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Germany v Israel Live Commentary, 3/26/22

2 - 0
K. Havertz (36)
T. Werner (45+1)
PreZero Arena


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Germany have now won each of their last eight matches in all competitions, and they travel to Netherlands on Tuesday for their final friendly before the Nations League. Israel also have another friendly coming up, as they host Romania.
Germany extend their winning run with a 2-0 victory over Israel. It was a relatively comfortable game for the hosts, with both goals coming in the first half. Havertz flicked a corner in at the near post before Werner poked Gundogan's free-kick past Marciano just before the break. Werner had a goal ruled out for offside, and Germany won a late penalty, but Muller smacked that off the outside of the post. Israel then had a chance for a consolation in the final minute from the spot, but Trapp got down to deny Cohen.
K. Trapp
Penalty Save
90' + 4' The penalty was at a comfortable height for Trapp, but he got across well and made sure to push it away from the incoming Israel players.
Y. Cohen
Penalty Miss
90' + 4' IT'S SAVED! Cohen steps up to take the spot-kick that he won and he hits it low towards the bottom-left corner. Trapp gets down quickly though and pushes it away with two strong hands. Still 2-0 Germany!
90' + 3' PENALTY TO ISRAEL! Schlotterbeck takes a casual touch in his own box, not realising that Cohen is coming up behind him. Cohen nicks it off him and the defender kicks through the back of him in an attempt to make up for his mistake, leaving the referee no choice but to point to the spot.
90' + 1' Into the first of four added minutes here and Israel break on the counter again. Haziza gets away from Kehrer but overruns the ball out of play as he tries to swing in a cross.
T. Müller
Penalty Miss
89' MULLER HITS THE POST! The captain steps up to the spot, taking a short run-up. He opens his foot up as he hits the penalty, and although Marciano dives the right way, it doesn't matter as the shot smacks back off the outside of the post. Still 2-0 Germany!
88' PENALTY TO GERMANY! Muller's pass is intercepted by Glazer, but his interception ends up being a good throughball to Nmecha in the box. He's bundled over by Menachem and the referee points to the spot before the substitute's even hit the floor.
86' It's not the best corner from Ginter, but Nmecha loses his defender to get in front of the crowd at the near post. He improvises with a backheel flick, but it's a comfortable save for Marciano.
Y. Cohen
D. Peretz
84' Last change for Israel now. Peretz goes off, with Cohen on in his place.
82' It's a simple long ball over the top from Kehrer to get Draxler in behind, and he drills a low cross into the middle of the box. Nmecha is caught on his heels and can't get to it ahead of Bitton.
L. Nmecha
K. Havertz
80' Final change for Germany now and it's Nmecha that's coming on to replace Havertz.
78' Germany break upfield again and Gunter cuts into the box to get away from Dasa. He decides to go for goal himself but ends up drilling his powerful effort straight into Havertz's midriff.
76' It's switched out to Menachem, who curls an early cross into the box. Trapp rushes out but steps over the ball, not realising David is closing him down. There's a nervy moment for the fans before the keeper picks up the loose ball.
D. Haziza
M. Dabbur
74' And Dabbur is also taken off and replaced by Haziza.
R. Safouri
M. Abu Fani
74' Israel are making another double change now. Abu Fani is the first to go off, with Safouri coming on in his place.
73' Abu Fani does well to spin away from Kehrer and hold off the defender long enough to pull the ball back into the box. There's no one in there for Israel though and Germany clear their lines.
L. Sané
T. Werner
71' Fifth change for Germany now, and it's Werner that's making way for Sane.
69' SAVE! Draxler threads it through to Muller, but his cross is cleared straight back to the midfielder on the edge of the D. He lets it bounce before hitting the half-volley, but Marciano gets down low to keep him out at the near bottom corner.
67' Israel try to break on the counter, with Abu Fani spinning away from Musiala to try and set Glazer off down the left. There's too much on the pass though and Kehrer is there to cut it out.
65' Still, Germany dominate possession, but they're slowing the pace of the game down a little now. They're knocking it around comfortably with no urgency to push forward.
A. Stach
J. Weigl
63' And Weigl is also taken off, with Stach coming on in his place for his first appearance for the senior side.
C. Günter
D. Raum
63' Both sides are making a double change now, starting with Germany. Raum is the first to go off, with Gunter replacing him.
D. Glazer
M. Solomon
62' And Dan Glazer is also being introduced, as he comes on in place of Solomon.
D. David
T. Baribo
62' For Israel, it's Baribo that's going off first, with David coming on for him as he makes his first senior international appearance.
61' GREAT SAVE! Draxler is closed down by Goldberg before he can have a shot, so he switches it out to Muller on the right instead. He tees up Kehrer, who hits a shot from a tight angle, and Marciano dives, with the shot bouncing off his chest and going out for a corner.
