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90' + 1'
Y. Brun
Yellow Card
K. Dolberg
A. Gouiri
2 - 0
A. Gouiri
J. Lotomba
1 - 0
W. Alledji
Yellow Card
H. Boudaoui
Yellow Card

Match Stats

65% 34%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 7 2
Total Passes 0 0
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It's Nice who'll be heading to the Stade de France then to face either Nantes or Monaco. They may well be favourites to lift the Coupe de France once more. That's all for now. Goodbye!
Nice show their class by forming a guard of honour for the departing Versailles players before heading over to celebrate with the home fans. They racked up 21 shots in the end and made their superiority count after the break. Stengs and Gouiri had great games. Versailles are out, but they'll remember the journey they've had for a lifetime.
Nice have made it to their first Coupe de France final in 25 years! It was a routine win against their fourth-tier opponents Versailles in the end, but Versailles made it tough for their Ligue 1 hosts in the first half. After half-time Gouiri upped his game, firing home before setting up the substitute Dolberg with a silky assist. Nice were never in trouble after that.
90' + 4' Guessand almost puts the icing on the cake for Nice, rattling the crossbar with a smashed shot from inside the box! It rebounds back into play and Versailles clear, only for Michel to foul Schneiderlin. There's no time for Nice to take the free-kick. That's it!
90' + 3' Guessand leaps up to connect with Stengs' cross and inspire Delaunay to make another save. Toure goes up the other end and breaks into Nice's box, but he's soon crowded out. Galtier and Chibhi share some warm words in the technical area, with the end being nigh.
Y. Brun
Yellow Card
90' + 1' Brun gets a late booking for bringing down Stengs down Nice's left. Stengs has been too hot for Versailles to handle.
90' + 1' Nice's right-back Lotomba, supplier of Gouiri's goal, has a crack himself from outside the box. It's blocked.
90' The Nice fans are in fine voice now, as they should be. There'll be four more minutes of this.
M. Savané
M. Traoré
89' Traore heads off the pitch too. Savane is the replacement that Versailles bring on.
L. Fardin
M. Vieira
89' Versailles make a few late changes to give their players at least a short run-out. Fardin replaces Vieira first.
88' Toure goes for goal from the left of the box, but Nice are in no mood to give away chances now. Traore requests Durand de Gevigney's help with cramp after sliding into a challenge. Versailles have given everything here.
86' Nice earn another corner down their left. Stengs sends it towards the near post. Dolberg backheels the ball into Delaunay's arms.
84' Nice are toying with Versailles now. Their fourth-tier opponents have little left in the tank. The hosts ping some passes around before Lemina fires over from distance.
M. Schneiderlin
K. Thuram
82' Here's another Nice change. Thuram, who gave Versailles plenty to think about in the first half, makes way for Schneiderlin in central midfield.
81' Guessand gets involved in the action right away, latching onto Stengs' throughball. Delaunay dives the right way to stop him from finding the bottom right corner. Nice's corner isn't great, but that doesn't matter much at this stage.
E. Guessand
A. Gouiri
79' Gouiri, undoubtedly Nice's man of the match at this point, gets an early rest having grabbed a goal and an assist. He's done his bit. Guessand replaces him for the last 10 minutes.
F. Daniliuc
M. Bard
78' Nice make a few more changes, demonstrating their strength in depth. Off goes Bard. On comes the Austrian defender Daniliuc.
78' Pham Ba cuts inside from the right and forces Bulka to make a decent save. Up the other end, Stengs tries to get the goal he arguably deserves and blazes over from the edge of the box.
76' Versailles enjoy their first shot on target, but it's probably too late. Ibayi plants a header straight into the arms of Bulka.
Y. Brun
W. Diouf
74' Versailles make an attacking change as they try to chase the game. Their centre-back Diouf goes off. Brun, a centre-forward, comes on.
A. Gouiri
73' That was a wonderful piece of magic by Gouiri, whose turn took him past the onrushing Akueson. He's demonstrated why there's a three-tier difference between Nice and Versailles.
K. Dolberg
73' GOAL! NICE 2-0 VERSAILLES! Dolberg surely confirms Nice's place in the Coupe de France final! Gouiri deceives Versailles' defenders with some outrageous skill to reach the box. He casually lays off to the Dane, who slots past Delaunay into the bottom left corner of the net.
71' Rosario's shot from a difficult angle on the left is blocked after he gets on the end of Stengs' cross. Versailles are starting to run out of steam.
70' Nice have another corner. Stengs swings it in but it's cleared.
68' Toure receives a pass from Vieira and fires wide from outside the box. Nice still aren't letting Versailles get close to threatening Bulka.
