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Norway v Northern Ireland Live Commentary, 7/7/22

4 - 1
J. Blakstad (10)
F. Maanum (13)
C. Hansen (31 pen)
G. Reiten (54)
J. Nelson (49)
St. Mary's Stadium


Norway prepare to face England in Brighton in a few days' time, then, in a match that will likely decide who will top the group. Northern Ireland, meanwhile, will play here again against Austria and fancy their chances of getting a positive result. That's all for now. Goodbye!
Norway go top of Group A on goal difference ahead of England after their 1-0 victory over Austria last night. They racked up 21 shots here and can score against any opponent they'll face in these Euros. Northern Ireland sit bottom of the group, but that won't concern them. Their second-half performance will give them cause for optimism.
Norway have laid down a marker for the other teams in this tournament. The Norwegians were the better side from start to finish, scoring three goals in the first half. Northern Ireland improved after the break and Nelson got a goal to remember, but the favourites scored once more through Reiten's free-kick before deciding to call it a day.
90' + 3' Caroline Hansen smuggles a near post shot wide from the right of the box, after Nelson gives her little time to think.
90' + 2' Norway force a corner down their left. Burns has it covered.
90' Reiten hits a hopeful effort well over the crossbar. There'll be five more minutes of this.
A. Jøsendal
J. Blakstad
89' Norway substitution. Blakstad goes off. Josendal comes on.
87' Boe Risa's set free down the left for Norway. Hegerberg waits in the middle for the cross. Northern Ireland get a head to it first.
85' Norway get a free-kick down their left. It's bent towards Burns who makes a good catch.
83' A Northern Ireland mistake gives Saevik the chance to shoot from the left of the box. Burns pushes the blast away from goal.
82' It's been half an hour since Northern Ireland last attempted a shot. They've created very little since their goal, but they've been sturdier in this second half.
G. Bergsvand
M. Mjelde
81' Norway make another change too. Mjelde off. Bergsvand on.
E. Wilson
L. Wade
Northern Ireland
80' Wade's game for Northern Ireland is also over. Wilson comes on.
C. McGuinness
S. Magill
Northern Ireland
79' Magill's escorted off with the help of two physios. She doesn't look well at all. Caitlin McGuinness, sister of Kirsty, comes on.
78' Magill is in some pain and is down requiring treatment. It looks like she'll have to go off.
76' Burns claims Norway's latest cross at the second attempt. She's been a fairly safe pair of hands for Northern Ireland since their sloppy start.
75' Northern Ireland may be 4-1 down, but their fans don't care. They're just pleased to see their team here.
K. McGuinness
R. Furness
Northern Ireland
74' That's Furness' last act of the game. On comes Kirsty McGuinness for Northern Ireland.
73' Northern Ireland are preparing Kirsty McGuinness to come on. In the meantime, they have a free-kick in Norway's half. Furness attacks the delivery and goes down. She claims a push, but a penalty isn't forthcoming.
71' Norway's substitute Saevik gets a shot off. It doesn't cause Burns any concern.
69' Norway put the ball in the net, but the offside flag goes up. Hegerberg converts Reiten's low cross, but the winger ran behind Northern Ireland's defence a fraction too early.
67' Norway are keeping the ball now for the most part. They're wisely conserving their energy for their next match against England.
T. Hansen
A. Sønstevold
65' Sonstevold is Norway's last departure for now. Tuva Hansen comes on for her.
K. Sævik
A. Eikeland
65' Eikeland heads off next. On comes Saevik for Norway.
V. Bøe Risa
F. Maanum
65' Norway make a few substitutions too. Maanum, one of their goalscorers, is first to go off. Boe Risa is her replacement.
R. Holloway
K. Burrows
Northern Ireland
65' Here comes that Northern Ireland change. Burrows goes off. Holloway replaces her on the left side of defence.
64' Norway are still the better side, but they've found Northern Ireland harder to break down since half-time.
62' Reiten cleverly picks out Hegerberg in the box with a first-time pass. Magee puts just enough pressure on the Norway striker to bundle her over without fouling her.
60' The mood's picked up at St. Mary's since Northern Ireland's goal. The Northern Irish are preparing another substitution.
58' Caroline Hansen receives the ball outside the Northern Ireland box and tries to plop it into a dangerous position. Burns sees the move coming.
56' Hegerberg causes trouble again in Northern Ireland's penalty area, but can't get her feet together. Northern Ireland counter and cross low from the right, but Norway get back in time to intercept.
