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Newcastle United v Crystal Palace Live Commentary, 11/9/22

PEN 3 - 2
0 - 0
St. James' Park
(FT 0 - 0)


It's Newcastle who'll be in the EFL Cup fourth round draw then. They won't fear whoever they draw in the next round. That's all for now. Goodbye!
Newcastle will be pleased with their improvement in the second half of this match. They ended up amassing 66 per cent of possession in the game and attempting 13 shots to Palace's six. Vieira's team selection was strange, giving Palace a lack of options to bring off the bench. It doesn't matter now though. They're out.
Newcastle are through to the fourth round of the EFL Cup! Howe's men started slowly but deserve to progress for taking the game to Palace in the second half. They couldn't score in normal time, but Pope proved the hero in the penalty shoot-out, making three strong saves. Putting their hands on their hearts, Palace will admit this is a fair result.
N. Pope
Penalty Save
Newcastle United
Pope has earned his keep in this shoot-out! He's had little to do during this game, but he's turned up when Newcastle needed him most.
POPE WINS IT FOR NEWCASTLE! The goalkeeper makes his third save of the shoot-out, keeping Ebiowei out!
OH DEAR! STILL 3-2 NEWCASTLE! Guimaraes steps up and skies his penalty. It's not even close! This shoot-out will continue to sudden death!
N. Pope
Penalty Save
Newcastle United
That's Pope's second save of the shoot-out, although Mateta didn't make it hard for him. Can Guimaraes seal the win for Newcastle?
IT'S STILL 3-2 NEWCASTLE! Mateta's penalty is woeful. It's an easy save for Pope, and the Magpies could now win this through Guimaraes...
S. Johnstone
Penalty Save
Crystal Palace
Johnstone didn't have to move to make that save from Botman. That was poor from the substitute centre-back.
STILL 3-2 NEWCASTLE! Botman's left-footed effort is straight at Johnstone!
3-2 NEWCASTLE! Palace's centre-back Ward finds the bottom left corner with his penalty.
3-1 NEWCASTLE! Joelinton drives his kick to Johnstone's right, out of the keeper's reach.
2-1 NEWCASTLE! Hughes clips his penalty across to Pope's right, sending the keeper the wrong way.
N. Pope
Penalty Save
Newcastle United
Pope looks strong in these situations and wasn't fooled by Milivojevic there. Newcastle have the advantage.
2-0 NEWCASTLE! Trippier buries his penalty inside the right-hand post. Johnstone has no chance of keeping it out.
STILL 1-0 NEWCASTLE! Milivojevic's effort is at a good height for Pope and the Newcastle shot-stopper keeps it out!
1-0 NEWCASTLE! Wood takes the hosts' first penalty, going to Johnstone's left and successfully firing beyond the Palace keeper's reach.
This match will be heading to penalties as Newcastle and Palace couldn't be separated within 90 minutes. The Magpies were the far stronger side, especially in the second half, but the Eagles managed to keep their clean sheet intact. Let's see which team will progress to the fourth round.
90' + 4' Trippier's diagonal ball from the free-kick is kept alive. Guimaraes shoots from 25 yards and doesn't get it right. That'll be that!
90' + 3' Trippier crosses the halfway line and goes long for Willock. The midfielder keeps the ball in play. Guimaraes gets fouled by Hughes. This'll be Newcastle's last chance, for sure.
W. Hughes
Yellow Card
Crystal Palace
90' + 2' Bruno helps Newcastle escape by earning a free-kick. Hughes is shown the yellow card for preventing them from taking it quickly.
90' + 1' Palace have won a corner. Milivojevic takes it. It's high towards the penalty spot. Almiron lifts it away.
90' Lascelles brings down Mateta to concede a foul. There'll be three additional minutes at the end of normal time.
89' Willock gets dispossessed by Riedewald, who tries to find Mateta. The Palace striker can't prevent the ball from going out for a throw-in.
88' Almiron gets played in behind Mitchell. The Paraguayan's cross is behind all the Newcastle players attacking the box. Targett arrives in support and lashes into the Gallowgate End.