66' Nice get a corner. It's taken short and Stengs curls the ball towards the centre with his left foot, but the pass is overcooked.
64' Gouiri goes for goal again from the edge of the box. This time his effort is blocked. Nice's superior skill and fitness is starting to tell.
62' Ibayi is caught offside from Toure's throughball. That doesn't help Versailles, but it's the first time they've created a situation like that for a while.
61' Stengs, contender for Nice's best player so far, dribbles down the touchline. He's eventually stopped by Phem Ba.
K. Dolberg
A. Delort
60' Delort is the next Nice player to go off. Dolberg takes his place at centre-forward.
B. Brahimi
H. Boudaoui
60' Nice make their first changes too. Boudaoui goes off. Brahimi replaces him.
B. Touré
W. Alledji
58' Toure comes on next for Versailles. The quiet Alledji makes way.
C. Ibayi
K. Djoco
58' Versailles make the game's first substitution. Ibayi replaces Djoco up front.
56' Nice threaten to score a second goal. Stengs beats his man with a stepover and passes inside to Gouiri. Gouiri takes aim for the top corner and Delaunay dives across to keep the shot out.
54' Versailles will have to up their attacking efforts now. They've still yet to have a shot on target.
52' Djoco holds the ball up near the corner flag, sucking in two Nice defenders. He lays off and the ball's swung into Nice's box. Bulka rises to grab the cross and gets clattered for the cause. Luckily for him, the free-kick goes his way. Versailles were looking to fire into an empty net otherwise.
50' Versailles venture forward now that they need to score. They earn a corner down their right. A well-worked routine results in Michel blasting into a Nice defender from the right of the box.
J. Lotomba
48' Versailles will be disappointed to have conceded so soon after half-time having defended very well in the first half. Were it not for their error, Lotomba would not have had the opportunity to find Gouiri, who has given them work to do.
A. Gouiri
48' GOAL! NICE 1-0 VERSAILLES! Nice get the goal which could send them to the Coupe de France final! Lotomba flings in an early cross from the right after Versailles get caught in possession. It lands to Gouiri who takes a touch in the box and fires into the top right corner.
47' Gouiri finds some rare space in the box. Just as the door looks open for the Frenchman to shoot, though, it's just as quickly slammed shut.
45' Nice get the second half under way. No changes at half-time.
Nice had nine shots in that first half, seven of which were blocked by Versailles defenders. The underdogs are succeeding at preventing Nice from getting many clear shots at goal, although Thuram has caused them problems in the air from corners.
Nice go in at the break yet to find a goal against their plucky visitors Versailles. The hosts have dictated the game but have struggled to break down Versailles' obdurate defence. Versailles' best opportunities to test Bulka so far have been set-pieces.
45' + 1' Versailles gratefully accept a minor free-kick in their own half which allows them to venture past the halfway line. It doesn't go anywhere, but that's fine for now.
45' There'll be two minutes added onto the end of this half. Versailles will be pleased with how it has gone for them.
44' Thuram goes for goal from the edge of the box but drags his shot wide. It works out OK for Nice, though, as they keep the pressure on. Gouiri's follow-up effort is also closed down. Another strike by Thuram has the same outcome.
43' Nice force a corner which they take short. Stengs whips in a left-footed cross which is met by Thuram! To Versailles' relief, the header is straight at Delaunay.
W. Alledji
Yellow Card
41' Alledji becomes Versailles' first player to get a yellow card for stopping Bard's run down the left.
39' Todibo hands the ball straight to Diarrassouba who bursts forward. Djoco makes a run to his right but the Versailles midfielder is closed down before he can find his teammate. Michel arrives on the scene, skips over a challenge just outside the box, and fires wide of the right-hand post.
38' Diarrassouba's shot from outside the box is blocked. Traore's barged over by Delort as he tries to shepherd the ball out of play for a goal-kick. Versailles are more than holding their own at the moment.
36' Chance for Nice! Stengs darts inside from the left. His swipe towards the bottom right corner is blocked by a defender. Versailles quickly close the hosts down to prevent them getting another clear shooting opportunity.
35' Stengs sends the corner in. It doesn't beat the defender at the near post. Nice soon get the ball back, but Delaunay claims the resulting cross.
34' Versailles' free-kick comes to nothing as Diouf jostles for position too strongly at the far post. Nice go up the other end and win a corner down their right.
H. Boudaoui
Yellow Card
32' Traore takes on Lotomba, who's soon backed up by Boudaoui. Boudaoui clips the Versailles wing-back's foot, handing the visitors a free-kick and earning himself a booking.
30' Versaille break down their left through Traore and Michel. Michel gets muscled off the ball near Nice's corner flag. Nice clear their lines.
