Is Antonio Conte begging to be sacked at Tottenham? ‘Give us Conte, come and get Potter please!’ ‘Kane needs to run’

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Antonio Conte frustrated Tottenham AC Milan 2022-23
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Antonio Conte’s meltdown after Spurs’ draw with Southampton on Saturday has divided Africa’s football fans.

African supporters across the continent are divided in their response to Antonio Conte’s furious meltdown after Tottenham Hotspur drew 3-3 with Southampton on Saturday.

Spurs were 3-1 up with less than a quarter of an hour to play before a late capitulation, prompting Conte to turn on the club and the Lilywhites’ players during a remarkable post-match rant.

Here’s the pick of the reactions from Conte’s startling outburst, with African supporters split on whether it was justified.

  1. He’s failed

    “He wants to leave because he has failed as a manager and they gave him money,” @goonerbefok wrote, clearly unimpressed with Conte’s rant.

    “First time it’s gone wrong for Conte and he wants to leave.”

  2. Begging to be sacked
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    Begging to be sacked

    “Conte probably looked around and saw zero passion in the squad,” wrote @ThabisoTBee. “He’s realised he can’t motivate the players anymore and is begging to be sacked.

    “Two managers who are serial winners in [Jose] Mourinho and Conte, can’t both be the problem. “It’s the players.”

    @PuleZtro is of the same mindset. ”Conte is fed up,” he began. “He’s getting himself fired by Levy there.”

  3. How’s he still there?

    How’s he still there?

    @Devoyce007 is stunned that Conte is still employed by the club.

    “How is Conte still Spurs manager after such a rant yesterday,” she began. “[The] man practically embarrassed the club in the name, speaking his mind.

    “They seem to be enjoying this abusive relationship with Conte.”

  4. Time to blame the club and players

    Time to blame the club and players

    For @Ughramik, Conte was justified in his complaints and observations about Spurs’ current plight.

    “He is absolutely correct,” he wrote. “We've had the likes of Jose, Poch and Conte and we still couldn't win any silverware.

    “At some point we will need to stop blaming coaches and realise that this club and its players are indeed the problem.”

  5. Spurs didn’t back him

    As has been the case with managers past, @SirdomL is of the belief that Spurs are getting what they deserve for not backing the head coach.

    “With all the money being spent in the Prem by many of the teams, if you don’t invest you won’t progress,” he wrote. “Very short-sighted to get Conte in and then not give him the tools.”

  6. They don’t care about trophies

    @Adorationchinho appears to support Conte’s complaints about Spurs, indicating that they seem to be content with mediocrity, while Harry Kane doesn’t fully deserve the credit he gets.

    “Conte is being honest,” he began. “They are happy with the position, they don't care about winning trophies.

    “Kane is their leader,” he continued. “England is failing to win anything, he score useless goals.”

    Does he have a point?

  7. Kane needs to escape

    Kane needs to escape

    Friend of GOAL, @PoojaMedia has advised Kane to get away from the new White Hart Lane immediately if he’s to achieve anything in terms of silverware in his career.

    “Mourinho talked about the Spurs' mentality after Pochettino destroyed it by saying trophies are just for ego,” he began. “He wanted to help them with the Carabao Cup win as he did at Chelsea & Man Utd.

    “Now, Conte is saying the same thing. Kane needs to run now.”

  8. Set to break up

    “That Antonio Conte and Tottenham relationship won’t last,” predicted Sinethemba Mbatha.

    Hard to disagree with this one.

  9. Hugo and Conte will retire with the medals

    Hugo and Conte will retire with the medals

    For @Marc_Andrew_Yon, only two figures in the current Spurs set-up will be able to look back on having achieved anything with the club.

    “Remember the Lloris rant after we got knocked out of Europe,” he recalled. “Well Hugo and Conte retire with medals…and the others? And us fans?”

  10. Tactics to blame

    With Spurs floundering, some believe that the manager’s tactics—and not the players—explain Tottenham’s struggles.

    “Conte’s tactics are killing him,” wrote @Tlhogy_Sechele7. “He tries the same thing over and over and it fails, now he’s crying.”

    @Howard65080445 agreed.

    “Conte will pick the same team and same formation,” he began. “He’s not learning from his mistakes.

    “Get rid now.”

  11. Wasn’t Mourinho the problem?
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    Wasn’t Mourinho the problem?

    Ayodele Agoro is one of several fans who’s clearly enjoying Spurs self-destructing.

    “Fun to see Conte melting down the entire history of Tottenham,” he wrote. “[I] thought Spurs fans said Mourinho was the problem.

    “This is so fun to watch.”

    We’re glad someone’s enjoying it…

  12. He’s a disgrace

    Jonathan Forgor didn’t mince his words.

    “That Conte interview is a disgrace,” he started. “How can a manager disrespect a club like this, and this is not the first time, but you have many delusional fans making up excuses for him.”

  13. Swap for Potter?

    Swap for Potter?

    Chelsea fan @LuckyMwiba from Zambia has proposed a cheeky swap deal for the Blues to get their old manager back.

    “Give us Conte,” he pleaded to Spurs. “Come and get [Graham] Potter please.”

    @HawXli agreed.

    “Conte clearly wants out of Spurs during the international break,” he wrote. “Chelsea sack Potter and we bring in Conte as our new coach…

    “How we feeling?”

  14. Struggling to express himself
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    Struggling to express himself

    For Sylva Nze Ifedigbo, Conte’s explosive comments can be attributes—partly at least—to a language problem.

    “I think some of the issue with Conte is the challenge with expressing himself in English,” he opined, “so sometimes the things he says don’t come out right.

    “I think Unai had [the] same issue in Arsenal.”