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'Salt Bae can kiss my a**!' - Rossi slams Argentina's infamous World Cup celebration invader in angry tweet

11:58 AM EST 12/21/22
Salt bae 16:9
Former Italy forward Giuseppe Rossi criticised celebrity chef Salt Bae for crashing Argentina's on-field World Cup celebrations in Qatar.
  • Rossi hits out at Salt Bae
  • Chef went on field and touched World Cup trophy
  • Restaurant owner under fire for hogging spotlight

WHAT HAPPENED? Viral chef and restaurant owner Salt Bae, real name Nusret Gokce, caused controversy following the World Cup final by appearing to pester Argentina's winning squad during their celebrations after the final whistle, including getting his hands on the illustrious trophy. Rossi expressed his displeasure in a rather cutting tweet.

WHAT HE SAID: On his official account, Rossi tweeted: "#SaltBae can kiss my a**. Wanting all that attention and touching the cup. Who da f*q are you bro? You’re 2 minutes of fame are up. Next."

THE BIGGER PICTURE: Many were unhappy with Salt Bae, who owns the Nusr-Et steak restaurant chain, for infringing on Argentina's celebrations. He was pictured going out of his way to grab Lionel Messi's attention, before awkward footage of him trying to hold the trophy with Lisandro Martinez also emerged.


WHAT NEXT? As a result of his antics, Salt Bae can perhaps expect a few less Argentine footballers to wander through his infamous steak house in Dubai.