28' Lotomba passes out of play to hand Versailles a throw-in. They decide to go long with it. Nice win the defensive header. Vieira goes for goal and watches his shot sail high and wide.
26' The referee gives a foul against Phem Ba as he prevents Stengs from cutting inside. Nice work it to Delort whose speculative long-range effort is caught by Delaunay.
24' Nice's latest attack through the middle breaks down as Gouiri's dribble is put to an end. So is Versailles' counter-attack. Delort jinks into the box from the right. He can't stop the ball from going out for a goal-kick though.
22' Nice earn a throw-in down their left and take it quickly. The hosts are on the prowl, but Versailles are staying compact off the ball.
20' Versailles try to get the ball forward a few times but can't keep hold of it for long. Djoco races after a ball over the top. Rosario underestimates his pace, but Bulka bails his defender out of trouble.
18' Lotomba darts into space down Nice's right and flings a cross into Versailles' box. Delort wafts a foot at it but is unable to reach it. The passage of play ends in the Nice captain fouling Vieira.
16' Versailles' free-kick is too close to Bulka in the Nice goal and the goalkeeper grabs it easily. Still, Nice aren't having things all their way so far.
M. Bard
Yellow Card
15' Bard is shown the yellow card for his forceful challenge on Pham Ba. The Versailles man soon gets to his feet.
14' Bard clatters into Versailles' marauding right wing-back Pham Ba to hand Versailles a free-kick down their right.
12' Vieira wins a free-kick in his own half as he's closed down too keenly by Thuram. Versailles aren't lumping the ball forward by any means. They're trying to play the right way.
10' Nice earn two more corners, as Vieira and then Akueson put the ball out of play under pressure. Boudaoui has a shot blocked in between. Stengs swings the second corner into the six-yard box where Thuram is lurking in the centre. The Nice midfielder rises high to head just over the crossbar.
8' Thuram darts down the left for Nice and crosses from the byline. Diouf gets in the way of it to hand Nice a corner, which Versailles successfully clear.
6' Versailles are looking well organised and tidy on the ball. Nice will have to be careful not to underestimate their lower-league opponents.
4' Nice enjoy their first shot of the game. Gouiri sniffs a chance to shoot from the edge of the box and goes for it, hitting a Versailles defender in the process.
2' Versailles start this semi-final brightly, forcing Stengs to give them a corner. Bulka confidently claims the cross in.
1' And we're under way here in Nice!
The players are out on the pitch at a lively Allianz Riviera. Versailles will play in white shirts and blue shorts. Nice are in their preferred red and black striped shirts and white shorts.
Versailles boss Youssef Chibhi makes just one change to the team that started their penalty shootout victory over Bergerac in the Coupe de France quarter-finals. Alledji gets the nod ahead of Sylla in midfield.
There are five changes to Nice from their 0-0 draw away to Strasbourg in Ligue 1 a few days ago. Dante and Justin Kluivert are suspended having picked up red cards in that game.
SUBS: Kapokyeng Sylva, Yohan Brun, Aly Yirango, Koren Kerkour, Bissourou Toure, Mamadou Savane, Ludovic Fardin, Christopher Ibayi.
VERSAILLES (3-4-3): Dan Delaunay; Mael Durand de Gevigney (c), Gustave Akueson, Waly Diouf; Kevin Pham Ba, Inza Diarrassouba, Melvyn Vieira, Makan Traore; Boigny Alledji, Kapitbafan Djoco, Diego Michel.
SUBS: Morgan Schneiderlin, Evann Guessand, Flavius Daniliuc, Walter Benitez, Danilo, Bilal Brahimi, Antoine Mendy, Kasper Dolberg, Alexis Claude Maurice.
NICE (4-4-2): Marcin Bulka; Jordan Lotomba, Jean-Clair Todibo, Pablo Rosario, Melvin Bard; Hichem Boudaoui, Mario Lemina, Kephren Thuram, Calvin Stengs; Andy Delort (c), Amine Gouiri.
Versailles may not have the satisfaction of playing this tie at home due to their stadium not being suitable, but they won't be cowed by their top-tier opponents having made it through six rounds just to make it this far in this season's competition. Defeating Nice on their own turf would be an incredible upset. A final against Nantes or Monaco awaits the victors.
Nice are just two games away from winning their first Coupe de France since 1997. Christophe Gaultier's side are sitting pretty in third place in Ligue 1, and will welcome what is, on the face of it, an easy home tie against fourth-tier Versailles after dispatching Marseille 4-1 in the quarter-finals.
Hello! Welcome to our live text commentary of this Coupe de France semi-final between Nice and Versailles at Allianz Riviera.