87' Palace squander an opportunity to threaten Newcastle from a free-kick as one of their players strays offside. The visitors are holding out for penalties.
J. Willock
J. Shelvey
Newcastle United
86' It's Shelvey who'll make room for Willock. That's Newcastle's last permitted change.
86' Milivojevic has a pop at Pope but doesn't really test the Newcastle keeper. Willock is about to come on for the Magpies.
84' Joelinton blasts off-target from range. If there's going to be a winner in normal time, it's Newcastle who'll score it.
82' Newcastle keep coming as Saint-Maxmin's shot from the left of the box is blocked. Wood earns the hosts a corner. Hughes makes the clearance.
81' Newcastle create a decent scoring opportunity as Almiron latches onto Trippier's pass. The winger opens up his body and aims for the far post from the right of the box. Johnstone makes the stop.
80' Ebiowei looks for Mateta and is nowhere near finding him. Pope intercepts the intended pass.
M. Almirón
E. Anderson
Newcastle United
78' Newcastle, meanwhile, bring on another big gun in Almiron. The Paraguayan replaces Anderson on the right wing.
J. Riedewald
J. Ayew
Crystal Palace
78' Ayew heads off too after a quiet display. Riedewald comes on for Palace.
M. Ebiowei
M. Olise
Crystal Palace
78' Palace make two changes. Olise goes off first. The 19-year-old Ebiowei, who they bought from Derby County, comes on.
77' Mitchell stops Trippier to give Newcastle another free-kick down their right, almost in short corner territory. Trippier sends it in. Palace clear down the far side.
75' Palace get a free-kick wide on their left. Newcastle wait just on the edge of their D. It comes in and Hughes wins the second ball. Anderson races forward but can't find the right delivery.
73' Trippier sends the free-kick into the middle. Wood can't keep his header down.
72' Guimaraes buys a free-kick in his own half as he's stopped by Mateta. Newcastle have Almiron warming up.
70' Pope catches a routine cross into his six-yard box. Palace haven't mustered much going forward since half-time.
68' Shelvey makes a sliding challenge to hand Palace a throw-in. Newcastle's energy levels are rising.
Bruno Guimarães
S. Longstaff
Newcastle United
66' Longstaff is last to head off for now. Guimaraes takes his place in midfield for Newcastle. Shelvey will drop deeper.
S. Botman
D. Burn
Newcastle United
66' Burn is the next Newcastle player to go off. On comes Botman.
K. Trippier
Javi Manquillo
Newcastle United
66' Here are those Newcastle changes. Tripper replaces Manquillo at right-back first.
65' Newcastle are about to bring a few players on. The hosts are taking the initiative.
63' Hughes hands Newcastle a corner. The Magpies are upping the tempo. Targett's delivery drops behind Lascelles for Burn, who leans forward and nods off-target.
61' Saint-Maximin has a hopeful shot blocked. Guehi almost slips in his own penalty area. Hughes does well to find Mitchell and prevent Newcastle from capitalising.
59' Hughes goes for goal from outside the box. Pope is on hand to make a decent save. Play continues. Milivojevic nearly puts Johnstone in trouble but the Palace goalkeeper manages to clear with Saint-Maximin lurking.
57' Newcastle look a better side since the break. They've already had more shots since than the two they had in the entirety of the first half.
55' In comes Targett's corner. Lascelles nods down and Palace clear it. Newcastle keep the pressure on, Saint-Maximin puts the ball back in, and Burn misses a free header! That's the hosts' best chance yet.
54' Saint-Maximin sends the ball into the box. Anderson's header goes wide of Johnson's goal via Guehi. Newcastle get a corner.
52' Joelinton tries to make progress down the left. Saint-Maximin brings the ball inside. Joelinton tries to find Longstaff. Guehi intercepts.
50' Palace scamper forward on the break with three players against three Newcastle defenders. Ayew fires off-target from distance.
49' Targett clears a dangerous Palace cross at the back post. Up the other end, Wood earns Newcastle a free-kick wide on the left.
