Eriksen on Manchester United transfer: I didn't come here for a logo, I came to play!

The Danish playmaker has opened up on his move to Old Trafford

Christian Eriksen says he didn't join Manchester United "just for the logo" as the Danish star insists he fully intends to contribute and get back to his best following his Euro 2020 heart scare.

Eriksen joined Manchester United this summer, continuing his career in the Premier League after spending half of a season at Brentford.

The Bees gave Eriksen a chance to return to the game after being released by Inter due to his health problems, and Eriksen says he now expects to be a key player for Man Utd after speaking with manager Erik ten Hag.

What did Eriksen say?

"I want to come here to play football, I don’t come here just for the logo itself, I want to come here and play," he told the club's official website.

"Obviously to speak with the manager and hear his ideas and have conversations with him on the football terms was great and ideal for me to get the decision and the possibility of coming to Manchester United."

He continued: "I’m a guy who wants to play football and I think with the idea of the manager coming in and the ideas he had and also with my conversations with him, I mean I could see myself playing football in Manchester.

"At the same time, it’s a very, very big club – if not the biggest. If you pronounce it anywhere they know where it’s from, they know where the locals come from. It has a big history and it’s a nice feeling to be part of something that is that big in history."

Eriksen on his return to the Premier League

Eriksen returned to the Premier League with Brentford, having left after seven years at Spurs to join Inter.

However, after one season in Italy, Inter were forced to void his contract in response to the heart issue Eriksen experienced at the Euros.

Eriksen says he never expected to be back in the Premier League, as he was looking forward to playing in Serie A, and he certainly never expected to be back in England as a player for Man Utd.

"I think from my career path before the incident in the Euros, the planning wasn’t to go back to the UK at all," he said.

"I was thinking my time to go to Manchester United was before! Obviously, then I was at Spurs, and then went to Italy, but now to sit here is definitely something that I didn’t expect, but I'm also very happy that I’m here. It feels good, it feels good to be here."

He continued: "I think back then when I wanted to try something new and left first after more than seven very, very good years, I wanted to try something new and went to Italy. It started off tough but ended up being a very, very good place.

"Then obviously I was planning to fulfil my contract there being in Italy, but like I said, I took time to reflect, and taking in whoever calls and wanted to pick up and, luckily, Thomas [Frank] rang and Brentford was very keen, and I could see myself playing there for six months and see how it went."