Manchester City charges: ‘Yaya’s ancestors are at work’; ‘Toure’s juju is generational’; ‘Pep should carry Ebo’

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Yaya Toure and Pep Guardiola of Manchester City
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African fans believe that Manchester City legend Yaya Toure might be responsible for the club’s current peril!

Manchester City were charged with breaking financial rules by the Premier League on Monday, prompting some African supporters to speculate that Yaya Toure might be responsible.

The Cote d’Ivoire legend represented the club with distinction between 2010 and 2018, but upon his departure from City, his agent Dmitri Seluk predicted an ‘African curse’ will prevent the Sky Blues and Pep Guardiola from ever winning the Champions League again.

“The way he acted towards Yaya, a club legend, coming up with various pretexts not to let him play…he has set all of Africa against him, many African fans have turned away from Manchester City,” said the Russian agent, “and I am sure that many African shamans will not let Guardiola win the Champions League in future.

“It will be like an African curse on Guardiola. Time will tell if I am right or not.”

Following City’s latest setback, supporters across the continent have speculated whether Seluk’s words are coming true, and whether Yaya is to blame for the sanctions.

  1. Yaya’s watching

    “Yaya Toure probably rubbing his hands right now,” wrote @TH4To_, in reference to City’s charges, while @Kiso_Riley added: “Yaya Toure strikes again!”

  2. Took the curse to the next level

    “I thought Yaya Toure lifted the curse on ManchesterCity,” wrote Namibian GOAL favourite @dme_363. “He was thinking about the next level.”

  3. The curse was doing push-ups

    “Toure’s curse was doing push-ups for four years in preparation for this City downfall,” wrote @nuevothato, in a hilarious reference to Seluk’s comments.

  4. Ancestors at work

    “Yaya Toure’s ancestors are at work,” wrote @perkins__sa, in reference to Seluk’s ‘curse’ comments.

    Ta Sayda agreed.

    “Toure’s juju is generational,” he wrote on his @Sayda_2203 handle. “Man curse them straight to hell with an unbreakable spell.”

  5. Yaya about to bring out the receipts

    User @xo_gusTaV0 reckons that the charges are just the beginning for City’s downfall, and that Yaya still has a greater contribution to make to the club’s toil.

    “With this City news I can guarantee Yaya Toure is about to bring out all the receipts,” he wrote. “The curse was just the beginning.”

    “If ever you doubted African juju,” wrote @drumkingpiu, “then you’ve never heard of Yaya Toure.”

  6. No coincidence?

    User @ZiieRadebe believes it’s no surprise that the charges coming City’s way correspond with Yaya returning to England to take up a coaching role at Tottenham Hotspur.

    “Yaya comes to work in England and ManCity are charged by the Premier League,” he wrote. “Idolo’s ancestors are hard at work.”

  7. Pep should carry Ebo

    Nigerian supporters also weighed in on speculation that the ‘curse’ is to blame for City’s plight.

    “If Pep wants to progress in life,” wrote @OmoKiikan, “he should go and carry Ebo for Yaya Toure…and rababa for forgiveness.”