48' Lascelles makes a vital interception to stop Ayew's threaded pass through to Mateta. This is better from both sides.
47' Saint-Maximin receives the corner but can't make the most of it. That's a shame for Newcastle, who look livelier already.
46' Chance for Newcastle! Wood latches onto a poor Palace backpass and fires straight at Johnstone from a tight angle. The Magpies get a corner.
46' Shelvey gets the second half going for Newcastle.
Both teams had just one shot on target each in the first half. Newcastle enjoyed the lion's share of possession in the opening 45 minutes — 62 per cent of it — but achieved precious little with it. This game has yet to set alight, that's for sure. It's inevitable really, given the number of changes both teams have made. Let's hope the second half is better.
A low-key first half comes to an end. Palace have enjoyed the best chance of the game so far as Mateta forced Pope into making a fine save. Both teams are yet to really get going, Newcastle in particular.
45' + 1' Mitchell is limping after going down briefly. We'll have to keep an eye on that. Clyne fouls Anderson down Newcastle's left and the hosts send the free-kick to the far post. Burn keeps it alive but doesn't have time to do anything else.
45' Saint-Maximin has moved over to the right wing for Newcastle. There'll be just one additional minute in this first half.
43' Newcastle's big man Burn heads away a cross intended for Mateta. We're not too far away from half-time.
L. Milivojević
Yellow Card
Crystal Palace
42' Milivojevic is booked for bringing down Saint-Maximin. Newcastle wanted the advantage to be played but the referee blew his whistle too early.
41' Tomkins tries to find his centre-back partner Ward, who's offside. This hasn't been the highest-quality first half, truth be told.
E. Anderson
Yellow Card
Newcastle United
39' Anderson's shown the game's first yellow card for an overzealous tackle on Ayew.
38' Newcastle are awarded a free-kick in the centre of the pitch for a Tomkins handball. Shelvey hoists it towards the box. Saint-Maximin looks for Wood. Tomkins makes the clearance.
37' Ayew chests Johnstone's long ball down but can't control it. Anderson counters and gets bundled over. No free-kick given. Lascelles takes out Mateta to give Palace one instead.
35' It briefly looks like Shelvey has freed Saint-Maximin down the left-hand side. The offside flag immediately goes up.
33' Newcastle get a free-kick as Tomkins roughs up Wood. Shelvey thinks quickly and looks to chip Johnstone from over 35 yards out. The midfielder's effort doesn't land too far wide.
32' Ayew goes for Mitchell's throughball but is offside.
31' Saint-Maximin goes on his first real run of the match and finds Targett, whose low cross is blocked. Newcastle get a throw-in near the corner flag. Anderson shoots from outside the box and gets a comfortable save out of Johnstone.
30' Wood finds Anderson on the far right-hand side. The youngster knocks the ball against Hughes to earn Newcastle a throw-in.
29' Manquillo plays a pass around the corner for Longstaff, but it never looks like finding the Newcastle midfielder.
28' Newcastle are having to stay patient. Palace have every single one of their players behind the ball.
26' Mateta strays offside as he goes up against Burn in a footrace to reach Olise's pass.
25' Shelvey frees Saint-Maximin with an excellent throughball. The tricky winger's first touch lets him down though.
23' Palace's corner is uneventful. Newcastle end up getting a throw-in. The Magpies have not been convincing yet.
22' Chance for Palace! Mateta sends a powerful drive towards goal with his left foot. Pope gets a strong hand to it to tip it over the crossbar. The Eagles have won another corner.
21' Ward's pass for Olise is a touch too heavy, allowing Burn to intercept. The Palace centre-back apologises to his team-mate.
20' Joelinton gets away from Milivojevic down the left wing. He finds Saint-Maximin who looks for Anderson. The 20-year-old can't control the ball and Palace survive for now.
19' Milivojevic plays a pass around the corner. It's a mishit, but it still manages to find another Palace player. Pope gets low to claim the resulting delivery.
18' Palace's medical team are invited onto the pitch to treat Guehi for a knock. The home fans applaud players warming up.