59' Menachem is down holding his knee after a collision with Muller and the medical team are on to give him some treatment. He gingerly makes his way off the field, and it looks like he's going to carry on for now.
57' Germany work it down the right this time, and Draxler breezes past Menachem before pulling it back to Werner. He flicks it on at the near post, but his shot is always curling away from the far post.
55' Raum is causing so many problems down the left and he fizzes another dangerous cross into the six-yard box. Havertz looks like he has a tap-in, but Menachem gets across just in time to put it out for a corner.
53' BLOCK! Israel have a rare chance to attack and Kanichowsky finds himself in space down the right. He squares it to Dabbur, who initially spins away from Tah, but the defender recovers well to throw himself in front of the shot.
52' Israel have flooded bodies back into the box, but Draxler finds the space to roll it out to Musiala down the right. He knocks it past Peretz but then curls his cross straight into Marciano's gloves.
50' NO GOAL! Muller plays a lovely throughball into the box and Werner is running onto it. He's at a tight angle on the right, but slots his shot past Marciano, who rushes off his line, and into the back of the net. He set off too early though, and the offside flag denies him.
48' Werner wins a corner and Raum whips a cross onto the edge of the six-yard box. Schlotterbeck knocks Peretz down in his attempt to win the ball though, and Israel have a free-kick.
46' Israel get us back underway for the second half!
G. Kanichowsky
D. Avraham
46' And there's a change for Israel as well. Avraham is taken off, with Kanichowsky on for him.
T. Müller
İ. Gündoğan
46' Gundogan is the other player making way, with Muller on in his place.
K. Trapp
M. ter Stegen
46' There's a double change for Germany at the break and a swap of keepers. Ter Stegen goes off, with Trapp replacing him.
Flick will be pleased with his side's performance. They've been in control since the start and look likely to score a lot more if they pick up where they left off. Despite not creating a single chance, Israel haven't played badly. If they can stay alert during set pieces, they could frustrate Germany after the break.
Germany go into the break with a 2-0 lead over Israel. The hosts dominated the game from the first whistle, and Marciano pulled off a couple of great saves to keep Havertz out. In the end, Germany's pressure paid off though. Havertz scored the first, flicking Raum's corner into the near post and Werner added the second on the stroke of half-time when he poked in Gundogan's free-kick.
İ. Gündoğan
45' + 1' It's a good free-kick from Gundogan, but it needed the touch from Werner to help it past Marciano, who had shifted towards his far post.
T. Werner
45' + 1' WERNER SCORES! Germany win a free-kick just outside the box to the left. Gundogan goes for the inswinger and Werner peels away to the near post, getting in front of Avraham to help poke it past Marciano and into the near bottom corner. 2-0 Germany!
44' Israel are dropping deeper and deeper into their own half as Germany patiently try to break through them. It's switched out to Raum again, and this time, his low cross is played straight into Marciano's gloves.
42' Raum is away down the left again and Musiala is pointing to where he wants it. The left-back drills a low cross into the box, but it's cut out by Peretz.
40' Germany are back to dominating possession, but they're in no hurry to push forward at the moment. They're happy to just try and draw Israel out of their shape.
38' Israel are still struggling to get out of their own half as Germany win it back quickly from the restart. Draxler tries to feed in Gundogan, but his throughball rolls harmlessly out of play.
D. Raum
36' Raum has already put some brilliant crosses into the box and it's another good delivery from the corner to pick out Havertz.
K. Havertz
36' HAVERTZ SCORES! He does beat Marciano this time! The corner is brilliantly curled in by Raum and Havertz is at the front of the crowd in the box. He flicks his header on at the near post and Marciano can only watch as it nestles into the back of his net. 1-0 Germany!
35' MARCIANO! Germany are really starting to up the pressure now, and Havertz once again finds himself in space. He hits his show low, trying to catch out the keeper at the near post, but he sticks out a leg to deny him.
34' GOOD SAVE! Goldberg takes a loose touch and Kehrer pounces on it to poke it through to Werner. He fires an early shot at goal, which Marciano makes himself big to save, but it wouldn't have counted as the forward was offside.
33' Musiala flicks it onto Havertz, who takes it around Goldberg trying to open up space for a shot. He overruns it, but Gundogan is up in support and hits a first-time shot from the edge of the box, but it's straight down the middle at the keeper.
31' Raum bursts down the left again, leaving Dasa behind, and puts another cross into the middle of the box. Marciano comes off his line to collect this one just as the offside flag goes up against the defender.
29' GREAT SAVE! Raum's cross flicks off the back of Bitton's heels and Draxler is at the far post to cushion a header down to Havertz. He takes a touch before drilling a low shot down the middle, and Marciano gets down quickly to push it away.
28' Dasa whipped a cross into the box and Kehrer climbed over Dabbur to head it away. The forward was caught in the head by the defender's knee, but he'll be okay to carry on after treatment.
