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Real Betis v Eintracht Frankfurt Live Commentary, 3/9/22

1 - 2
N. Fekir (30)
F. Kostić (14)
D. Kamada (32)
Estadio Benito Villamarín


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Frankfurt take the narrow advantage into the second leg, which will take place in Germany next Thursday. That's back-to-back wins for them now and they face Bochum in the Bundesliga before the return game. Betis are now winless in five games and they have Athletic Bilbao in LaLiga before making the trip to Frankfurt.
Frankfurt take a 2-1 lead over Betis into the second leg. Kostic opened the scoring for the visitors with a cross-cum-shot that caught Bravo out. Fekir curled in a lovely equaliser, but Betis found themselves behind two and a half minutes later when Kamada slotted into an empty net. Frankfurt could've been out of sight in this tie; Bravo saved Borre's penalty early in the second half before making a string of great saves to keep his side in it.
90' + 4' One last chance for Betis here as they win a corner in the final seconds. Canales whips it in, but Ndicka gets enough on his glancing clearance to take the danger away.
90' + 3' GREAT SAVE! Betis are causing their own problems again as they gift it to Kostic, who sprints away down the left. He's the furthest forward, so takes the shot on from a tight angle, but Bravo gets a strong hand to it to send it wide.
90' + 2' CHANCE! It's a poor backpass towards Pezzella and Lammers steps across the defender to win it back. He plays a one-two with Lenz to open up some space in the box, but his shot is blocked by Gonzalez.
90' It's brilliant work for Tello, who nudges Knauff off the ball before breezing past Tuta as he cuts inside. He lifts a cross towards Fekir at the far post, but Hinteregger steps across just in time to block it.
88' Lammers leaves Rodriguez behind as he spins into space before sliding it through for Knauff. He does well to poke a shot through Gonzalez's legs towards goal, but there's no power on it, and it's a comfortable one for Bravo.
S. Lammers
R. Borré
Eintracht Frankfurt
86' Borre's number goes up, and he takes a long time to walk off the field in an attempt to run the clock down. Lammers comes on to replace him.
84' Kostic bursts down the left again and clips a good cross into Jakic at the far post. He cushions it down for Sow, who can't sort out his feet quick enough before Miranda hooks it away.
82' Kostic is still causing all sorts of problems down Frankfurt's left and Sabaly can't get close to him. He curls another dangerous cross into the six-yard box, but Gonzalez is first to it this time.
80' Betis have committed a lot of bodies forward in attack and Kostic is able to pick out Lenz in acres of space down the left. He holds onto it for too long though, and the hosts flood back, with Pezzella sliding in to block his cross.
C. Lenz
D. Kamada
Eintracht Frankfurt
78' Frankfurt are making their second change and it's Kamada that's going off for Lenz.
Borja Iglesias
Willian José
Real Betis
77' And Jose also makes way, with Iglesias on to replace him.
Aitor Ruibal
Real Betis
77' There's another double change for Betis here, with Ruibal the first to go off. Tello is on for him.
M. Hinteregger
Yellow Card
Eintracht Frankfurt
75' Hinteregger cuts across Ruibal to stop him from getting on the end of a throughball, and he's booked.
J. Hauge
J. Lindstrøm
Eintracht Frankfurt
73' First change for Frankfurt now, and it's Lindstrom that's making way for Hauge.
72' Fekir does well to hold off Tuta before laying it off to Miranda, who whips a good cross into the middle of the box. Jose takes it first time but sends him effort looping high and wide of the near post.
71' Fekir hits his free-kick against the wall, but it loops up and falls kindly for Ruibal on the edge of the box. He hits a shot on the volley, but his effort loops high over the bar.
69' Betis are just slowing the pace of the game down a little by keeping possession in their own half. Fekir eventually drives forward before knocking it through to Sabaly, and he wins a free-kick when he's toppled over by Hinteregger.
67' GOOD SAVE! Bravo is called into action again, and it's Kamada that breaks through the lines this time. The keeper goes to close him down, but Kamada backheels it to Borre instead and Bravo scrambles back to punch the effort away.
66' Betis are struggling to get out of their own half at the moment, with Frankfurt pushing forward again. They're chasing the visitors around, without much luck of winning the ball back.
64' GOOD SAVE! Rodriguez is muscled off the ball by Kostic and he turns before sliding it through for Kamada. He tries to lift his shot over Bravo, who rushed off his line, but the keeper gets a strong hand to it.
62' GOOD CHANCE! Frankfurt are knocking at the door again, with Kostic curling in another good cross from the left. Borre stretches to poke it towards goal, but can't get enough on it to take it past Bravo.
Juan Miranda
William Carvalho
Real Betis
61' And Carvalho is also taken off, with Miranda on in his place.
Real Betis
61' There's a double change for Betis now as they continue to search for an equaliser. Juanmi is first to go off, with Joaquin replacing him.
58' It's end-to-end at the moment, with both sides determined to get an important next goal. Kostic sees another cross cleared at the near post, while Rodriguez whips a deep ball over everyone at the other end.
