WATCH: ‘Don’t celebrate yet’ - Patrice Evra ‘raging’ as he calls Micah Richards a ‘Christmas tree’ in bizarre interview after Man City rout Real Madrid

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A "raging" Patrice Evra called Micah Richards a "Christmas tree" in bizarre post-match interview after Manchester City rout Real Madrid.
  • Evra gatecrashed the CBS show
  • Called Richards a Christmas tree
  • Was fuming after Man City beat Real Madrid 4-0

WHAT HAPPENED? The former Manchester United defender was at the Etihad, working as a pundit for France TV, during Manchester City's 4-0 thrashing of Real Madrid. After Evra was done with his job he gate-crashed CBS Sports coverage of the Champions League semi-final which was being hosted by Kate Abdo and had Thierry Henry, Jamie Carragher and Micah Richards on the panel, while Peter Schmeichel also joined in.

The 42-year-old was having a go at former Manchester City defender Richards and asked him "not to celebrate yet" and "relax." Abdo then poked fun at Evra for his "untucked shirt" and the defender retorted by saying he moves about in that fashion as he "lives in Dubai where it is very hot and not like Micah. He looks like a Christmas tree."

THE BIGGER PICTURE: Soon after the final whistle, Evra got into a heated altercation with Manchester City staff and Manel Estiarte, assistant to Pep Guardiola, had to step in to settle the matter.

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Speaking about the incident on CBS, Evra said, "He was looking at me, he was like [pointing aggressively] ‘this is for you, this is for you’.

“So I came close and said ‘Why are you shouting, why are you so agitated?’ He said because last year I said last year they **** [the word used was dubbed out] themselves, that’s why they lost to Madrid. I said this year they didn’t **** themselves."

Richards tried to stop him for his choice of words on live television but Evra snapped at him, "Because that’s the truth Micah, I’m an honest man, I’m straight.”

WHAT NEXT? Manchester City will be next in action against Chelsea in the Premier League on Sunday.