down their left. Teze clears under pressure from Gil.
23' Bono urges calm amongst his team-mates as PSV get a corner out of Navas. Sevilla manage to see it out.
21' PSV have had 56 per cent possession of the ball so far. Sevilla are temporarily on the back foot.
19' PSV easily play their way out through Sevilla's press. The Dutchmen are exerting more influence as this first half goes on.
17' Gudelj misjudges a pass back to Bono, forcing his goalkeeper to push it wide of goal. Sevilla make lighter work of PSV's resulting corner, blocking hopeful shots by De Jong and Saibari.
L. Badé
16' Fernando replaces the stricken Bade on the pitch for Sevilla.
15' Play pauses as Bade pulls up with a thigh issue. The Sevilla centre-back winces. He won't be able to continue.
13' Van Aanholt swings a cross into the box from the left. Bono smothers it easily.
11' Chance for PSV! De Jong sets Saibari free to the right of Sevilla's box. The Moroccan fires straight at his compatriot Bono, who tips the shot away from danger. That's a warning for Sevilla.
9' Bono rushes out of his six-yard box to claim a PSV throughball. The visitors don't look intimidated yet.
7' Sevilla are seeing most of the ball so far. Bade earns a free-kick in PSV's half as he's stopped by Saibari.
5' Simons has space to shoot from range and does so. The ball whistles wide of the top right corner.
3' Sevilla enjoy their first shot of the game. Rakitic has a shot from outside the box closed down.
1' The hosts Sevilla get the first leg of this Europa League playoff underway!
This will be the first ever European meeting between Sevilla and PSV. Sevilla have never before faced a Dutch opponent in a knockout tie, while this is the third consecutive Europa League campaign in which PSV have faced a Spanish side. This tie will be an intriguing mix of the new and the familiar.
PSV start with two different players from their 6-0 thrashing of Groningen as they continue to chase a treble. In come Til and Saibari. Hazard and Bakayoko are among the substitutes.
Jorge Sampaoli makes three changes to Sevilla from their 2-0 win over Real Mallorca last time out. Acuna slots in at left wing-back. Jordan and Rakitic come into midfield.
SUBS: Emmanuel van de Blaak, Philipp Mwene, Joel Drommel, Olivier Boscagli, Armando Obispo, Mauro Junior, Fabio Silva, Boy Waterman, Mathijs Tielemans, Thorgan Hazard, Mohamed Nassoh, Johan Bakayoko.
PSV (4-3-3): Walter Benitez; Jordan Teze, Andre Ramalho, Jarrad Branthwaite, Patrick van Aanholt; Guus Til, Ibrahim Sangare, Joey Veerman; Ismael Saibari, Luuk de Jong (c), Xavi Simons.
SUBS: Marko Dmitrovic, Suso, Lucas Ocampos, Alex Telles, Gonzalo Montiel, Rafa Mir, Fernando, Alberto Flores Lopez, Erik Lamela.
SEVILLA (3-4-3): Yassine Bounou; Tanguy Kouassi, Loic Bade, Nemanja Gudelj; Jesus Navas (c), Joan Jordan, Ivan Rakitic, Marcos Acuna; Oliver Torres, Youssef En-Nesyri, Bryan Gil.
Ruud van Nistelrooy's PSV stand in the way between the team from Spain and the last 16. The Dutch side scored loads of goals in the group stage, but have lost each of their last three away matches in the Europa League knockout stage. They'll need a good first-leg showing here to progress.
Sevilla may be having a poor season by their standards, but they know what it takes to win the Europa League. The Andalusians have progressed from 22 of their last 24 knockout ties in this competition and will be confident they can go on to win it for a record seventh time.
Hello and welcome to our live text commentary of this UEFA Europa League play-off first leg between Sevilla and PSV at Ramon Sanchez Pizjuan Stadium.