FIFA 22: How to get Ronaldo's 92-rated Player of the Month card & how much it costs to complete

Cristiano Ronaldo, Manchester United 2021-22
The Man Utd striker and Portugal international's rating has gone up following his blistering return to the Premier League

Cristiano Ronaldo has been issued a special Player of the Month card in FIFA 22 due to his performances for Manchester United.

The Portugal star was crowned the Premier League's Player of the Month for September after scoring three goals in as many matches.

Ronaldo has topped the EA Sports chart, too, resulting in a boost to his rating in the video game, taking it from 91 to 92, but players will have to work hard to get him into their team.

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How do you get Ronaldo's POTM card?

To get the special POTM Ronaldo, you have to complete 26 different Squad Building Challenges (SBCs). These range from relatively cheap challenges such as building an 84-rated squad which includes one Manchester United player, to building four different 89-rated squads, which cost over 170k coins each to complete.

It will cost at least 2 million coins to complete all the SBCs, requiring you to submit 286 players in total giving you just one player (the 92-rated Ronaldo) in return.

Each individual SBC also gives player packs as rewards, ranging from Jumbo Gold Packs to Mega Packs and Rare Player Packs. The players earned in these packs can either be sold on the market or submitted into other SBCs to help you progress through the 26 SBCs to complete Ronaldo.

The POTM Ronaldo challenge will only be available for two weeks, so you must complete all 26 SBCs by October 22 in order to get the limited-edition card for your squad.

What ratings boosts has Ronaldo received?

As well as a one point increase to his overall rating, the 36-year-old has seen all of his individual attributes boosted.

His pace has gone up by one point, to 88, while his shooting now stands at 94. Ronaldo is now rated 89 for dribbling and 35 for defending.

Both his passing and physical attributes have gone up by two points, to 84 and 77 respectively.

What is a POTM card?

EA Sports selects a Player of the Month for each of the Premier League, Bundesliga, La Liga, Serie A, Ligue 1 and MLS.

The issue of the award is based on the players' performances and is voted by a panel of experts and fan voting.

The chosen players receive a special card with an increased overall rating, which is available for a limited time through the game's Squad Building Challenges.

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