'Trust yourself' - Chivas winger Brizuela 'convinced' positive results will come

Isaac Brizuela Chivas 2021-22
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A season-opening defeat to Atletico San Luis has not killed the forward's mood

Chivas winger Isaac Brizuela is not concerned about the 2-1 defeat to Atletico San Luis that dimmed Liga MX's restart this past weekend.

In fact, the 30-year-old has said he's "convinced" the squad will finish among the top clubs in the Apertura as long as players are willing to take risks and trust themselves.

Brizuela has been with Chivas for the past eight seasons, including in 2018 when they won the CONCACAF Champions League, but results have taken a downturn since then.

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What has been said?

"That is the word that I think is very key, trust yourself first, obviously doing things well will generate that," Brizuela told Chivas TV. "Look for a higher risk play and trust the one who is next to you.

"Also we ask the fans for trust and patience not because I think they have endured many [difficult seasons] ... but to invite them to trust in this squad. 

"I am sure that great things are going to be done this tournament, even if they say that there were no changes, that only homegrown players have joined. I am convinced that the homegrown players will help us obtain what we are planning."

Chivas vulnerable to counterattack

"It was not a good start for us because we didn't play our normal style, obviously having the ball," Brizuela said. "I think that [Atletico] doing their job to what they came and look for a counterattack [caused us problems].

"We needed to have the ball more, have better possession, combine more, have more arrival by the bands, sending more crosses in.

"I think we stopped doing many things that in the last preseason game were done quite well."

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