Liverpool star Salah wishes fans a Merry Christmas despite annual criticism

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Mohamed Salah Egypt.
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The Egyptian ace once again shared a festive message on social media where he appears alongside his family with a Christmas tree

Liverpool forward Mohamed Salah has received both praise and criticism for wishing fans a Merry Christmas.

The Egyptian captain has made it a tradition to send Christmas greetings on social media for a number of years.

In his posts over the years, you can see Salah dressed for the occasion or chilling out in his pyjamas, having a tree with Christmas decorations and presents too.

The 2022 Christmas post has once again angered many fans who believe he should not be celebrating Christmas, and then there are supporters who admire his greetings to all.

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    How fans supported Salah’s latest post

    Salah is a great representation of true Islam, accepts and loves all and shares with them their joyful moments no matter who they are. - abdihagii

    I am Muslim and don’t celebrate Christmas, but Salah can if he wants. Worry about yourselves and not others. He has done much for our community. - mohsinmirza1

    Christians often join the Muslims in celebrating Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha, so there's nothing wrong if a Muslim chooses to honour the Christmas holiday.

    Some people may not agree due to their religious beliefs, but acts like this promote religious harmony. It doesn't cost anything. - @DanielRegha

    I don't understand what's with the outrage over this tweet. If I wished Eid Mubarak to my Arab friends would that mean I am disgraceful towards my religion?

    Why can't people from different cultures wish each other their corresponding happy holidays? -  @ShyVortex