'Martinez is arrogant, jealous of Mbappe's hat-trick for France vs Argentina, only Messi can mock him' - Fans

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Martinez Mbappé
The 30-year-old Martinez saved two penalties to help the Albicelestes lift the trophy but his conduct towards the Les Bleus forward has irked fans

A photo of Emiliano Martinez holding a baby doll with Kylian Mbappe’s face while doing a World Cup victory parade in Buenos Aires has sparked debate in Africa with the Argentina goalkeeper facing a backlash from fans.

Despite conceding four goals against Mbappe in the final at Lusail Stadium, the 30-year-old Martinez turned the hero for the Albicelestes as he stopped two penalties to deny Les Bleus a chance to defend the title.

However, his celebrations after the final whistle, left a lot to be desired, first, he mocked the 23-year-old Mbappe in the dressing room immediately after the win.

And on Tuesday during the victory parade attended by millions of fans, he turned up with a baby doll wearing Mbappe's face and this has not gone down well with a section of African fans on social media.

Below are comments from the fans as compiled by GOAL.

  1. Martinez jealous of Mbappe

    Martinez jealous of Mbappe

    Martinez is an arrogant player, he is jealous of the hat trick of penalties scored by Mbappe against him and four goals in total in one match. - Hadaje Jnr

    He couldn't stop four goals from him, he's making a fool of himself. - Nicholas Kimatu Mwaniki

    He's too obsessed with Mbappe because of the embarrassment he received from him - Mathiang Adingo

    He's jealous of Golden Boy Mbappe 🤣 he was beaten four times by Mbappe and should shut up. - Nasr Nassor Amani

    This guy is taking his jokes too far. He needs to mature. You can't ridicule a guy who is incomparable to you in all respects. A man who put four past you! - Benedict Maluni

  2. Mbappe made Martinez cry like a baby

    Mbappe made Martinez cry like a baby

    Being a goalkeeper is a matter of luck, he can't match Mbappe's speed, agility, and smooth moves when it comes to playing soccer. He should respect his age, Mbappe made him cry like a baby in front of the cameras, and a 23-year-old boy made him cry.

    Mbappe's shots were too hot for him to stop any of them from shaking the net. Bitter man, give him two years, and he will have to book an appointment to meet Mbappe, or rather, someone will have to introduce him to Mbappe.

    People should stick to their area of specialization, a goalkeeper should mock a goalkeeper, and the only person that should mock Mbappe is Messi. - Awinja Janet

  3. Martinez should respect Mbappe
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    Martinez should respect Mbappe

    With all these trolls I know he ought to respect him. Mbappé was able to score a total of four goals past him! That's quite enough to make him [Martinez] a fool!😣😣😣 - Jochy De Mann

    He couldn't save any single shot on target from Mbappe. He will forever dream about Mbappe. - Albert Khamala

  4. Martinez will remember Mbappe for life
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    Martinez will remember Mbappe for life

    He will remember for life how Kylian Mbappe tormented him the way our dear mothers remember the torment we put them through as babies. That caption is spot on. Pushing through four goals is no joke. Three of them came from penalties and not losing any one of the penalties! That is a torment to remember for life and that baby doll may not achieve the intended pun after all. - Nelson Harun

    It is ironic that Martinez is holding a toy of a man who scored a hat trick against him. Maybe the toy will forever remind him how young Mbappe terrorised him in the finals. - Nyasimi Baba Hiram

    Tells you his experience with Mbappe was something he'll never forget. He'll need to outgrow it. - Catherine Njambi Mwangi

  5. Martinez is big but not maturing?
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    Martinez is big but not maturing?

    Why would he do that?? Even Leo Messi isn't happy... Mbappe just put four past him and he is disrespectful. He is big but not maturing. - Wesley Jasuba Wes

    Mbappe is not your age mate yet he beat you thoroughly. The game was between Argentina versus Mbappe! - Ola

    He may have won the World Cup but he will never forget how young Mbappe terrorised him and his entire team. - Moniq Muya

    Not funny. He needs some growing up to do! At least Mbappe didn’t miss his penalty. - Hilda Bether

    It's good they knows that Mbappe was the man to watch... it was Argentina vs Mbappe. - Chriz Wamalwa

  6. Mbappe beat Argentina hands down

    Mbappe beat Argentina hands down

    Mbappe beat you people head down like David and Goliath...penalties were just mere luck... - Emyjay Philips

    Respect is given where it's due. Mbappe outplayed him no wonder he is disrespectful to him. - Madalitso Kalua

    Mbappe was his biggest challenge. The goalkeeper was really scared of Mbappe 🙂 - Josefin Nganga

  7. Even Messi knows Mbappe is the real deal
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    Even Messi knows Mbappe is the real deal

    Argentina police marked Mbappe the entire game but the little spaces he found he tore them apart. Even Messi knows Mbappe is a baller. Gave them a serious run for their money, - Washingtone Olukalie

    I was gunning for Messi and co. but Mbappe proved to the world why he is the most feared. - Nahshon Otieno Opondo

  8. Mbappe is Martinez's role model
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    Mbappe is Martinez's role model

    Mbappe is his role model, Martinez wants to keep the toy as a reminder. That Mbappe gave them a hard time during the 2022 World Cup finals. Who in the World Cup has ever scored two goals within 90 seconds? That's Mbappe, great memories Martinez 😁😆 - Treasure Lele Mlambo

  9. Mbappe also mocked Kane
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    Mbappe also mocked Kane

    Mbappe was not also so graceful when Harry Kane lost his penalty for England. That is football, the passion🤣🤣🤣 - Peter Ngetich

  10. Why can't Messi stop Martinez?
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    Why can't Messi stop Martinez?

    Messi is the captain of that team. Martinez is just next to him. Why can't Messi stop him? - Suleiman KE

  11. Martinez will never win a title at club level

    Martinez will never win a title at club level

    Mbappe has won the World cup before Martinez, he has won both team and individual honours in France. Martinez plays for Aston Villa, but he will never win any title at the club level in his lifetime. - Emmanuel Zemo

  12. Martinez is right to celebrate

    Martinez is right to celebrate

    Martinez is doing right to those who thought Argentina was going to be humiliated by France... let him celebrate so that next time we may see very entertaining football. - Mic Safari

    Yes... it’s true he scored many goals or whatever, but who won the World Cup this time? - Mickey Darling

    Many may be reading it wrongly, what if he is trying to rope Mbappe into the celebration the best way he can? It may be showing respect to a man who made the final match memorable. He is celebrating their win with him. - Jack J. Msafiri

    I think it is out of respect for him. He just recognised him. - Andrew Keror