Major League Soccer to implement VAR starting on Aug. 5

Felipe red card MLS 0401201
The introduction follows more than three years of testing and training between MLS and the Professional Referees Organization

Major League Soccer has announced that all league games, including the playoffs, will utilize video assistant referees (VAR) beginning on Aug. 5.

According to the league, the technology will be utilized in "clear and obvious errors or serious missed incidents in four game-changing situations: goals, penalty decisions, direct red cards, and cases of mistaken identity."

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In addition to the four on-field officials, a fifth official will be located in a booth in the stadium, and will have access to all available broadcast angles, checking every play for any evidence of the aforementioned situations. 

The International Football Association Board will conduct a two-year study regarding VAR, before determining whether to incorporate the technology into the Laws of the Game. A final decision is expected in 2018 or 2019.

Last month, the Confederations Cup became the first major international tournament to feature video assistant referees.