'Show some respect to Iwobi’ -Fans fume at Manchester United’s defender's Instagram post

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Alex Iwobi and Tyrell Malacia.
The supporters lashed out at the Dutch full-back for lacking remorse towards the Everton midfielder after posting the picture of the incident

Manchester United full-back Tyrell Malacia has come under fire from fans for lacking remorse towards Alex Iwobi after he included a picture of his tackle on the Everton midfielder as he celebrated his team’s win on Instagram.

Iwobi fell awkwardly after a tackle from behind from Malacia that saw him suffer what is suspected to be an ankle ligament injury and he was stretched off in tears during United’s FA Cup match against Everton, which the Red Devils won 3-1, at Old Trafford on Friday.

While Everton are yet to reveal the extent of Iwobi’s injury, the supporters feel it was disrespectful for the Dutch defender to include a photo of the incident in his celebration post.

Below are some of the fan comments as sampled by GOAL in reaction to the post.

  1. Very heartless

    Very heartless

    Imagine posting the second pic? Very heartless. Someone will do the exact same thing to you.


  2. Show him respect

    Show him respect

    Am a big fan but you shouldn't have posted the second pic, there was no foul but show respect to a brother. His leg is hurt. -@bigmetche.9

    Very wrong to post a dangerous tackle. You lack respect for the player. Grow up.


  3. Football isn’t war

    Football isn’t war

    Man, what you did to Alex Iwobi tonight [Friday] is inhumane. Football isn’t war. Too bad from you. You should thank the referee. -@topedadadreads

  4. Lack of sportsmanship

    Lack of sportsmanship

    That's humiliating, where is the sportsmanship? You sent someone out probably for the rest of the season and still post his photo without lovely words to support him? -@phazesteve

  5. The photo was unnecessary

    The photo was unnecessary

    Why posting the second picture? You gave someone crutches to walk with and you posting it?

    -@ chukwu_ebuka___

  6. You’ll never reach Iwobi’s level

    You’ll never reach Iwobi’s level

    So, you are pumped you got him on the stretcher? You've never and will never reach that bloke's feat. - @treash_mili

  7. Despicable from Malacia

    Despicable from Malacia

    Can't believe you posted a picture that sent another player to the hospital. That is very despicable. -@kelvinekerete

  8. Should be wishing him a recovery

    Should be wishing him a recovery

    Second slide [is] not necessary. Please send him a quick recovery message. We are human.


  9. Immature from Malacia

    Immature from Malacia

    Immature kid. Very stupid thing to do. It was a great tackle, but he shouldn't have shared it after what that tackle did to Iwobi. -Usman Ghani

  10. He should think about others’ safety

    He should think about others’ safety

    Saw him sliding in foolishly the whole game. He just slides in with tackles without thinking of the safety of opposition players. -Chidi Okpa