'Bad habit' - Conte tells Tottenham board to explain club's transfer position

Antonio Conte asked Tottenham's board to be more transparent with its transfer strategy and compared the quiet approach with Serie A clubs.
  • Conte wants public explanations from board
  • Feels it's unfair he's only public voice
  • Said things work differently in Italy

WHAT HAPPENED? Conte is growing tired of having to explain Tottenham's business decisions on his own - particularly when they are controversial - and wants to implement a different system.

WHAT THEY SAID: "In England, there is a bad habit that there is only the coach to speak and to explain," Conte told reporters. "I have never seen the club or sporting director [in England] come here to explain the strategy and vision of the club. In Italy for example, before every game there is a person from the club who has to go before the media and answer every question.

"For us, it could be much, much better because otherwise, every time there is only one face to explain a situation which I think is better for the club to explain. But this is a habit and I respect this habit. In Italy, it's different, the person from the club during the game week speaks and explains many situations. If only the coach speaks there are sometimes misunderstandings. I think it would be good to have the club present in the media and to speak. Not every week but at least every 15 days or once-a-month."

THE BIGGER PICTURE: Conte added that having more voices explain Tottenham's transfer vision would help reporters cover the club more accurately. Spurs are in fifth place in the Premier League and the coach reportedly would like reinforcements before the January window closes.


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WHAT NEXT FOR TOTTENHAM? Spurs are next in action on Thursday against Manchester City.