26' CHANCE! Havertz flicks it onto Gundogan, who has opened up a pocket of space on the edge of the D. He curls his shot around the defender in front of him, but his shot flies well wide of the post.
24' Raum is in behind down the left again and he clips another good cross into the near post. It's swerving and Marciano takes no chances by pushing it over the bar.
22' Israel have a rare chance to break and Solomon has acres of space to break into. He chooses to spread it wide instead but slices his pass well behind Dabbur and it rolls harmlessly out of play.
20' Abu Fani is backed into the corner by Havertz and Kehrer, and he's struggling to get out of trouble. In the end, the right-back tugs him down in his attempts to win it and gives away a free-kick.
18' GREAT CHANCE! Gundogan picks out a lovely pass to Raum down the left and he whips a dangerous cross into the six-yard box. Werner is running onto it at the near post, but can't stretch far enough to poke it past Marciano.
16' Musiala spins away from Peretz before switching it out to Draxler on the right and continuing his run into the box. The return pass is poor though, and Menachem steps in to clear his lines.
14' Dasa almost plays himself into trouble after dawdling on the ball and Weigl quickly closes him down. The defender pokes it back towards goal, and Bitton clears it just before Havertz gets there.
12' Havertz has switched back out to the right again, and this time, he's picked out by Gundogan. Goldberg gets tight to him though and doesn't allow him any space to pick out a cross.
10' Germany are getting closer! Havertz sees a shot blocked, but the hosts quickly win it back, with the forward regaining possession out on the left. He squares it into the middle for Werner, but he lifts it over on the stretch.
8' Schlotterbeck makes another good run through the middle before threading it forward for Raum down the left. He tries to pull it back to Werner on the edge of the box, but can only win a corner.
6' Germany are on the attack again, and Havertz has switched back out to the left. He breezes past Dasa, but then hits his cross against Bitton, before it rebounds back onto him and out for a goal-kick.
4' It's patient play from Germany, who are seeing a lot of the ball in the opening moments. It's worked out to Havertz on the right, who plays a one-two with Draxler. He then pulls it back for the midfielder and his low shot is blocked by Bitton.
2' Raum's deep cross is brought down by Draxler on the edge of the box and he knocks it past Menachem before trying to slide in Werner. There's too much on it though, and the forward can't keep it in play.
1' Werner gets the game underway for Germany!
The teams are out on the pitch, the national anthems have been sung, and kick-off is just moments away!
All four previous meetings between these sides have been international friendlies, with Germany coming out on top in all of them. The most recent clash came back in May 2012, when Germany won 2-0.
Gadi Brumer makes four changes from the win over Faroe Islands last time out, with Menachem, Goldberg, Abu Fani and Baribo all coming in. The latter is up front, partnered with Dabbur, who is the squad's leading top scorer with 13 goals to his name.
Hansi Flick names five changes from the side that beat Armenia in their last outing. Schlotterbeck is handed his first start, with Weigl, Draxler, Musiala and Werner also being brought in. Ginter, Neuhaus, Sane and Muller are amongst the substitutes.
ISRAEL SUBS: Gavriel Gilad Kanichowsky, Dan Glazer, Yonatan Cohen, Eyad Abu Abaid, Ramzi Safuri, Itamar Nitzan, Omri Glazer, Dolev Hazizia, Ofir Davidzada, Matan Baltaksa, Maor Kandil, Dean David.
ISRAEL STARTING XI (4-4-2): Ofir Marciano; Eli Dasa, Nir Bitton, Sun Menachem, Sean Goldberg; Manor Solomon, Mohammad Abu Fani, Dor Peretz, Aviv Avraham; Munas Dabbur, Thai Baribo.
GERMANY SUBS: Benjamin Henrichs, Thomas Muller, Matthias Ginter, Anton Stach, Florian Neuhaus, Kevin Trapp, Christian Gunter, Leroy Sane, Lukas Nmecha, Julian Brandt, Antonio Rudiger, Manuel Neuer.
GERMANY STARTING XI (4-2-3-1): Marc-Andre ter Stegen; Thilo Kehrer, Jonathan Tah, Nico Schlotterbeck, David Raum; Ilkay Gundogan, Julian Weigl; Julian Draxler, Jamal Musiala, Kai Havertz; Timo Werner.
Both sides will start their latest Nations League campaigns in June, but have a couple of friendlies this month in preparation, with Germany also looking ahead to the World Cup later this year. Since their round of 16 exit from Euro 2020, Germany have won all seven of their World Cup qualifiers, finishing top of their group and keeping five clean sheets in that run. As for Israel, they've won five of their last 10 games. They come into this match on the back of a win though, as they saw off Faroe Islands 3-2 in their last match in November.
Hello and welcome to live coverage of the international friendly meeting between Germany and Israel at the PreZero Stadium!