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90' + 3'
K. Mbappé
L. Messi
1 - 0
D. Alemdar
Yellow Card
M. Verratti
Yellow Card
L. Assignon
M. Terrier
K. Mbappé
Yellow Card

Match Stats

63% 36%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 1 1
Total Passes 701 392
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Live table
Pos Team P W D L F A +/- PTS Form
1 PSG PSG PSG 38 26 8 4 90 36 +54 86 W W D D D
2 Olympique Marseille OM Olympique Marseille 38 21 8 9 63 38 +25 71 W L W L W
3 Monaco ASM Monaco 38 20 9 9 65 40 +25 69 D W W W W
4 Rennes REN Rennes 38 20 6 12 82 40 +42 66 D W L W W
5 Nice NIC Nice 38 20 7 11 52 36 +16 66 W L W W W
6 Strasbourg STR Strasbourg 38 17 12 9 60 43 +17 63 L W W D L
7 Lens RCL Lens 38 17 11 10 62 48 +14 62 D W W D D
8 Olympique Lyonnais OL Olympique Lyonnais 38 17 11 10 66 51 +15 61 W W L W W
9 Nantes NAN Nantes 38 15 10 13 55 48 +7 55 D L W D W
10 Lille LIL Lille 38 14 13 11 48 48 0 55 D W L L W
11 Brest BRE Brest 38 13 9 16 49 57 -8 48 L L L W W
12 Reims SR Reims 38 11 13 14 43 44 -1 46 L W L W L
13 Montpellier MON Montpellier 38 12 7 19 49 61 -12 43 L L L D L
14 Angers SCO SCO Angers SCO 38 10 11 17 44 55 -11 41 W L W L D
15 Troyes TRO Troyes 38 9 11 18 37 53 -16 38 D L D W L
16 Lorient FCL Lorient 38 8 12 18 35 63 -28 36 D D L L L
17 Clermont CLE Clermont 38 9 9 20 38 69 -31 36 L L W L D
18 Saint-Étienne ASS Saint-Étienne 38 7 11 20 42 77 -35 32 D L L L L
19 Metz MET Metz 38 6 13 19 35 69 -34 31 L W W D L
20 Bordeaux GIR Bordeaux 38 6 13 19 52 91 -39 31 W D L L L


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Relegation Play-off


That's all for today, goodbye!
PSG are now 16 points clear at the top of Ligue 1 and extend their unbeaten run in the competition to 15 games. They have the Champions League next up, with their round of 16 first-leg tie against Real Madrid. Rennes miss the chance to move into the top four, staying in fifth place. They host Troyes next time out.
Mbappe's stoppage-time goal seals a 1-0 win for PSG over Rennes. It was a poor first half from the hosts, but they upped their game in the second. Mbappe was the biggest threat throughout as he hit the post before the break, before firing a great chance into the side netting later on. He thought he'd given them the lead in the 64th minute, only to be denied by the offside flag, but he got his reward in the end, curling in a low effort to finish off a quick break.
90' + 5' Rennes are piling bodies forward now in an attempt to snatch a late point and Jonas spins away from Wijnaldum before trying to slide it through to Guirassy. Marquinhos is tight to him though and he can't bring it under control.
L. Messi
90' + 3' Messi knew he couldn't return it to Icardi as he'd drifted into an offside position, but he did spot Mbappe's unmarked run on the far side.
K. Mbappé
90' + 3' MBAPPE SCORES! And this one will count! Rennes are caught out by the quick break as Icardi drives through the middle. He touches it onto Messi, who picks out Mbappe in space on the left of the box. The Frenchman has time to set himself before curling his low shot past Alemdar, who can't get enough on it to keep it out. 1-0 PSG!
90' + 2' Mendes finds himself in space again and he breezes past Assignon to get into the final third. He drills another good ball into the box, but Icardi peeled away to the far post and Omari hooks it away.
D. Alemdar
Yellow Card
90' Alemdar tries to run the clock down by dawdling over a goal-kick, so he's booked for time-wasting.
L. Assignon
M. Terrier
89' Final change for Rennes now as Terrier is taken off and replaced by Assignon.