17' Saint-Maximin can't get around Clyne down Newcastle's left. The Palace right-back is no mug at this level.
16' Johnstone punches a dangerous Newcastle cross away from his box. Joelinton wins the resulting header, and Newcastle get a throw-in.
14' Joelinton plays a pass towards the edge of the area that Wood's unable to reach. Palace end up winning a free-kick. They're playing in a 3-4-3 shape with Mateta up front by himself.
12' Mateta gets away from Lascelles and Manquillo. With no team-mate nearby, the Frenchman goes for goal from the left of the box and misses the target.
11' Tomkins heads this corner over the top of the crossbar. Newcastle have been a little sloppy so far.
10' Olise's outswinging corner from the left is met by a Newcastle head. Anderson wins a throw-in and takes it quickly. Palace force another corner.
9' Neither side's managed to get settled in possession yet. Palace attack down their left looking for Olise. Targett plays it safe and hands them another corner.
8' Palace have everyone except Mateta in their half of the pitch. Burn tries a diagonal pass which isn't entirely successful.
7' Burn's clearance goes out for a throw down Palace's left. The visitors lose the ball and Saint-Maximin counters to reach the corner of the box. The Frenchman's low cross is dealt with by Tomkins.
6' Newcastle keep the ball in their own half for a while. The hosts are a calm, well-organised outfit these days under Howe.
4' Milivojevic's corner is picked up by Hughes. Palace aren't able to keep the ball and Pope claims it.
3' Ayew wins possession from Shelvey. Burn makes a clearance which hits the back of Lascelles and goes out for an early Palace corner.
2' Ward sends a long pass from the back for Palace. It's dealt with by Burn. Joelinton tries a clever spin down the left wing but can't keep the ball in play.
1' The first half gets underway!
This is just the second meeting between Newcastle and Palace in the EFL Cup, with the Magpies winning 3-2 away from home in the third round in September 2014. The Eagles have won just two of their last 13 away games at St. James' Park in all competitions, although they did draw 0-0 here in the Premier League earlier this season. Will they pull off a shock in this game?
There are six changes to Palace from their victory over West Ham as they switch to a 3-5-2. In contrast to Newcastle, Patrick Vieira picks a very inexperienced bench. Players like Wilfried Zaha miss out entirely.
Newcastle make eight changes to their team from their 4-1 victory away to Southampton in their last match. Pope, Burn and Longstaff keep their places. The hosts name a very strong bench.
SUBS: Joe Whitworth, Malcolm Ebiowei, Kofi Balmer, Jairo Riedewald, John-Kymani Gordon, Killian Phillips, Adler Nascimento, David Ozoh, Kaden Rodney.
CRYSTAL PALACE (3-5-2): Sam Johnstone; Joel Ward, James Tomkins, Marc Guehi; Nathaniel Clyne, Michael Olise, Luka Milivojevic (c), Will Hughes, Tyrick Mitchell; Jean-Philippe Mateta, Jordan Ayew.
SUBS: Bruno Guimaraes, Kieran Trippier, Sven Botman, Loris Karius, Jacob Murphy, Fabian Schar, Miguel Almiron, Jamal Lewis, Joseph Willock.
NEWCASTLE UNITED (4-3-3): Nick Pope; Javier Manquillo, Jamaal Lascelles (c), Dan Burn, Matt Targett; Sean Longstaff, Jonjo Shelvey, Joelinton; Elliot Anderson, Chris Wood, Allan Saint-Maximin.
Palace arrive at St James' Park hopeful of progressing to the EFL Cup fourth round for the first time since 2018-19. This is the first time the Eagles have made it to the third-round stage since then. They'll need to put a similar performance to the one they put in last weekend against West Ham to best this buoyant Newcastle side.
Newcastle enter this all-Premier League EFL Cup tie in great form and full of confidence. The Magpies have been eliminated from their last four ties against top-flight opponents in this competition, although three of those were on penalties. Eddie Howe's men will fancy their chances of changing that narrative this time around.
Hello and welcome to our live text commentary of this EFL Cup third round tie between Newcastle United and Crystal Palace at St James' Park.