'Mendy is finished, he let Senegal down' - Reactions after England smash Lions of Teranga

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Edouard Mendy.
The 30-year-old Chelsea custodian has come under heavy criticism from fans after his display against the Three Lions on Sunday

Supporters across the world have blamed goalkeeper Edouard Mendy for Senegal's exit from the 2022 Fifa World Cup in Qatar.

The Lions of Teranga's journey in the global competition came to a halt on Sunday after goals from Jordan Henderson, Harry Kane and Bukayo Saka propelled England to a 3-0 victory in the Round of 16 fixture at Al Bayt Stadium.

The overall performance of the 30-year-old Mendy, who turns out for Premier League outfit Chelsea, has elicited debate on social media with a section of fans opining he should have done better to stop Kane and Saka's goals.

Others have questioned Mendy's failure to keep a clean sheet in the competition. In the group stage, Mendy conceded in the 2-0 defeat against the Netherlands, Senegal's 3-1 victory against hosts Qatar and the 2-1 win against Ecuador.

  1. Mendy finished for Senegal

    Mendy finished for Senegal

    Mendy what happened to him!? Now he’s letting his country down … - @AKMLEVI47

    I’m sorry Mendy but it’s time to pack your bags. - @WolfRMFC

    Mendy used to be a wall. He looks easy to beat nowadays. - @Blue_Footy

    What really happened to Mendy?????? - @symplyDAPO

    Mendy is England’s 12th player on the field 👍🏽 - @TheMahleek

    What happened to Mendy? - @AzayMalone

    Wondering if Senegal have another Goalkeeper, Mendy killing his team mates careers. - @JermainRepublic

    This Chelsea goalkeeper is letting down the whole of Africa. What happened to the Mendy that we knew? I am heartbroken! - @edgarwabwire_

  2. Mendy has lost confidence
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    Mendy has lost confidence

    Mendy has lost every confidence in him. Unlike his first season at Chelsea.. now he concede goals like never before. Poor performance from Senegal. - @Mlu__N2

    Mendy is finished 😂😂 - @Emmashakurr

    How my guy Mendy lost his confidence is really sad to watch. I hope he gains his confidence back. @edou_mendy_ ❤️ love you champ. - @breezy_litt

    Mendy has totally lost his confidence #EngSen. - @_EDET_

    Edouard Mendy lost all his confidence. Feel bad for him, being goalkeeper is such a pressured position. - @ThatDudeBroly

    Mendy appears to have totally lost his confidence. If I were a Chelsea fan I’d be worried. - @maeib113

  3. Mendy is overrated
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    Mendy is overrated

    Mendy is The Most Overrated Goalkeeper I have ever Seen. No wonder he Plays for Chelsea. - @Jeff_Tymer_

    The way Mendy's performance keeps declining is just crazy. - @obikoyaemmanue1

    Edouard Mendy is overrated. guy is so bad at keeping 🤢 - @UtdKwamz

    One of the overrated goalkeepers has been exposed, his name is Mendy. - @saidat_salau

    Can we now agree that Mendy is overrated? - @gani_jonathan

  4. Koulibaly should take blame

    Koulibaly should take blame

    Don't blame Mendy he is not the only one to play without a good defense you can't do anything that's why Kane has scored a reckless goal. - @shemnyachio1

    I'm sure those blaming Mendy for England's second goal are listening to radio commentary. - @kwamebenaiah

    Why would you blame Mendy for those two well worked goals? Unfair to me. - @aviitweets99

    If you blame Mendy for the goals Senegal conceded then you don’t know ball. - @_mfkent

    Cant even blame Mendy, Senegal midfield. so so bad. - @sarrislighter

    I can’t blame Mendy for the goals. His defense line has been poor all game. - @SkysilverLORD

    I don't understand how anyone will blame Mendy for any of the goals. Koulibaly has been suspect all game and no one is saying anything. If anyone is taking the blame, should be him. - @Khunlhey_Avatar

  5. Saka troubles Mendy

    Saka troubles Mendy

    Has any player scored more goals against Mendy than Bukayo Saka? Or has Bukayo Saka scored more goals against any goalkeeper than Mendy? - @WelBeast

    Saka has given Eduoard Mendy HELL EVERY TIME he has faced him 😂😂 - @ClockEndH

    Bukayo Saka owns Mendy forever 😭😭 - @AfcGabeast

    Arsenal players humiliating Mendy? Not the first time😉 - @bradysikolia

    Edouard Mendy must absolutely hate Bukayo Saka. - @AFCMet

  6. Compare Mendy to Allison or De Gea?

    Compare Mendy to Allison or De Gea?

    They once compared this Mendy guy to Marc-Andre ter Stegen, your apologies should be as loud as your disrespect. - @Founda__

    People actually disrespected Alisson Becker for Edouard Mendy over 1 good season, the disrespect to the best keeper in the world. - @SamueILFC

    Chelsea fans compared Mendy to De Gea. Funny. - @kobiwaynejr

    Mendy is better than Alisson is potentially the worst opinion on here I’ve ever seen 😂😂😂😂 Never forget Chelsea fans tried to tell us that hahahahahaha. - @LFCBXN_

  7. Mendy still world-class keeper
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    Mendy still world-class keeper

    I'm no Chelsea fan, but I agree with the fact that Mendy is still a world-class goalkeeper. - @SirIsaji

    Mendy is a world-class goalkeeper and is just on a bad form due to a recent injury. This is normal for players but to say The Best Fifa Goalkeeper of 2021 is not ‘very good’ is screaming agenda for me. - @kelvinbossman

  8. Ati-Zigi better than Mendy?
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    Ati-Zigi better than Mendy?

    Watching Mendy makes me think Lawrence Ati-Zigi is a prime keeper. - @_mrbio

    Ati-Zigi is better than Mendy. Who says No?🤨- @Emmashakurr

    Ati-Zigi has been better than Courtois and Mendy combined in this World Cup. - @Tef_lon_don

    Ati-Zigi is better than Mendy!!! - @brah_kwadwo8

    Ati-Zigi is better than Mendy but Chelsea fans will not accept this🤪. - @official_ADB2

    Ati-Zigi is better than Edouard Mendy in my books. - @thisisceekay

  9. Kepa gets fit quick
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    Kepa gets fit quick

    Leave Koulibaly and Mendy in Qatar, don’t want them to come back to Chelsea. - @CFC_Ali10

    Mendy is a mess, Chelsea need a new keeper, I pray Kepa gets back better. - @afrosouthi

    I just really really hope and pray Kepa gets fit by the time club match resumes. Mendy is not it!!! - @uniquely_PAM

    Chelsea needs to sell Édouard Mendy next summer. He’s getting worse 😭 - @IbzSpeaks