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'Aboubakar will bench Ronaldo, Ighalo will beat new Al-Nassr star to Golden Boot' - Fans

09:48 SAST 2022/12/31
Odion Ighalo, Cristiano Ronaldo and Vincent Aboubakar.
The 37-year-old made a swift return to club football after leaving the Red Devils but fans are not convinced he will bench the Cameroon forward

Supporters in Africa believe Cristiano Ronaldo will still struggle to earn playtime in the Saudi Pro League after he sealed a transfer move to Al-Nassr on Friday following his premature exit from Manchester United.

The 37-year-old Portuguese forward joined the Saudi Arabian outfit on a free transfer and will now link up with Cameroon international Vincent Aboubakar at the new club.

Ronaldo had returned to Man United from Juventus for a second stint but struggled to nail down a regular starting role under Erik ten Hag and African fans have taken to social media to suggest he will struggle at the club, with Aboubakar being tipped to start ahead of him.

The 30-year-old Aboubakar had a great outing in the World Cup finals in Qatar, scoring three goals for the Indomitable Lions and chipping in with one assist. He has so far notched three Saudi Pro League goals from 10 matches this season.

Meanwhile, another section of fans opined Nigeria forward Odion Ighalo, who features for Al Hilal, will beat Ronaldo to the Golden Boot. Ighalo has so far scored six league goals from 10 appearances.

Below GOAL compiles fan comments after Ronaldo's move.

  • Cristiano Ronaldo vs Vincent Aboubakar.

    Aboubakar will bench Ronaldo, Ighalo to take Golden Boot

    Aboubakar will make Ronaldo sit on the bench! Aboubakar is better than Ronaldo because he scored against Brazil and Ronaldo scored a cheap penalty against Ghana in the World Cup!🤔 - GuyBoakye Yiadom Edward

    Imagine Vincent Aboubakar outscoring Cristiano Ronaldo in the Saudi Arabian League. - Hustinx Adutwum Jr.

    Odion Ighalo will still win the highest goal scorer's boot, Vincent Aboubakar will bench him too. - Darius Caleb Dunamis

    Partner what? He is coming to be on the bench, that's how Aboubakar will prove to him that he is better 🤣🤣 - John Okoronkwo

    Ronaldo is ready to warm the Arabic bench I see😂😅 - Jeromy Parker

    So Ronaldo will now be in our Aboubakar's shadow 🤣🤣🤣. Aboubakar will still bench him. 🤣🤣🤣 - Asanga Alain Fidel

    Ronaldo will be benched by Aboubakar. - Siciid Jimcaale

    Trust me, Aboubakar will bench Ronaldo. - Gweh Herald

    He will be benched by Aboubakar 🏃 - Misheck Gome

    Just hoping he won't be benched. The real problem now is who will take the penalties? 👀🙃 Vincent Aboubakar should stay strong. - Elomo PC TheBison

  • Cristiano-Ronaldo

    Ronaldo signed for the original farmers league

    They said Messi plays in a farmers League, I wonder what league signed Ronaldo. - Da Caution

    Playing with farmers and herdsmen is as good as retiring from football. - Martinelli Pokissio Alexis

    He is going to farm goals in small teams😀😀 - Kay Moh

    Do you mean totally finished Ronaldo has officially joined the low level of the original farmers league. 😂🙈🤑 - KCEE SONG

    Some people will say that the Saudi league is better than Ligue 1. Who's playing farmers, league, now? - Etornam Richardson

    The guy has run away from Europe, players are no longer causing many penalties that's why. Good luck Penaldo. - Andrew Bigdon

    Penaldo fans won't say he's going to be playing in a farmer's league 😅😅😅😅 But they will admit Messi is playing in a farmer's league. - Mayor Peter

  • Messi Ronaldo

    Messi is greater than Ronaldo

    Very awkward. From EPL to Saudi League. And they compare him to Messi? Please... - Asirifi Appiah

