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FUT Versus: Release date, packs, SBCs & FIFA 22 Ultimate Team offers

8:11 AM EST 12/16/21
FUT 22 Versus
Everything you need to know about the big winter Ultimate Team promotion

FUT Verus is the next FIFA 22 Ultimate Team promotion, following on from FUT Black Friday offers.

It is the holiday season and in the lead up to Christmas and the new year, EA Sports gets into the seasonal spirit with a series of offers and challenges.

So when does it all start and what is it about? GOAL brings you all the details.

What is FUT Versus?

FUT Versus is one of a number of FIFA Ultimate Team promotion runs, where special offers in the form of packs, Squad Building Challenges (SBCs) and so on are made available to players.

Previously known as FUTmas (a play on Christmas), it was rebranded for FIFA 21 as FUT Freeze and now has another new name for FIFA 22.

When is the FUT Versus release date?

FUT Versus, as with FUT Freeze and FUTmas before it, usually starts on the second Friday of December and, in 2021 for FIFA 22, that means we will see special offers released from December 10.

Around 6pm GMT (1pm ET) is the usual time for promotion drops, so it is a good idea to set a reminder or to check with EA Sports' various social media channels.

The winter promotion has traditionally run for the rest of December, ending just before Christmas or the new year.

Last year, for FIFA 21, Freeze began on December 11 and ran until December 30 and the FIFA 20 edition - then known as FUTmas - began on Friday December 13.

Initially, FUTmas promotions only ran for between 10 and 12 days, expiring on Christmas eve, but it was expanded for FIFA 19 to run until the end of December.

What SBCS will FIFA 22 Versus have?

EA Sports has already teased the first promotion for FUT Versus, and we can expect to see a further array of cards, objectives and fresh SBCs.

The first FUT Versus SBC is Chelsea and USMNT star Christian Pulisic with the challenge reward offering a choice between five-star skill moves or a five-star weak foot upgrade as well as stats improvements.

Two special squads will be released: a FUT Versus Fire and a FUT Versus Ice team, with the first pool of players available from Friday, December 10.

The first FUT Versus team can be seen below.

Among the players in the squad are Marcus Rashford, Adama Traore and Gabriel Jesus.

The second squad - Ice - contained the same selection of players, but with "contrasting play styles" according to EA Sports. You can see the team, which was released on December 13, below.

The SBCs are dropped each day at approximately 6pm UK time and are generally time-limited, available for just 24 hours until a new set drops.

GOAL will bring you FUT Freeze updates as they happen.