56' Frankfurt go straight down the other end with a quick counter of their own, with Kostic making a bursting run down the left, away from Sabaly. He takes on the shot from a tight angle, but it's always heading wide.
54' There's a scramble on the edge of Betis' box but Pezzella eventually manages to hook it away. The hosts go straight down the other end and Sabaly's cross picks out Canales. His glancing header is blocked by Hinteregger, and the hosts are asking for a penalty for handball, but the referee waves it away.
C. Bravo
Penalty Save
Real Betis
52' Bravo did well to stay on his line, and he quickly got down to stop the shot. He spilt it first, but nobody was following in for Frankfurt, and he has time to collect it.
R. Borré
Penalty Miss
Eintracht Frankfurt
52' IT'S SAVED! It's a poor penalty from Borre, who only takes a short run-up before aiming for the bottom-right corner. Bravo dives the right way and bundles the spot-kick away before holding it on the second attempt. Still 2-1 Frankfurt!
51' PENALTY TO FRANKFURT! Lindstrom is trying to take it around Ruibal in the box, but the defender slides in to block it. His arm is out by his head and the ball hits it. The referee has a good view of it and points straight to the spot.
50' Betis almost catch Frankrt out with another quick counter-attack, with Fekir looking for Juanmi with the throughball. There's too much on it though and Trapp comes out to clear it.
48' Canales is dispossessed by Jakic and Lindstrom is breaking quickly through the middle when the referee's whistle pulls him back. The Frankfurt players aren't happy, but it was a foul on the Betis captain.
46' Betis get us back underway for the second half!
Glasner will be pleased with his side's performance so far. Despite not testing Bravo often, they haven't been under too much pressure at the other end. Betis had more possession and more opportunities, but it was often the final ball that was lacking and Pellegrini will want to see that improve in the second half.
Frankfurt take a 2-1 lead over Betis into half-time. Frankfurt haven't had a lot of chances, but they've been clinical with the ones they have created. Kostic opened the scoring with a cross-cum-shot, with the flight of the floated ball catching out Bravo. Fekir equalised for the hosts with a quick counter, curling a lovely shot just out of Trapp's reach. Two and a half minutes later, Frankfurt were ahead again, with Kamada slotting into the empty net after a poor clearance from Gonzalez.
45' CLOSE! Canales plays it out to Sabaly on the right but quickly gets it back with a reverse pass. When nobody closes him down, he takes it to the edge of the D before fizzing a low shot towards the near post, but it's just wide.
44' Kostic leaves Rodriguez behind as he cuts inside from the left and whips a cross into Jakic on the far side of the box. He brings the ball down, but can't get a shot away under pressure from Gonzalez.
42' Fekir has reached double figures for goals in a single season in all competitions for the first time with Betis (10).
40' Fekir is bundled over twice and Betis win a free-kick in a good position. Fekir takes it short to Carvalho, who fizzes it into Juanmi, but he lets it run, not realising that nobody is waiting behind him.
38' A handball is given against Juanmi and Frankfurt have a free-kick down the right. It's Sow that steps up to take it, but his cross is cleared by the first man.
36' Frankfurt are almost in behind again, with Tuta volleying the ball forward for Lindstrom down the right. He cuts inside and sets himself for a cross, but Carvalho makes an important challenge.
34' GREAT CHANCE! Betis have a glorious chance to equalise, with Canales at the heart of it again. He curls a low cross into the middle and Fekir, who is one-on-one with the keeper, can't sort his feet out quick enough to test Trapp. It pinballs to Jose, but his shot is deflected wide.
J. Lindstrøm
Eintracht Frankfurt
32' Knauff intercepted the clearance, giving it straight to Lundstrom, who took advantage of the space in behind.
D. Kamada
Eintracht Frankfurt
32' KAMADA SCORES! And just like that, Frankfurt are ahead again! It's a poor clearance from Gonzalez on the edge of his own box, and he gifts it back to Frankfurt. Lindstrom puts a good, low cross into the middle and Kamada is in space to turn it into the empty net. 2-1 Frankfurt!
Sergio Canales
Real Betis
30' Yet again, Canales is given so much space, and he picks out Fekir with an inch-perfect pass.
N. Fekir
Real Betis
30' FEKIR EQUALISES! Frankfurt are caught out at the back again, and it's Canales with the throughball into the box. Fekir cuts back to get away from Ndicka before getting into a more central position to curl his low shot past Trapp and into the far bottom corner. 1-1!
29' It's another lightning-quick counter-attack by Betis, with Juanmi bursting forward down the right. Canales sprints past Hinteregger to get to the throughball, but his floated cross is too short for Jose.
27' Hinteregger plays a brilliant long ball over the top to Borre, but he's dispossessed as soon as he brings it down. Betis break quickly on the counter, and it looks like Jose is trying to recreate Kostic's goal as his cross swerves towards the near post, but it's too high.
D. Sow
Yellow Card
Eintracht Frankfurt
25' Ruibal cleverly spun away from Sow, and the midfielder kicked his legs out from under him in an attempt to win it back. He's shown a yellow card.
