13 fun facts about Marco Verratti

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marco verratti
Everything you need to know about Marco Verratti, PSG's Italian wizard.

Marco Verratti is an Italian professional football player who currently plays as a central midfielder for Paris Saint-Germain and the Italian national team. He was born on November 5, 1992, in Pescara, Italy. He is widely regarded as one of the best midfielders in the world, known for his excellent ball control, passing skills, and vision.

Verratti began his career playing for his local team Pescara, where he quickly established himself as one of the most promising young players in Italian football. He made his professional debut for the club in 2008 at the age of 16 and went on to play over 100 games for the club before being signed by Paris Saint-Germain in 2012.

At PSG, Verratti has been a key player for the club and has helped them win numerous domestic titles, including seven Ligue 1 titles, six Coupe de France trophies, and nine Coupe de la Ligue trophies. He has also been instrumental in PSG's success in European competitions, helping them reach the final of the Champions League in 2020.

Verratti is known for his technical ability on the ball, as well as his tactical intelligence and defensive work-rate. He is an excellent passer of the ball and is capable of unlocking defences with his vision and creativity. He is also a tenacious tackler and is not afraid to put in the hard yards in midfield.

Off the field, Verratti is known for his humble and down-to-earth personality. He is widely respected by his peers and is regarded as a role model for young players. He is also a dedicated family man and has two children with his long-term partner, Jessica Aidi.

In addition to his success at club level, Verratti has also been a key player for the Italian national team. He made his debut for the Azzurri in 2012 and has gone on to earn over 40 caps for his country. He was a key member of the Italian side that reached the final of Euro 2020, where they defeated England on penalties to win the tournament.

Verratti's success on the pitch has been recognised with numerous individual awards and accolades. He has been named in the Ligue 1 Team of the Year six times and has been nominated for the Ballon d'Or award on several occasions. He has also been named the Italian Footballer of the Year three times.

In summary, Verratti is one of the best midfielders in the world, known for his technical ability, tactical intelligence, and defensive work-rate. He has been a key player for PSG and the Italian national team, helping them win numerous domestic and international titles. Off the field, he is a humble and dedicated family man who is widely respected by his peers.

  1. A fan of the Old Lady growing up!

    A fan of the Old Lady growing up!

    Since an early age, Verratti had his heart set on Juventus as he grew up supporting the Turin-based giants. Verratti started out playing for Pescara, a team in Serie-D, in the hope of wearing the famous white and black one day.

    And when Pescara was promoted to the Italian top flight, it looked like the then 19-year-old's dream would become a reality with him becoming one of the hottest prospects in Italy.

    Juventus, AC Milan, and Inter Milan were all vying for the midfielder's signature, but amidst the rumours, PSG decided to throw their hat in the ring and bagged the prize as the Italian signed for the French giants.

  2. A man of multiple languages 🅰️🅱️
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    A man of multiple languages 🅰️🅱️

    Verratti can speak several languages with ease. He is proficient in both Italian and French, which he picked up after signing with Paris Saint-Germain in 2012.

    Verratti is fluent in English as well, and he has been observed using it in conferences and social media appearances.

    His ability to connect with teammates and supporters from other nations clearly thanks to his language skills has made him both an asset on and off the pitch.

  3. Hails from a footballing family 👪

    Hails from a footballing family 👪

    Not many are aware of the fact that Verratti hails from a footballing family. The Italian's father and brother both played amateur football but failed to break onto the scene. Despite their failures, the duo pushed Verratti to pursue his dream of football and he became one of the best midfielders across Europe.

    Verratti started playing football at a very early age as he was considered a formidable talent from the start. His first steps as a footballer started at an academy in Manoppello and he hasn't looked back since.

  4. Has a museum full of jerseys 👕🎽
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    Has a museum full of jerseys 👕🎽

    A football enthusiast by nature, Verratti has amassed over 100 jerseys from various teams and nations throughout the years. He has jerseys from well-known clubs like Barcelona, Real Madrid, and Manchester United as well as shirts from lesser-known teams and national teams in his inventory.

    Verratti's travels and relationships within the football community have allowed him to assemble this outstanding collection. After games, he has been noted to trade jerseys with other players, and he has even accepted presents of shirts from both fans and other athletes.

    Verratti has talked about how much he enjoys gathering football jerseys and how each one brings back a distinct memory for him. He has turned a specific area in his home into a small museum where he exhibits his collection. Verratti's collection is evidence of his passion for football and commitment to the game.