    Messi has won the World Cup so nothing else is left for him. It is clear now Messi is greater than him so even if he wins 30 champions Leagues, it won't change anything. Good for him to make money anyway. - Teacher Baidoo Jnr GH

    Look at how the Ronaldo fans are reacting, they don't want to understand that Ronaldo is coming to an embarrassing end of his career.#Messi #GOAT. - Micky Forson

    At least he frees [Messi] in Europe now because no competition there again. - carrasco Mohammed fofana

  • Zlatan Ibrahimovic

    Ibrahimovic's career is better than Ronaldo

    Ibrahimovic's career is better than Ronaldo's career in Europe, with more than 40 years of age, Ibrahimovic is still accepted in the European League, and even players of Ronaldo's class cannot follow in Ibrahimovic's footsteps. - Ihsan Mohammed

  • Xavi

    Ronaldo got no shame after mocking Xavi

    He's got no shame after what he said about Xavi and retiring with dignity by not playing in USA, Qatar, or Dubai. - Daniel Koomi Atimieku

    I want to retire with dignity, not in USA, Qatar, or Dubai. - Asare Stephen

    He once mocked Xavi for playing in Qatar, here is him today playing in Saudi Arabia's league. Lesson: Never allowed your present status to underrate someone. - Adamu E. Aliyu

    He mocked Xavi and Iniesta for playing in Qatar and Japan. Now he is going to Saudi. Life comes back at you fast. - Victor Adomako-Bamfi

    I think this is a double standard and a contradiction!! When he was mocking the players who end their careers outside Europe, Xavi is on their head!! - Vincent Brian

  • Mbappe Hakimi

    Mbappe should learn from Ronaldo

    I think this is a lesson Kylian Mbappe needs to learn from, Mbappe must think about his career and achievements first and later go and look for money in Qatar... If Mbappe keeps chasing money by his age, he will never be a legend like Messi and Ronaldo. - Kelly-bhaddy

  • Cristiano Ronaldo

    End of Ronaldo?

    CR7 is finished. Period. - Wasa Mundia Kabeleka

    This does not change the fact that his time is over. Let him get whatever he needs there but he won't be able to play for big teams again in Europe. - Khamis Ally

    A finished player can't make it in Europe 😂😂😂 - Uthman Yahaya

    So sad man, his career is set to end in the desert!! 🐫🔥 - Didarul Islam Sujan

    That is the end of Ronaldo, playing there will bring his value down and no top club in Europe will go for him. - Joe Minutes

  • Cristiano Ronaldo Al-Nassr

    Ronaldo signed for money

    If you see him sign for the club, it's for the money... Man needs to cash out big... Even Messi would like to join him there... - Frank Albert Imbrah

    Now he just realised top-level football has passed him and he needs to get a lucrative pay check to console himself after a disastrous World Cup outing with Portugal. - McArthur Onuoha

  • Cristiano-Ronaldo

    Ronaldo made a wise decision

    He has already gotten fame so going for this huge cashout is the best. Wise decision 👌🏾 - Kog Throne

    Congratulations CR7, a wise decision that only wise men will understand 👍✊💪 - Muzammil Moh'd Zurmi

    All the best towards the next chapter of your stellar career. May Almighty God guide you. - Frederick Quaye

    Wise decision, we love you. Thanks, thanks, thanks. - Joy Joy Gitau

    Very excellent decision. More money no pressure. Your retirement bonus. - Emanuel Nimo

    This is one smart move and I wish him all the best. This is a proper way to end your career on a high. - Franky Darling

    It is good for him both mentally and financially... now let's see how agenda people will fare without him in the mainstream of European football. - Yaw MP

    He has proven to play anywhere but Messi it's just in Spain and two days in France. Let him move and see how he ends... [finish] his carrier. - Kalolita Sk

  • Ronaldo Ten Hag 2022-23

    Ronaldo should respect Al Nassr's coach

    Go make your last professional player money, but respect your coach over there. - Christian Agbanyo

    If he goes there and disrespects the coach and players, then we will let him know that he is not in Europe, he should respect the coach... - Cosmos Odion