M. Verratti
Yellow Card
89' Verratti kicks out at the back of Sulemana to stop him from breaking forward and is shown a yellow card for the challenge.
88' Meling is allowed to carry the ball a long way and he's trying to pick out a forward pass. Guirassy drifted into an offside position though, so he takes on the long-range shot, only to curl it well wide of the near post.
A. Truffert
L. Majer
86' Just before PSG can take the corner, Rennes make another change. Majer goes off this time, with Truffert replacing him.
86' Nobody is picking up Mendes on the left, and he whips a wonderful cross into the near post. Icardi is hovering just in front of the goalkeeper, but Omari gets back to block the cross and put it out for a corner.
Nuno Mendes
Juan Bernat
84' And Bernat makes way for Mendes as well.
T. Kehrer
A. Hakimi
84' Hakimi is also taken off, with Kehrer on to replace him.
M. Icardi
L. Paredes
83' There's a triple change for PSG now and it's Paredes that's first to go off, with Icardi on for him.
82' PSG haven't managed a single shot on target so far in this game.
K. Sulemana
B. Bourigeaud
80' And Bouriguead is also taken off, with Sulemana replacing him.
S. Guirassy
G. Laborde
80' There's a double change for Rennes now, with Laborde the first to make way for Guirassy.
78' It's too slow from PSG once again, and Meling cuts it out before they can get it into the box this time. He switches it out to Bourigeaud, but he has to hold it up while he waits for backup.
76' Bourigeaud got back and threw himself in front of Paredes' shot to make a block. He's stayed down after taking the hit, but he'll be able to carry on after treatment.
74' PSG break quickly on the counter, with Messi setting Di Maria off through the middle. He tries to get Wijnaldum in on goal, but his pass forces him wide and Rennes clear the danger again.
72' Wijnaldum spots Mbappe between the two Rennes central defenders again and lifts a lovely ball over the top to him. He brings it down with a lovely first touch but then kicks it straight out with his next step.
70' Rennes have a rare chance to work the ball upfield again, and Bourigeaud has acres of space down the right. He touches it onto Traore, but he went too early and the move comes to an end.
68' Di Maria plays a clever one-two with Bernat before squeezing a throughball into the crowded box for Mbappe. It bounces off the back of his heel though and Rennes are able to clear the danger.
G. Wijnaldum
X. Simons
66' And Simons is also making way, with Wijnaldum on in his place.
Á. Di María
J. Draxler
66' PSG are making a double change now, and it's Draxler that's first to go off, with Di Maria on for him.
64' OFFSIDE! It's another great burst of pace from Mbappe to get away from Aguerd and latch onto Messi's throughball. His first touch takes him around Alemdar, who committed himself too early, and the Frenchman rifles it into the net only to be denied by the offside flag.
63' WHAT A CHANCE! Messi slides the ball through the crowd to pick out Draxler on the edge of the D, and he squares it to Mbappe with his first touch. He bursts past Meling and is one-on-one with Alemdar, but he fires into the side netting from a tight angle.
62' Hakimi bursts past Meling to get enough space to fizz the ball to Mbappe at the near post. He has Aguerd tight to him, so takes the shot first time, but he sends it flying high over the bar.
60' Rennes are starting to cause some real problems as Bourigeaud's cross pinballs around the box. It bounces to Terrier, who hits the half-volley, but Verratti slides in with an important block.
58' Terrier's low cross catches out all of the PSG defenders and Bourigeaud is unmarked on the far side. He has time to take a touch before hitting the shot, but Paredes throws himself in front of it to make the block.
56' Messi takes the corner short and it's worked from Hakimi to Draxler before Simons is teed up in the box. He hits the shot on the half-turn but it's a tame effort straight at Alemdar.
54' Marquinhos clips it out to Bernat on the left and he cushions it down for Mbappe. The Rennes defenders crowd around him again and he can't return it to the left-back.
52' Rennes are upping the pressure again here and Martin plays a lovely throughball into Traore, who peeled off the back of Bernat. He whips a dangerous cross into the box and Navas stretches to push it away.