  5. Loves American football 🏉

    Loves American football 🏉

    Not only is Marco Verratti a lover of football, but also of American football in particular. He has been to a number of NFL games in the country, including a MetLife Stadium encounters between the New England Patriots and the New York Jets.

    Verratti has a reputation for being a devoted NFL fan; he has even been shown on social media sporting a football jersey.

    Football players frequently take an interest in other games, and Verratti is just one illustration of his passion for American football. His admiration for the game demonstrates his breadth as a sports fan and emphasizes the allure of games to people of all ages.

  6. His idol is Alessandro Del Piero
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    His idol is Alessandro Del Piero

    Since being a fan of Juventus growing up, it is no shock that Marco Verratti grew up idolizing Alessandro Del Piero. Before joining PSG, Verratti was tipped to join forces with the Old Lady and follow in the footsteps of his idol and lead Juve to greatness.

    "I'm a Juve fan, I grew up admiring Del Piero. He was one of the greatest in the world". quoted Verratti when he was asked about who the midfielder admired.

    One major reason for the PSG midfielders' admiration of Del Piero stems from the fact that like Verratti, the Italian veteran wasn't the most physically gifted player but still scored scintillating goals for his club and country.

  7. Has participated in a local reality TV show 📺

    The Italian footballer was once featured in a local reality TV show with his current wife Jessica Aidi. The couple was first spotted together at the Monaco Grand Prix as they held hands during the event and rumours of them being together spread across the globe.

    Verratti tied the knot with Aidi soon after lifting the European crown at Wembley and soon after, French Football News shared a video of the duo on a reality show.

  8. A body full of tattoos ✒️
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    A body full of tattoos ✒️

    Like many footballers, the Italian is a fan of inking his skin, with Verratti boasting multiple tattoos across his body.

    He has a tattoo of the Virgin Mary, a representation of his Catholic religion, on his left arm. On his right arm, Verratti also has tattoos of numerous characters and patterns, as well as the name of his daughter Mya.

    His tattoos have become an important component of both his on- and off-field unique style since they allow him to assert himself and exhibit his uniqueness. The midfielder once got an emoji tattooed on his right tricep to make his eldest son Tomasso laugh.

  9. Verratti is ambidextrous 🤝🤜🤛
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    Verratti is ambidextrous 🤝🤜🤛

    The ability to use both his left and right foot with near-equal dexterity is one of Verratti's greatest advantages on the football pitch. He is a dangerous adversary and a vital member of any squad he plays for, partly because of this talent.

    Verratti's ability to use both feet enables him to make sudden movements and shifts in trajectory, making him challenging to anticipate.

    He is a dynamic player who can play in a variety of positions thanks to his abilities with both feet.

    With years of training and practice, Verratti has developed his ambidexterity, which is now a distinguishing aspect of his playing style.

  10. Scared of rats 🐀😂

    An unknown fact about the Italian midfielder is that Verratti is very scared of rats. Once his wife, Jessica Aidi, threw fake rats around their house to record her husband's reaction.

    In the video, the Euro 2020 winner can be seen hilariously running around the house from the animal he despises the most.

  11. Fan of playing the guitar 🎸

    Fan of playing the guitar 🎸

    Verratti is also a huge music aficionado and likes to play the guitar in his spare time. He has discussed his passion for music in conversations and has posted videos of himself practicing the guitar on social media.

    Verratti enjoys a wide range of music, including Italian classics, rock, and pop. He has stated that after a hard day of practicing or playing, he likes to unwind and relax by playing the guitar. He also claims that it enables him to cleanse his thoughts.

    Verratti's attention to his hobbies outside of football and his love of music are demonstrated by his skill on the guitar.

  12. Prefers playing chess before a game

    The Italian's composure on the ball and his ability to dribble past players are well celebrated, and this sense of calmness comes to Verratti because of his habit of playing chess.

    The PSG midfielder is a master of the board and usually plays chess before a game to relax his mind going into a crucial encounter.

  13. Supported by his mom at every step 👩‍👦
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    Supported by his mom at every step 👩‍👦

    The midfielder's mum played a crucial role in developing Verratti as one of the most dangerous midfielders in Europe today.

    Verratti's mother helped the 19-year-old settle in France when he joined the French giants. Despite wanting him to stay in Italy, Lidia Cremenose supported her son's dream as he was tipped for greatness.