24' The frustration is starting to show for Betis as another free-kick goes against them. Carvalho thought he was being held back, but the referee disagrees and the Betis players are swarming around the referee.
N. Fekir
Yellow Card
Real Betis
22' Fekir thought he'd won the ball back and was breaking on the counter before the referee's whistle went with a foul against him. He boots the ball away in frustration and is booked for dissent.
20' The hosts switch it from right to left and back again before Sabaly drills it forward for Fekir to chase down the wing. He sets off too early though and the offside flag goes up against him.
18' Still, Betis dominate possession, but they're struggling to get in behind Frankfurt. Canales whips a cross into Carvalho, but it bounces up off his hand and the free-kick goes against him.
16' Betis are looking to have a quick response to going behind, with Fekir making a great run through the middle. He knocks it out to Juanmi on the left, but Tuta throws himself forward to block the cross.
D. Sow
Eintracht Frankfurt
14' Sow was given so much time on the ball, and he got his head up to spot Kostic peeling away into space down the left.
F. Kostić
Eintracht Frankfurt
14' KOSTIC SCORES! And it's a lovely goal! Borre cuts off Ruibal's run to win it back, and it's Sow with the switch of play out to Kostic on the left wing. He looked like he was trying to cross it, but the flight of the floated ball catches out Bravo and nestles into the far side of the net. 1-0 Frankfurt!
12' It's much better from Betis now, who catch out the visitors with a quick counter. Sabaly and Canales link up well down the right, but the winger slips as he clips it into the box, and it's an easy collection for Trapp.
10' It's a lovely switch of play out to Kostic, but he can't get away from Sabaly to put in a cross. He's forced to play it back to Jakic, who gives it straight to the hosts with a loose touch.
8' Betis just can't get on the ball at the moment as Frankfurt patiently knock it around in their own half. Sow spins before trying to get Borre in behind with a throughball, but Pezzella steps in to stop it from reaching him.
6' Frankfurt's high press pays off as Kostic wins the ball on the halfway line, and he clips an early cross to Lindstrom just outside the box. He takes it first time on the volley, but a deflection takes it flying over the bar.
4' Ruibal makes a brilliant weaving run past three Frankfurt players to cut inside near the halfway line. He threads it through to Canales, who is quickly brought down by Knauff's sliding challenge, but the referee doesn't give the free-kick Betis are looking for.
2' An early chance for Betis here as Bravo goes long with a goal-kick. It bounces over the defenders and Canales is running in behind and brings it down with a good first touch. He hits the shot with his second, but it's straight at Trapp.
1' Kamada gets the game underway for Frankfurt!
The teams are out on the pitch now, with kick-off just moments away!
Betis have failed to win any of their last five knockout matches at home in the UEFA Cup/Europa League (D2 L3), having won 11 consecutive such games, between 1984 and 2006, prior to this run.
Oliver Glasner was clearly impressed with his side's performance in the win over Hertha Berlin last time out as he names an unchanged line-up today. He doesn't have Goncalo Paciencia in the squad due to suspension.
Manuel Pellegrini makes six changes to his team after their loss to Atletico Madrid on Sunday. Pezzella, Gonzalez, Rodriguez, Canales, Juanmi and Jose all come into the side. They're light in options for left-back, with fill-in Andres Guardado picking up a hamstring injury in that game, so Ruibal starts there today. Bartra, Ruiz, Joaquin and Iglesias drop to the bench.
EINTRACHT FRANKFURT SUBS: Christopher Lenz, Ajdin Krustic, Sebastian Rode, Danny da Costa, Makoto Hasebe, Sam Lammers, Aymen Barkok, Jens Hauge, Timothy Chandler, Almamy Toure, Jannik Horz, Jens Grahl.
EINTRACT FRANKFURT STARTING XI (3-4-2-1): Kevin Trapp; Tuta, Martin Hinteregger, Evan Ndicka; Ansgar Knauff, Kristijan Jakic, Djibril Sow, Filip Kostic; Jesper Lindstrom, Daichi Kamada; Rafael Borre.
REAL BETIS SUBS: Rui Silva, Rodrigo Sanchez, Joaquin, Juan Miranda, Cristian Tello, Borja Iglesias, Marc Bartra, Victor Ruiz, Joel Robles, Diego Lainez.
REAL BETIS STARTING XI (4-2-3-1): Claudio Bravo; Youssouf Sabaly, German Pezzella, Edgar Gonzalez, Aitor Ruibal; Guido Rodriguez, William Carvalho; Sergio Canales, Nabil Fekir, Juanmi; Willian Jose.
Frankfurt sailed through to the knockout stages of the competition, going unbeaten on their way to topping their group (W3 L3). While their form in this competition has been good, they've struggled for consistency in their league, though a 4-1 win over Hertha Berlin last time out ended a three-match losing run. Betis finished second in their group before beating Zenit 3-2 on aggregate in the play-off round. They're winless in their last four games though, drawing two and losing two before today.
Hello and welcome to live coverage of the Europa League round of 16 first-leg tie between Real Betis and Eintracht Frankfurt at the Benito Villamarin!