50' Rennes have stopped the opposition from scoring a first-half goal in 18 of their 24 games, more than any other side in Ligue 1 this season.
48' PSG break quickly this time and Messi lays it off to Draxler on his left. He has options in the box, but cuts inside and chooses to go it alone instead. He curls his shot just wide of the far post.
46' GREAT CHANCE! It's a great run from Bourigeaud down the right, and he fizzes the ball back to Santamaria just inside the box. He hits the shot first time but leans back as he takes it and blazes it over.
46' Rennes get us back underway for the second half!
PSG went off to boos at half-time after a slow first half and Pochettino has some things to figure out. They've worked it upfield nicely without getting runners in the box and didn't test Alemdar once before the break. As for Rennes, they stayed compact and looked dangerous when they did break forward, and Genesio will be hoping for more of the same.
It's goalless at the break between PSG and Rennes. It was a game that took a while to get going, with Rennes having the better of the early chances. Bourigeaud came closest when his looping volley was pushed away from the top corner by Navas. Mbappe came closest for PSG at the other end - he curled one effort just wide of the far post before a deflection sent another shot against the post and Simons couldn't bury the rebound.
45' Paredes wins the ball back in midfield and slides it through to Messi on the edge of the box. He looks to take the shot early, but three Rennes defenders crowd around him to make the block.
43' Rennes have dropped deep into their shape again and PSG are struggling to find a way through. Messi is trying to make something happen, but again, there's no one in the box for the hosts.
K. Mbappé
Yellow Card
41' Mbappe tried to keep the attack alive for PSG but caught Omari with a late challenge on his shin. He's shown the first yellow card of the game.
40' OFF THE POST! Martin's loose pass is snatched by Verratti and he slides a great throughball to Mbappe. He hits a low shot across goal and a slight deflection off Traore sends it against the post. Simons gets to the rebound, but his effort is well-saved by Alemdar.
38' The hosts almost create another problem for themselves as Navas sells Paredes short on the edge of the box. Majer is bearing down on him and he just manages to shovel it away in time.
36' PSG work it well down their right this time, but nobody is getting into the box. Verratti and Hakimi both hold it up to wait for runners, but the hosts aren't offering up any options.
34' CHANCE! The referee plays the advantage to PSG after Verratti is caught and Mbappe has space down the left. He cuts inside before whipping a shot towards the far post and it curls just wide.
32' Hakimi pulls it back to Messi and he slides a great ball through to Mbappe. He flicks it past Aguerd before going down under pressure from the defender, but PSG only get a corner instead of the penalty they're asking for.
30' Simons slides in on Martin to win the ball back, and it initially looks like a good tackle until the follow-through takes out the midfielder. A free-kick is given, but PSG aren't happy about it.
28' PSG win a free-kick but choose to take it short instead of putting it into the box. The fans' frustration is starting to be heard though as the hosts work it all the way back to their keeper and invite the pressure on themselves.
26' Rennes are keeping their midfield compact and Marquinhos is forced to go long over the top to pick out Mbappe. Traore does well to hold him off though, and he sets his side on the counter.
24' It's another brilliant bit of play from Messi to get through a crowd of four Rennes players as he cuts inside from the left, and he slides it through to Mbappe. He set off too early though and the offside flag goes straight up.
22' Rennes cleverly work it from Traore on the right, through the midfield out to Meling on the left, and PSG aren't closing them down. The left-back tries to chip it over Hakimi to pick out Terrier's run but overhits it straight out of play.
20' Omari plays a brilliant throughball into Santamaria and he has space to turn before switching it out to Terrier on the left. His first touch takes him away from Hakimi and he decides to have a go from range, but curls his shot high and wide.
18' PSG are still patiently pushing down their left side and Mbappe cuts back to curl a cross into the six-yard box. Alemdar comes for it and spills the ball but reacts quickly to keep hold of it on his second attempt.
16' Paredes switches it out to Messi on the left and he makes a lovely weaving run between two Rennes defenders before lifting it towards Simons. He tries to deftly flick it towards goal, but it's blocked by Omari.