G. Reiten
54' GOAL! NORWAY 4-1 NORTHERN IRELAND! This is lovely. Reiten steps up and swishes the free-kick into the top corner. Burns has no chance of keeping it out.
S. Robson
Yellow Card
Northern Ireland
53' Robson gets the game's first yellow card for a firm challenge in front of her own box. The free-kick looks promising for Norway.
52' Northern Ireland are gaining confidence now. Wade's thumper from range is well caught by Pettersen.
51' Norway should be 4-1 up, but they're not! Burns races off her line and gets beaten by Hegerberg, who flashes the ball across the face of goal. Magee is there to clear off the line!
R. Furness
Northern Ireland
49' That was great awareness by Furness. Northern Ireland are obviously delighted. It's their first ever major tournament goal!
J. Nelson
Northern Ireland
49' GOAL! NORWAY 3-1 NORTHERN IRELAND! The corner comes in and Furness keeps it alive at the far post. She hooks it back to the other side of the box, where Nelson nods home! After a quick goal check, it stands!
48' Wade wriggles free down the right and tempts Thorisdottir into conceding a corner. It's Northern Ireland's first of the game. What can they do with it?
M. Callaghan
N. Caldwell
Northern Ireland
46' Northern Ireland make a half-time substitution. Caldwell goes off after taking a few knocks in the opening 45 minutes. The Northern Irish captain Callaghan replaces her.
Northern Ireland get the second half going. Let's see if they'll be able to keep things tighter than they did in the first half.
Norway had 15 shots to Northern Ireland's four in that first half, nine of them on target. But for Burns' hard work in the Northern Irish goal, the underdogs might be losing more heavily. This game is surely gone for Shiels' team, but a goal or two in the second half would certainly help boost their morale.
Norway are showing their class so far. The two-time Euros winners have been on top since scoring twice in quick succession in the opening 15 minutes, before Caroline Hansen made it 3-0 from the penalty spot near the half-hour mark. Northern Ireland are trying their best, but this is a tough learning experience.
45' + 2' Burns parries Caroline Hansen's latest effort after the Norway player darts inside from the left flank to shoot. The Northern Ireland keeper has been busy in this first half.
45' Magill unleashes a powerful first-time effort that skids just wide of Pettersen's right-hand post. There will be three added minutes at the end of this first half.
44' Nelson takes a few little kicks from Caroline Hansen while shielding the ball, earning a free-kick. Norway set a trap to win it back quickly and Hegerberg goes straight for goal. Burns is equal to the shot.
43' Nelson anticipates Reiten's cute pass down the line for Blakstad, cutting it out.
42' Northern Ireland pop the ball around for a while, but can't get past the halfway line. They have yet to have a shot on target.
40' Caldwell is ready to soldier on. Northern Ireland have been better in the last 10 minutes or so, but still haven't threatened Norway much.
39' As Caldwell is down receiving treatment, the Northern Ireland fans are understandably a little muted.
37' Norway take the corner short, and it doesn't work out. It briefly looks like Magee will test Thorisdottir's pace down the wing, but she elects to keep possession for Northern Ireland instead.
35' Caroline Hansen pulls off a neat trick to create a shooting opportunity from outside the box. It deflects out for a Norway corner.
33' Wade gets a free run down the right and jinks inside to shoot from the edge of the box. It's blocked.
C. Hansen
Penalty Goal
31' GOAL! NORWAY 3-0 NORTHERN IRELAND! Caroline Hansen steps up and smashes her penalty at mid-height down the left. Burns jumps across and isn't too far from keeping it out.
30' PENALTY TO NORWAY! The referee takes one look at the pitchside monitor and points to the spot! Caldwell looks frustrated but can have no complaints. It's a clear handball.
29' The referee's being advised to look back at the incident between Caldwell and Hegerberg. On second viewing, it looks like Caldwell handled the ball...
27' Magee makes a fantastic block to stop Hegerberg from making it 3-0 from the centre of the box. Norway get a corner out of it, and Caldwell is barged over by Hegerberg. Northern Ireland get a free-kick.
26' Magee dribbles into trouble in the middle but manages to find Wade to her right. Wade snatches at the ball, sending it wide of Pettersen's right-hand post.
25' Northern Ireland are struggling to beat Norway's high press but they're faring better for now. Vance earns a throw-in down the left.
24' Burns punches the corner away, but only as far as Reiten. Reiten's inswinging cross reaches Hegerberg who nods it back across goal. It drops just wide of the far post!