14' CHANCE! Bourigeaud whips in the resulting corner, and he picks out an unmarked Santamaria at the near post. He glances his header on but doesn't get his angles right, and it bounces wide.
13' It's a poor headed pass from Verratti back towards Kimpembe and Laborde latches onto it before squaring it to the edge of the D for Majer. He drills his shot back across goal, but it's blocked by Kimpembe.
11' PSG are unbeaten in their last 14 Ligue 1 home games (W13 D1) while keeping a clean sheet in each of the last four - both of these are the longest current home runs in the competition.
9' PSG are enjoying a good spell of possession, but they're struggling to get the ball into the box. Mbappe and Bernat are linking up well down the left, but the Rennes defenders are crowding them out to stop any crosses going in.
7' GOOD SAVE! The ball drops to Bourigeaud on the edge of the box and he sends a looping volley back across goal towards the far corner. Navas is scrambling back to his line, but he watches it all the way and is able to push it wide.
6' There's a mix-up between Mbappe and Bernat as they both try to bring down Messi's big switch of play and it ends up bouncing kindly to Bourigeaud. He spins away from Draxler before breaking on the counter, but he's quickly stopped by Kimpembe.
4' It's a loose pass from Marquinhos to Hakimi just outside his own box and Laborde quickly latches onto it. He lays it off to Terrier, who tries to play a one-two with Bourigeaud, but the return pass is just too short and Kimpembe intercepts it.
2' Bernat makes a darting run down the left and breezes past Traore before pulling a dangerous ball back into the middle from the byline. Verratti is running onto it, but Aguerd gets there first to hook it away.
1' Messi gets the game underway for PSG!
The teams are out on the pitch now, with kick-off just moments away!
Following the 2-0 win in the back in October, Rennes could become just the third team to do a league double over PSG in the QSI era, after Monaco last season and Nancy in 2011-12.
Bruno Genesio was clearly impressed with his team's win over Brest on Sunday as he names an unchanged line-up today, which means Martin makes his 200th appearance in Ligue 1. Gomis is also back on the bench after returning from the Africa Cup of Nations.
Mauricio Pochettino makes four changes to the side that brushed Lille aside last time out. Navas starts in goal, with Bernat, Draxler and Simons also brought in. Donnarumma and Mendes drop to the bench, as does Di Maria who is deemed fit enough for a sub's role after limping off in that match. Icardi and Wijnaldum have also shaken off injuries to start on the bench.
RENNES SUBS: Lorenz Assignon, Adrien Truffert, Kamaldeen Sulemana, Loum Tchaouna, Alfred Gomis, Mathys Tel, Serhou Guirassy, Loic Bade, Andy Diouf.
RENNES STARTING XI (4-4-2): Dogan Alemdar; Hamari Traore, Warmed Omari, Nayef Aguerd, Birger Meling; Benjamin Bourigeaud, Jonas Martin, Baptiste Santamaria, Lovro Majer; Martin Terrier, Gaetan Laborde.
PARIS SAINT-GERMAIN SUBS: Thilo Kehrer, Angel Di Maria, Colin Dagba, Georginio Wijnaldum, Nuno Mendes, Eric Ebimbe, Mauro Icardi, Gianluigi Donnarumma, El Chadaille Bitshiabu.
PARIS SAINT-GERMAIN STARTING XI (4-3-3): Keylor Navas; Achraf Hakimi, Marquinhos, Presnel Kimpembe, Juan Bernat; Marco Verratti, Leandro Paredes, Julian Draxler; Xavi Simons, Lionel Messi, Kylian Mbappe.
PSG bounced back from their French Cup exit by thrashing reigning Ligue 1 champions Lille 5-1 last time out. They come into this game on a 14-match unbeaten run in the league (W9 D5), and a win here today would see them extend their lead at the top of the table to 16 points. They've actually only lost one game in the league this season which was a 2-0 defeat to Rennes in the reverse fixture. Rennes have suffered a dip in form recently, winning just two of their last six games in the competition (L4), losing three of those on the road.
Hello and welcome to live coverage of the Ligue 1 meeting between Paris Saint-Germain and Rennes at the Parc des Princes!