23' Norway almost get a third as Maanum has a pop from distance. It's heading for the bottom left corner, but Burns watches it all the way and dives to her right to push it around the post for a corner.
21' Norway are looking very slick. Some quick play through the middle sends Eikeland scampering through on goal. Burns slides in to block the winger's low drive.
19' Burns catches a cross-cum-shot but can't prevent it from going out for a corner. The Northern Ireland goalkeeper confidently claims Norway's delivery into the box.
17' Thorisdottir tries her luck but can't give Burns work to do. No matter. Norway are looking comfortable.
15' Norway haven't lost a match in which they've scored an opening goal at the Euros since 2013 against Iceland. They don't look in danger of losing this one either at the moment.
A. Hegerberg
13' Hegerberg was within her rights to shoot herself there but wisely found Maanum instead. It's put Norway in a commanding position already.
F. Maanum
13' GOAL! NORWAY 2-0 NORTHERN IRELAND! This is too easy for Norway. Hegerberg lures Burns off her line and squares the ball to Maanum, who has the simple task of finding an empty net from near the penalty spot.
12' Furness' hopeful shot isn't close to finding the net. After a fairly even start, Norway are ramping up the pressure as Burns dives to catch Maanum's effort from range.
G. Reiten
10' Northern Ireland were caught out far too easily there. They gave away possession and Norway pounced. Reiten knew exactly where Blakstad was.
J. Blakstad
10' GOAL! NORWAY 1-0 NORTHERN IRELAND! From a throw-in down Northern Ireland's left, Reiten switches the play to Blakstad who has far too much space to power into down the opposite side. She takes a touch into the box and slots past Burns at her near post.
8' Northern Ireland take their time to distribute the ball from the back as Burns boots upfield. The newcomers are playing patiently.
6' Caroline Hansen makes a lovely run down the right and clips a left-footed cross onto the head of Reiten who's arriving into the box. The Norway winger nods off-target.
4' Robson makes a strong tackle to put off Hegerberg and prevent her from testing Burns in Northern Ireland's goal.
2' Magee darts down the right for Northern Ireland and flings an early cross into Norway's penalty area. Norway confidently cut it out.
1' Norway, playing in red and white, get things underway! Northern Ireland are wearing white shirts and black shorts.
The two teams come out onto the St. Mary's Stadium pitch and stand for their respective national anthems. Northern Ireland's women sing theirs especially proudly.
Kenny Shiels makes one change to his Northern Ireland team from their last friendly, a 4-1 defeat to Belgium. McCarron gets the nod in midfield ahead of Kirsty McGuinness.
There's one change to Norway from their final warm-up game against Denmark last week. Sonstevold starts at right-back ahead of Josendal.
SUBS: Becky Flaherty, Shannon Turner, Rebecca McKenna, Ashley Hutton, Marissa Callaghan, Kirsty McGuinness, Rebecca Holloway, Laura Rafferty, Louise McDaniel, Emily Wilson, Joely Andrews, Caitlin McGuinness.
NORTHERN IRELAND (4-3-3): Jacqueline Burns; Kelsie Burrows, Julie Nelson, Sarah Robson, Demi Vance; Rachel Furness, Chloe McCarron, Nadene Caldwell; Abbie Magee, Lauren Wade, Simone Magill.
SUBS: Sunniva Skoglund, Aurora Mikalsen, Tuva Hansen, Guro Bergsvand, Vilde Risa, Karina Saevik, Celin Ildhusoy, Thea Bjelde, Elisabeth Terland, Synne Skinnes Hansen, Anna Josendal, Sophie Haug.
NORWAY (4-2-3-1): Guro Pettersen; Anja Sonstevold, Maren Mjelde, Maria Thorisdottir, Julie Blakstad; Frida Maanum, Ingrid Engen; Amalie Eikeland, Caroline Hansen, Guro Reiten; Ada Hegerberg.
This game is a historic one for Northern Ireland as the first their women will ever play in a major tournament. The Green and White Army have been drawn into a tough group and their chances of progression are slim. Whatever happens on the pitch here, it bodes well for the women's game in Northern Ireland.
The second game of UEFA Women's Euro 2022 is upon us as Norway and Northern Ireland face off in Southampton. Norway are veterans of this competition and will fancy their chances of going deep into the tournament, especially with Caroline Graham Hansen and Ada Hegerberg in their ranks.
Hello! Welcome to our live text commentary of this UEFA Women's Euro 2022 Group A match between Norway and Northern Ireland at St. Mary's Stadium.